Monthly Stars July 2011

JULY 2011

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Cancer (21 June-22 July)

Happy Solar Return, Cancer! July opens with a bang as the final eclipse in a cycle that began mid-2008 falls on the 1st. Eclipses are a great excuse to sweep out the old and embrace the new so think of this as your own personal renaissance and put yourself first. Some changes may not be to your liking but as with all change there’s a chance to start afresh. Ultimately the lesson is be true to yourself and recognise your unique personality; being who you want to be rather than who you think other people want you to be. Fresh starts flourish in your career too although this is an ongoing process that began in the spring. Be adventurous and open to a new innovation; a motivational course, your own website, a freelance position: the bolder the better. Notice what occurs on or around the 5th, 10th or 27th and take a risk. In love, the Full Moon on the 15th is a turning point. Use the illuminating power of the moon to identify emotional baggage from the past and create solutions based on your relationship in the here and now. Deal with what’s current and discard what’s not. Single? Your friends hold the key to your romantic happiness.

Leo (23 July-22 August)

July is a month of soul-searching until the Sun moves in to your sign of Leo on the 23rd. Whether you revisit your past, feel more emotional than usual or your friends call you woo-woo, it’s fair to say you’ll spend some of the summer navel-gazing. There’s nothing wrong with being more introverted; it may just feel a little strange. Cultivate this novelty in your life and learn meditation, yoga or experiment with religion or spirituality. Mercury, planet of knowledge and enquiry, remains in your sign for most of the month. It’s slowing down and gives you a chance to address any personal issues that require attention. It’s great for sourcing new ideas, for research or general gossiping. At work you’re in the midst of a revolution and a chance to explore, study or take on a new position should be grasped with both hands. It’s an exciting time for your vocation and the start of a year of growth and expansion. A job or business that promotes your name or sees your name in lights gives you the X Factor. The New Moon in Leo on the 30th shows all the signs for fame and glory.

Virgo (23 August-22 September)

Your planet Mercury, swift-winged messenger to the Gods, is slowing down in the heavens and it’s your cue to slow down too. Take time to listen to what’s really going on and notice any niggles or doubts you have about any area of your life. If you meditate, so much the better, as this offers you a chance to listen to your inner voice. Trust your intuition and follow your instincts. One area in which to be careful is money. Finances are subject to sudden change especially on or around the 10th. Your sensible nature helps you avoid speculation or high risk ventures so nail down the facts and pay attention to the details. You are right to be ambitious and aim high but be methodical and disciplined whether seeking work or you want to improve your current position and don’t let irregularities go unnoticed. A change of scene brings a new perspective and if you can get away for a few days, make it happen. At month’s end you’re asked to be truthful about your feelings. A whirlwind romance needs your talent for attentiveness too and you have every right to insist on an honest heart-to-heart with your other half.

Libra (23 September-23 October)

If you’ve worked hard over the last few months or years, your persistence is about to pay off. An eclipse at the top of your chart on the 1st suggests dramatic events with regard to your career or current position in life. Expect the unexpected and be ready to take advantage of new opportunities too. Venus, your planet, is in the same area of your chart for most of the month and this boosts your popularity at work. For some, it’s a new and impressive title or rank; for others, a marriage or change in status. A relationship continues to surprise and amaze you as developments move on at a swift pace, sometimes with significant change happening almost overnight. Let go of the ideal scenario and create your own scenario that works for you and makes you happy. You surprise yourself and your friends with your choice of partner and the same goes for sudden and decisive love decisions. Key dates are the 5th, 7th and 27th. Loved up? Your partner’s change of fortune creates a win-win situation for you both. Single? Mr/Ms Money Bags is ready and waiting and a good friend will introduce you.

Scorpio (24 October-21 November)

Have your passport at the ready as Venus moves in to your travel zone. A chance to join your lover on a trip abroad or grab a last minute holiday with girlfriends is too good to miss. Travel before the 4th and you encounter disruption; after the 4th and you can pull out all the stops to take advantage of a last-minute getaway. Back home, it is business as usual although you’re starting to wind up for the summer break. Mercury in your career sector ensures you’re busy with meetings, phone calls and social media but at times work feels like a slog. The key to career success is complete your list of things to do, then sit back and wait for people to contact you. Jupiter, planet of opportunity, is in your opposite sign and with a stunning aspect to Pluto on the 7th, you find new contacts and inspiring partnerships open doors for you this summer. Forget playing the lone ranger, instead source role models you aspire to and use other peoples’ expertise to create swift and easy progress. Jupiter boosts your love life too which is great news for singles and helps loved up lovers realise they deserve the best.

Sagittarius (22 November-21 December)

Learn the fable of the tortoise and the hare this month and take the tortoise’ example and plod through life. This isn’t your usual nature being a fiery, go-getting Sagittarius but it is true that slow and steady wins the race. Let go of a responsibility or leave a group or club if your heart’s no longer in it. Less is more and relieving yourself of unnecessary pressure not only improves your health but increases your sense of well-being too. Stop and smell the flowers, indulge your senses and enjoy summer to the full. Money matters fall under the astro-microscope now and it’s a good time to examine your outgoings, bills or debts in detail. Check out a money-saving website as small changes to your lifestyle can significantly improve your financial situation. There’s potential to boost your income through a job that you hadn’t considered before. Keep your ear to the ground on or around the 7th and seek out new earning opportunities. In love, you’re faced with a love choice; two lovers, two homes or two different outlooks on life. The solution is simple. Do nothing for now and wait and see what happens.

Capricorn (22 December-19 January)

An important love decision requires full attention as the month begins and for some, it’s a decision that’s long overdue. Deal with a relationship problem the first weekend of July and come Monday 4th you can breathe a sigh of relief. On this day, Venus, planet of love, swoops in to your relationship sector and, aside from the odd hiccup, offers you the love you want and deserve. If you’re single, give yourself a good talking to and take steps to create the love life you want for yourself. Happiness is a natural given birthright and with Jupiter, planet of bounty, in your pleasure zone, this is your time. Whether you want to start a family, have fantastic sex, write a best seller or devote your life to playing an instrument beautifully, make it happen. If you have a December birthday, the process of self-transformation is already underway thanks to the planet Pluto and it’s not always an easy transition. Reinventing yourself requires painful soul-searching and life may transpire to kick start events for you. At work, apply yourself to the tasks at hand and keep busy. Work or the office is a welcome escape from more challenging personal issues.

Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

It’s out with the old and in with the new at work which gives you a chance to reassess where you’re heading in life and what you want from your career. A steady but boring job will never satisfy your intellectual needs so decide how you’re going to keep your brain ticking over if work is a means to an end. A course or study option fits the bill. Losing your job is the worst-case scenario during the eclipse on the 1st. However, remember every cloud has a silver lining and if events conspire to move you on, look for work or create a lifestyle that suits where you’re at right now. Home and family are currently a massive influence on your personal life and reconnecting with family or old friends affects you deeply on or around the 7th. Consider what this means for your own life and whether you feel the urge to settle down. Love is certainly on the move and, if you’re single, internet dating is fun and effective. Once the Sun moves in to your relationship sector on the 23rd, you’re ready to open your heart to love. The end of the month looks sizzling hot for new and old lovers alike. The 27th brings a surprise encounter, mind-blowing sex or good news and a New Moon on the 30th promises new and exciting developments for your relationship.

Pisces (19 February-20 March)

The events of the first weekend in July may be dramatic but help you realise who or what is important to you and where your affections lie. Venus moves into your romance and creativity sector on the 4th and immediately connects with your planet Neptune. Look for the person or activity that just feels right and follow your heart. Money may be an issue if you’re single and looking for love but it doesn’t have to be. Separate financial concerns from your emotions as a relationship based on material gain is unlikely to last. In a similar vein, avoid choosing a lover because your friends like them. Be true to yourself and your own feelings. Certainly money is unpredictable now but if one source of income is taken away, a new source of income swiftly follows. Seek out an unusual way to earn cash via the internet and don’t stick to the tried and tested. Your home is a potential money-earner too, whether you bring in the cash at a car boot sale or take in a lodger. Keep your eyes and options open. Someone who enters your life on or around the 7th is a revelation and so begins a chain of events that move you in a completely new direction.

Aries (21 March-19 April)

July symbolises the end of a chapter and a difficult stage that began mid 2008. Eclipses lighting up the home and work sectors of your chart will have brought significant change to these major areas of life. More fireworks are likely now whether due to a domestic upheaval, a family fall out or the fact that you’re bored with your situation and demand more fun and spontaneity in life. This is the final snap, crackle and pop as come mid July the drama’s over and you can move on. Developments at work or with your financial situation are growing fast and what takes place on or around the 7th promises to be huge. If you’re in the process of remarketing yourself or your business, think big and be shameless in your promotion. Dive in to the world of social media if you haven’t already and go global with your ideas. With Mars in the sign of the communicator all month, blog it, tweet it and shout it from the rooftops. Whatever your message, get your voice heard. In a relationship? Love is slow but steady. Single? Be bold and grab yourself a date on the 5th, 27th or 30th. You win more than you lose if you’re willing to take a chance.

Taurus (20 April-20 May)

The eclipse on the 1st suggests a hitch with communication but it’s more a nuisance than a disaster. Have Plan B ready if you’re travelling, hold tight to your phone and back up your PC. The stars are calling for you to be flexible which doesn’t always come naturally to the stubborn, determined Bull. You will benefit if you’re prepared to go where life leads, be open-minded and experiment with different ideas. New Age philosophy may not be your bag but there are plenty of other ways to broaden your horizons and try something new. Real change happens on the inside first and what takes place on or around the 7th has the potential to be liberating and enlightening. Jupiter in your sign encourages growth so drag yourself off the sofa, rediscover the big wide world and explore life physically, mentally or spiritually. A trip to Dublin or a study holiday on a Greek Island is tagged life-changing. In love, and even lovers have to deal with practicalities. You find talk about bills, paint colours or visiting family strangely enjoyable. It makes you feel committed, like a proper couple, and that’s sexy.

Gemini (21 May-20 June)

Love planet Venus leaves your sign on the 4th so make the most of the first weekend of the month and add romance to the menu. If you’re single, ask someone you’re attracted to out on a date. Loved up? Then cook up a night of passion for two. Money matters need careful handling so you’re wise to be cautious rather than speculative. Think long term and start a savings plan or consider how best you can earn a living when you’re older. Being sensible isn’t a typical Gemini trait but as long as you avoid risk-taking and crazy money-making ideas you should be fine. On a cosmic note, money and karma are linked now. The 7th is the day to note when, if you’ve helped someone out in the past, you find your kindness repaid or a favour returned. It’s a perfect opportunity to believe in the law of attraction and practice the skills to attract abundance through positive thinking or reading a “self help” book such as “The Secret”. Mars is the planet that cuts to the heart of the matter and is in your sign of Gemini all month. Focus your mind like a laser beam and use your brilliant brain to good effect on a new ambition or project to achieve success.

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