Neptune’s World: Water Water Everywhere



We are in the midst of a watery few days as the planet Neptune teams up with some key planets before it slows down completely and turns direct.

The big event takes place on Sunday 20th November [04:38 GMT] when Neptune is in the early degrees of Pisces [9 Pisces 14].

Neptune is God of the sea in mythology and Pisces is the sign that Neptune rules. It’s a watery watery world and Neptune’s cup overflows.

Yesterday Thursday 17th November, there was a Moon-Neptune trine aspect, very sentimental; today Friday 18th November Mercury squares Neptune muddling our ability to communicate and tomorrow Saturday 19th November, love planet Venus makes a sextile aspect to Neptune, perfect for smooching.

And let’s not forget that throughout November, Neptune is conjunct the karmic south node, so you either surrender to life as it is or wriggle around uncomfortably, constrained by old habits and behaviours.

If you have planets or key angles between 8-10 degrees of the three water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, you’ll already be awash with creative ideas or tears, you’ll either be close to your muse or drawn towards the sea.

Water and tears

When Neptune’s planetary energy dominates, sometimes you just can’t stop crying. You feel sentimental, emotional and shed a tear at the drop of a hat. Your compassion is boundless and your heart open and sensitive. You suffer easily and are more vulnerable to the harsher aspects of life.

Neptune’s realm

Yearning is a Neptune word and when Neptune’s pronounced it’s wise to honour Neptune and follow your heart’s desire.

Ways to utilise Neptune’s energy to good effect are: watch films that (yes, you guessed it) make you cry or have a night at the cinema; drink one glass of wine too many (but no more or… you may cry and get a little maudlin); buy yourself a colouring book to doodle in and discover your inner artist; listen to music that stirs your soul and lose yourself in a symphony; read your favourite poetry or write some of your own; immerse yourself in a bubble bath and dream of the sea, the sea.

Tears have been spilled in this household in readiness for Neptune’s visit, the sea has been seen, the must-watch music documentary is ready to go, the ‘tragic’ poetry of one’s misspent youth has been revisited, the wine is chilling and the bubble bath awaits. I may be peaking early but Neptune’s siren calls. Can you hear it too?


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    1. Wow Alison, that feels special. Some deep soul surfing required to tap into your creative & spiritual source. I hope you find it releasing 🙂

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