New Moon In Libra: The Art Of Giving And Receiving

Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess

Today’s New Moon in Libra (exact at 12:02pm GMT) is special. It falls at 22 Libra 32 and as my Moon falls at 24 Libra 07, it lights up this powerful feminine influence in my own chart.

The Moon in Libra thrives on partnership, craves intimacy and one-to-one relationships and the Moon rules the night world and natural intuition. I know my own Moon in Libra plays a key part in my vocation as an astrologer.

I love working with personal clients and I feel incredibly grateful that I am allowed the privilege of working with other people in such a confidential and close relationship. I learn so much from my clients and from the testimonials I receive I know that my clients benefit too.

An astrology consultation manifests the art of giving and receiving and nourishes and nurtures both individuals involved. The New Moon in Libra is the perfect opportunity to ask yourself where in your life you experience the art of giving and receiving and whether there’s something special you can do to honour today’s powerful New Moon.

For the rest of this week I will be answering astrology questions here on my blog so if there’s something you’d like to know, do contact me with your question.

Look out for the crescent Moon in the sky over the next couple of days and remember to make a wish. New Moon magic is powerful and helps you to focus and attract your heart’s desire. Use it wisely.

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