New Moon In Aquarius: Standing On The Cusp

water bearerTonight’s New Moon in Aquarius falls into the unusual category. For starters, it’s not often you have two New Moons that fall back-to-back in the same sign.

Due to last month’s New Moon falling at 0º Aquarius 09′ on January 20th 2015, this month’s New Moon just squeezes into the sign of Aquarius.

When I say ‘just’, I mean it couldn’t be closer to the end of Aquarius. Tonight’s New Moon is officially 30º Aquarius 00′ and some sources even cite tonight’s New Moon as 0º Pisces 00′.

That’s not correct if you take a close look at a planetary ephemeris which lays out the movements of the planets. In my ephemeris, the order is as follows on Wednesday 18th February 2015:


  • New Moon [23:47 GMT]
  • Moon enters Pisces [23:47 GMT]
  • Sun enters Pisces [23:50 GMT]


This is intriguing astrology and there are different ways you can interpret the symbolism. A New Moon represents a new beginning but this time around, you may be able to re-initiate a project, idea or conversation which began one month ago at the first New Moon in Aquarius. It’s a re-start rather than a fresh start.

Plus the last degree of any sign often symbolises something coming to a close, a decision’s made, a door’s shut and a new path opens. So there’s the theme of an ending followed by a new beginning.

The signs involved can also be revealing. We move from an air sign Aquarius, the Water Bearer, to a water sign Pisces, two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Air signs represent communication, mental processes, thinking. Water signs represent emotion, feeling, instinct.

The image that springs to mind is a person standing with one foot on land and one foot in the water. S/he is pouring water on to the ground, preparing it for something to grow?

This suggests that for some tonight’s New Moon is poised on the precipice between thought and emotion. Are you on the verge of a big decision, standing on the cusp, ready to let go and dive in?

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