My Mercury Is In Retrograde

Trickster of the zodiac, planet which rules all forms of communication and transport, Mercury the messenger.

Yes, it’s that time of year again when Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks. Mercury is on go slow from April 28th to May 22nd in the earth sign Taurus. A slower pace of life is advised if life doesn’t find its own way of slowing you down.

I’ll be writing more on Mercury retrograde and what it means for you personally before Thursday but for now, here’s Bloc Party¬†at Glastonbury with their hit single, Mercury.

Taurus is the sign linked to singing so this is the perfect way to remind you that Mercury is about to enter its retrograde phase.

Mercury” by Bloc Party

My mercury’s in retrograde

This is not the time, the time to start a new love
This is not the time, the time to sign a lease
Try not to worry about what’s forgotten
Try not to worry about what’s been missed…


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