New Moon Cancer: Welcome Home

welcome, New Moon Cancer

New Moon [18 Cancer 02]

– July 10, 2021 (02:17 GMT+1)

During a New Moon, the Sun and Moon sit side by side in the same sign at the same degree. This month, the Moon is most powerful in her sign of rulership Cancer.

The Moon is the significator for women and the mother in astrology and Cancer is the nurturing, maternal sign. This is a fertile New Moon ripe with potential.

Cancer is the sign that pulls you back to your roots, draws your attention to your home and your family. You seek out comfort, somewhere to nest so you feel safe and secure.

Wherever the New Moon falls in your horoscope, this is where you feel the urge to retreat, be in your comfort zone, make things comfortable and cosy.

The New Moon in Cancer is the perfect time to set your intentions for the month ahead, especially in the areas of home, family, your past and where you come from.

The New Moon is initiating a new cycle, an ideal time to start over, organise a family event, focus on a home move or domestic project.

The Outer Planets

This feels like a significant New Moon as it links in to the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. Big changes afoot, a meaningful transition.

The Sun in Cancer (18 degrees) is separating from Uranus in Taurus (14 degrees), bringing a theme of change. The Sun in a water sign aligns with sentimental Neptune in Pisces (23 degrees), a perfect time to revisit your hopes and dreams.

The Sun’s wide opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (25 degrees) is a reminder that when you begin something new, inevitably you have to leave something else behind. It’s the nature of things.

Linking In To The Eclipse Cycle

This New Moon feels particularly powerful as in 2018, 2019 & 2020, there were three solar eclipses in Cancer. There was an additional New Moon in Cancer on July 20, 2020 but this is the first New Moon not caught up in the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle.

Therefore, this New Moon in Cancer and the Full Moon in Capricorn two weeks ago on June 24th may be linked to the powerful Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle that began in July 2018 and completed in July 2020.

It’s obvious symbolism in my life as we sold our family home in November 2018 and I’ve been embarking on a major new chapter in my life ever since.

To confirm the importance of the current Full Moon/New Moon fortnight, two weeks ago on the day of the Full Moon I left the flat I’d been living in for a few months.

I’ve been on a road trip this last fortnight visiting friends and family. On Monday 12th, two days after the New Moon I start another temporary stay in a new home. Divine timing? It feels like it.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac cuts across the MC/IC axis in my horoscope, the foundations of the chart ruling work & home, your past & your future path. The Full Moon on June 24th fell exactly on my MC/IC and off I went.

The fact that we bought our family home during the last Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle in 2000/2002 completes the circle and emphasises the importance of this period in my life.

Discovering what home or family mean to you personally is one way that this New Moon could benefit you. For example, I don’t currently have my own home through choice, yet I understand more powerfully the meaning of home and family in my life.

I’ve been welcomed in to other people’s homes & families time & again recently and the power of the quote below resonates completely with me. The derivation of the word ‘planet’ also means ‘wanderer’.

New Moon Cancer, wanderer

Here’s a quick guide to where this New Moon falls in your horoscope. Read both your Sun & Ascendant signs:

  • Cancer – personal goals, image & identity
  • Leo – your inner world, retreat & sacrifice
  • Virgo – friends, groups & wider society
  • Libra – career & status, future path
  • Scorpio – global connections, travel & study
  • Sagittarius – joint finances & sexuality
  • Capricorn – love & relationships, contracts
  • Aquarius – job & health, service to others
  • Pisces – birth i.e. children, romance, creative projects
  • Aries – home & family, where you come from
  • Taurus – community, siblings & neighbours, communication
  • Gemini – money & assets, self-worth, values

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4 thoughts on “New Moon Cancer: Welcome Home”

  1. You should go and see “Nomadland” if you haven’t already, Sally – as well as being a great film, it’s very appropriate.

    I too am reflecting upon home and the issue of where I belong. I’m wondering whether to take the leap and finally go live in Spain, having had so many obstacles in my way to get there last year, before it became even more difficult. Your comments above on the areas of focus hit the nail on the head with my rising and sun signs. I’m waiting to hear if the project I’ve been collaborating on will finally start to make some money, and I also need to figure out where I want to be, and how I can achieve it – both location-wise and professionally. Interesting times ahead…

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thanks Rachel 🙂 Yes, Nomadland is on my list to watch – a totally ‘Cancer’ movie with Frances McDormand – Sun Cancer – in the lead. I based my predictions for this year’s Oscars on the fact that Mars in Cancer was on the Midheaven of the Oscars chart – how great is that for a road trip in mobile homes! Good luck with your next move 🙂 best wishes.

  2. Older and wiser

    On Friday, as the Cancer new moon was approaching in my 3rd house, I popped into local town (3rd). Because I needed to renew my driving license (3rd house) I went to an area of town I doubt I’ve been to in a decade but used to frequent regularly when I was younger. Lots of fond memories and nostalgia (Cancer) of those times. I didn’t twig it at the time but it just occurred to me today.

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