Monthly Stars October 2011

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Libra (23 September-23 October)

Let’s start with the best news, the fact that your planet Venus, which rules love, beauty and wealth, is in Libra for the first week of the month. Do what you do best and indulge yourself, prioritise love and relationships and appreciate all that life and friends have to offer. Venus moves swiftly towards an amorous get-together with fellow romantic, Neptune, on the first Friday of the month, so circle 7th as a special night for a date or romantic treat. If you can’t make the 7th work, there are two more chances for romantic ventures, on Wednesday 12th and Friday 21st.

Personally, it looks as if you have to deal with a frustrating problem or find it tricky to get up to speed. Don’t fight this too much and don’t overly worry that you’ve lost your mojo or motivation. Saturn in Libra has been causing you a certain amount of trouble and strife since late 2009. Saturn helps you to plan for the long-term and be disciplined as it rules responsibility, but Saturn also heralds delays and setbacks. Sometimes you just can’t do the things you want in life, and it’s accepting your limitations or the reality of the situation right here, right now.

Saturn connects with Mercury on the 6th and the Sun on the 13th, so if you feel as if you’re on go slow around these dates, this is the reason why. Be patient with whatever you’re trying to achieve and know that the full Moon on the 12th will be especially emotional but also act as a turning point, and from then on in your stars begin to pick up speed.

Money becomes high agenda from mid-month onwards; earning it, spending it and saving it. Opportunity planet Jupiter is in the part of your chart ruling shared finances so some of you will combine your cash with another person, or set up a new savings account, insurances, mortgage rate or the like. A financial partnership is extremely well-starred and can help you double or even triple your money. This is good news for you as a Libran, as you fare best when you’re in relationship or working alongside others. Partnership suits you.

Take note of the 26th and 28th of the month when there’s not only a new Moon in your cash sector, signalling new beginnings on the money front, but Jupiter teams up with powerful Pluto. This combination suggests hidden riches, money that comes to you in the form of a bonus, a property sale or an inheritance or investment that matures. Your home, family or your past is linked to your financial success. Have a chilled bottle of champagne ready and waiting in the fridge to celebrate your good fortune.

Scorpio (24 October-21 November)

You start the month feeling as if you are playing a waiting game. Try not to take on too much in your daily life as you’re more sensitive to stress than usual and could easily feel worn out or drained of energy. This is because the personal planets, the Sun, Mercury and Venus begin October in the sign before yours, Libra, where they’re joined by Saturn. Saturn sometimes makes you feel as if you’re dragging a ball and chain behind you, clawing your way forward and getting nowhere fast. Boost your vitamin intake now and ensure that rest and relaxation are high priority.

The turning point is the full Moon on the 12th, potentially an emotional time, when you may start to consider how much you give out and what you get back in return. Strong emotions help to clear the air. Don’t be afraid to have a good cry if you feel like one or speak your mind and refuse to put up with shoddy behaviour, whether with a work colleague or someone close.

Clear communication is vital for healthy relationships. As insightful Pluto, your ruling planet, is in your communication sector, use your psychic abilities and deep human understanding to create real and honest relationships. Key dates to open up or deepen your personal relationships are Thursday 13th, Sunday 16th and Saturday 29th. Pluto teams up with the personal planets in Scorpio and this is magical. Important news finds you or what you hear helps you make progress with a personal ambition. Follow your instincts and reach out to make influential connections.

This is doubly powerful for you, as your co-ruler Mars is at the top of your chart and rules your career and vocation. Be confident in your career and improve your profile. Be bold and take advantage of any new developments that allow you to be seen and heard. Public speaking or using social media fit the bill.

Finally, the last week of the month looks phenomenal, not only because the Sun moves in to Scorpio on the 23rd, but there’s a new Moon in Scorpio on the 26th. This is the perfect time to make a wish and practise the law of attraction. Following closely behind the new Moon is a perfect complement between Jupiter, planet of opportunity, and Pluto. Look out for someone who comes in to your life around these dates who can help you. It may be someone who’s successful in their career, a private benefactor or some other guardian angel. This person has the power to help you more than you can imagine and you feel as if you’ve known them for ever.

Sagittarius (22 November-21 December)

The main focus is on friendship and the groups, clubs or societies you belong to as October begins. However, as Saturn is in the mix, don’t expect a free-and-easy existence. Keeping up with friends can be time-consuming now or perhaps you over-commit yourself to a social organisation, but don’t feel you can let them down. The 6th and 13th are key dates in this respect, although they may also signal the end of a commitment, so at least you can breathe a sigh of relief and move on. There may be some sadness around a friendship, perhaps someone you don’t see anymore or whose company you miss.

The personal planets, the Sun, Mercury and Venus, move on in to Scorpio, the sign before yours, and the most hidden part of your chart. This turns the spotlight inwards and you need time alone to reflect and contemplate life, and for some rest and relaxation. Try not to take on anything too stressful now and avoid negative friends or people. You need people around you who are supportive and willing to comfort and pamper you. You may also find you are required to care for someone close, which turns in to an emotional experience. Be there for others but protect your own well-being too.

Venus, planet of love, is in Scorpio from the 9th and your relationship planet, Mercury, joins Venus on the 13th. This suggests a hidden affair, a relationship that for one reason or another has to remain private. It’s very sexy as furtive and naughty relationships are. You know you shouldn’t, but you want to. Check out your own motives in love and make sure your partner isn’t hiding anything from you. Truthfulness is paramount for you in all relationships, and you hate not to be told the full story. It’s a great time to trust your instincts and listen to your dreams. Your unconscious can reveal a lot about yourself and other people. Dabble with your psychic abilities, if you feel so inclined.

Friendship picks up again the last week, so if you can get away with your mates on or around the new Moon on the 26th, go for it. Mars is in Leo all month, a fellow fire sign, which makes you keen to travel, study and explore life to the full. Whether you’re in to spirituality, new age interests, philosophy or sci-fi doesn’t matter. What matters is that you allow yourself to explore new avenues of learning and experience.

Finally, the Jupiter-Pluto connection on the 28th turns your attention back to work and money-making. This is the second of three contacts between these two big players. The first was in July 2011 and the third takes place in March 2012. Jupiter’s your planet so expect new opportunities to earn extra cash, find work you love or give your health a boost. It may only be the promise of good things to come for now, but your fortunes turn on Christmas Day and reach their peak next spring.

Capricorn (22 December-19 January)

You may be the only sign who relishes the fact that Saturn’s at large as October gets underway. This is because Saturn is your ruling planet. You know how to attain long-term goals and climb steadily and capably to the top of every mountain peak you set your sights on.

Saturn is currently in your career sector, the part of your chart that rules status, responsibility, vocation and being in the public eye. Communication planet Mercury teams up with Saturn on the 6th and the Sun and Saturn unite on the 13th. This is good news for you, whether you’re praised for an achievement, you find you’re able to do more than you believe, or you reach a particular career goal. The full Moon on the 12th is linked with Saturn and being an emotional full Moon suggests the culmination of a triumph at home or within your personal relationships. There should be reason to feel proud.

From mid-month onwards, turn your focus towards friends and networks, and reach out into the wider world. Whether you’re involved with community, environmental or social concerns, you feel you want to do your bit to help. It’s a great time to volunteer for a charity or to contribute to a team of people working towards a good cause.  Friendships are important at this time as the personal planets, the Sun, Mercury and Venus, leave behind your career sector and move in to Scorpio, your friends and groups sector. Head off to a reunion or catch up with old friends at a get-together. This is your chance to let off steam and escape the pressure cooker that is work and status. Let your hair down and mix with people who share your interests.

When it comes to money, go-getting Mars is in your sector of shared finances all month, so this is the perfect time to rethink your financial fortunes and check out that your money’s working for you rather than against you. Whatever your current situation, it’s a great time to be proactive and ask for financial advice. Try and keep money and friends separate though or it could lead to arguments. Your best date to make sound financial progress is the 26th, when Mars links up with your ruler Saturn.

The Jupiter-Pluto connection on the 28th looks interesting too for you, as Pluto’s in your sign of Capricorn and Jupiter in your fellow earth sign of Taurus. This spotlights creative endeavours, your kids and new love affairs. If you have a hobby that’s a real passion, this is the ideal time to indulge yourself.

Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

Being one of the air signs, you’re known for your intelligence, your love of debates and general social intercourse. The personal planets, Sun, Mercury and Venus begin October in your fellow air sign of Libra, allowing plenty of opportunity for intellectual discourse and meaningful dialogue. Go along to a talk that catches your attention, pick up an interesting book to read or surf the net. What you learn promises to be entertaining and meaningful.

Study or an online project may take over early in the month and become time-consuming. This is because Saturn is in on the act, up until the 13th, so if you have a tight deadline to meet this is the reason why. This is a busy month for you as the personal planets move up to the top of your chart, in to Scorpio mid-month, which rules your career and vocation. It’s an exciting time if you’re involved in a career you love as you can throw yourself wholeheartedly in to your work. Scorpio doesn’t do things by halves and whether you are looking for work or doing amazing things in your current work life, focus your attention to gain just rewards.

Personal relationships are potentially passionate but stormy as fiery Mars is in your love sector and at the very least, notice where you channel your passion. If you don’t spend enough time with your partner this month or, heavens forbid, ignore a new date in order to send texts or finish something you’re reading, you won’t be popular. Mars is potentially explosive so don’t put yourself in a position where you can be accused of being an “airhead”, and take care not to upset the one you love. Mars works both ways, so you may be the one who’s unhappy with your other half. Clashes with loved ones feel inevitable but as long as it’s a nudge in the right direction, fine. If any conflict exposes deeper issues, you need to look to where your priorities lie.

The best weekend for romance is the 7th-9th October, when Neptune, back in your sign of Aquarius teams up with Venus. Neptune is the planet of romance and Venus, the planet of love. These two planets fit together hand in glove so arrange a special date for the night of the 7th, whether with an old or new lover. Your ideal date is someone you can really talk to, a best friend as well as a lover.

Pisces (19 February-20 March)

Saturn is the planet that tends to suggest “less is more” and with Saturn at large in your shared money sector as October gets underway, this isn’t the time to be overly extravagant or expand your business empire. Instead, pare back and focus on cost-cutting and rein in your expenses. Team up with a business partner or organise a joint account at home and you can make a big difference to your financial outgoings.

The full Moon on the 12th also cuts across your financial sector. It acts as a spotlight and showcases whatever’s happening on the money front. If things have been going well, it may be a welcome opportunity to celebrate or if you’re avoiding dealing with cash matters, then expect your behaviour to be exposed. At least it’s a chance to sort things out and to deal with any finance-related matter. Again with Saturn involved, it’s important to be realistic about what you can and can’t achieve with your money. However, as Saturn rules authority, whether you’re looking for a loan, you want financial advice or you’re ready to ask for promotion, this is as good a time as any to give it a shot and approach an authority figure. At least you’ll know one way or the other what your options are.

The personal planets, Venus, Mercury and the Sun move one-by-one in to your fellow water sign of Scorpio mid-month. This is more exciting as Scorpio rules the things that expand your life, such as travel, study, spirituality and psychology. It’s time to admit your passions and devote yourself to doing or experiencing whatever you love. If you want a last-minute holiday or trip away, this is the time to make it happen before the personal planets move in to your career sector in November. For those of you in steady employment, work may be difficult, especially if there are clashing personalities at work. Certainly with Mars in your work sector, there’s the possibility of arguments with colleagues, so another good reason to get away for a few days if you can.

Finally, look out for who you meet on or around Friday 28th. Old and new friends come together on this day and there’s a chance to create some dynamic connections that will lead to new opportunities in your life. It’s a brilliant weekend to attend a life-changing course, whether it’s about wealth, health or self help. Anything that boosts your esteem and ignites your enthusiasm has got to be good. If you’ve lost your motivation recently, what takes place at the end of the month helps to re-inspire you.

Aries (21 March-19 April)

Fun and good times are written in your stars this month. Red-hot Mars, your planet, is in fiery Leo and so boosts your creativity, sexes up your love life and tempts you to skip school and go out and play. The record temperatures for October at the beginning of the month add to the heat and urge you to unleash your hedonistic nature. Mars does, after all, rule passion and your libido.

Work doesn’t kick in until next month so take it easy if you can. Once Mars moves in to hard-working Virgo mid-November, it remains there until July 2012. If a major project’s brewing or you know you have to get serious about work soon, you’re in tune with your stars. Your health and fitness are also ruled by Virgo, so for some it’s a new regime of well-being that’s on the way.

Money is an important factor in the mix as lucky Jupiter’s in your cash sector. “So where are the big bucks?” you may be asking. Right now, you’re playing a waiting game as Jupiter gives the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens. It’s on go-slow teasing you with the prospect of improving your finances, earning more or, if you’re extra lucky, banking your first million. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and in Taurus this is great news for your bank balance.

Jupiter teams up with power planet Pluto on the 28th so take note of what happens on or around this date. It suggests good fortune with regard to your career and vocation. As the personal planets begin to move in to the part of your chart that rules shared money mid-month onwards, being more savvy and street-wise about your cash serves you well. Next year, Jupiter picks up speed, starting on Christmas Day 2011 and in March 2012 hitting its peak. Circle 13th/14th March in your diary now as great days to thank your lucky stars and win your fortune.

But before money becomes a full-time obsession, you’re wise to consider an important relationship in your life. The full moon in Aries on the 12th signals an emotional turning point as Saturn, planet of limitation, looms large in your opposite sign of Libra. It’s hard to call whether this is a parting of the ways or the time to commit to working hard at love or a business partnership. A lot depends on your previous history stretching back to October 2009 but the full moon tied in to Saturn suggests its make-or-break time. Good luck and do what feels right and makes you happy in the long term.

Taurus (20 April-20 May)

Your stars this month remind me of a graceful swan gliding elegantly in the water, whilst out of view its little legs are paddling furiously. This is because the personal planets, the Sun, Mercury and your planet, Venus, begin the month in the sign of balance and harmony, Libra. This puts the spotlight on work or everyday routine, your health and how you serve others.

However, it’s not only the personal planets tripping through Libra, but the taskmaster of the heavens Saturn is here as well. If you’re on a tight deadline, working hard or training for a charity challenge, or in some other way focused and determined, you’re on track. Saturn may be your boss or the sergeant major at boot camp barking orders. One way or another, you’re up against the wire until the full moon on the 12th. There’s no chance to cut corners with Saturn, so play by the rules and do what you’re told.

The personal planets then move in to Scorpio, the sign that rules sexy “senores” and “senoritas” in your chart and the focus turns to love. In fact, not only love, but sex, passion and obsession too. Your planet Venus is a bit of a minx in Scorpio as it exposes you to the underworld of love; the game-playing, the full-on emotions and giddiness that love brings. Whether you’re ready to throw yourself headlong in to your relationship depends on your current situation but there’s plenty of potential to explore your sensual nature to the full.

Mars is currently in your home zone so life at home or within the family may be disruptive or even loud (cue builders or noisy kids). If someone close doesn’t approve of your partner or love life, clashes are inevitable, especially in the last week of the month. If you want to bring things out in to the open, this will clear the air. If you would rather continue to play happy families and avoid any conflict, then don’t agree to a family get-together at this time.

Finally, if you can venture further afield or improve your knowledge or learning, go for it. The heavy-weights of the heavens, Jupiter and Pluto, come together on the 28th and a holiday or study opportunity on or near this time has the potential to be life-changing. So don’t miss out and seize the day!

Gemini (21 May-20 June)

Slow and steady wins the race early in October. Your planet Mercury is represented in mythology by the winged messenger, quick and fleet-footed. Mercury begins the month in a fellow air sign, Libra, sociable and witty, and you want to play. However, Saturn, the slow-moving heavyweight of the heavens is also in Libra weighing Mercury down up until the 6th. If you’re bored or feel you’re wading through treacle as the month begins, this is the reason why.

This part of your chart rules your kids, creative juices and your love affairs. Expect to make some serious decisions regarding one or more of these areas of your life. Be realistic about what you can and can’t achieve and think long-term rather than try to find a solution to a problem overnight. Think things through rationally and weigh up the pros and cons of any personal dilemma.

On the weekend of 7th-9th, the stars suggest you’d benefit from a change of scene and if you can extend a get-away until Wednesday 12th, even better. New romance looks blissful too and benefits from a touch of the exotic or the erotic – take your pick. You can’t make a major issue disappear even if you disappear for a few days yourself, but come the emotional full moon of the 12th, clear the air, deal with what arises and move on.

Mercury moves in to Scorpio on the 13th, and turns your focus towards work, health and fitness, and how to perfect your everyday routine. You may start to question what life’s all about and where you’re heading. Perhaps you feel you have no clear answers to your questions so for good advice turn to a Scorpio friend. Gemini and Scorpio are soul-mates in the zodiac; you both have a thirst for knowledge and an inquiring, curious mind. Yes, at times, your opinions may clash but you can cover a lot of ground and feel as if your life is richer for the experience.

On some level, this is a soul-searching time in your life whether someone close to you needs more care and attention than usual or you find yourself living in the past. If thoughts become overwhelming, the key to your well-being is to focus on life one day at a time. It’s the simple things in life that make all the difference. Build regular exercise in to your routine, make new friends, treat yourself to indulgence, whether you share a coffee with friends or a glass of wine. Volunteering or charity work help too as you feel you’re giving something back which is always a welcome boost to self esteem.

Cancer (21 June-22 July)

The personal planets, Sun, Mercury and Venus, start the month in the part of your chart that rules home and family life. This would be blissful, if you’re a typical home-loving Cancerian, but with Saturn in the mix it suggests you have weighty issues to deal with. Saturn brings a reality check as it’s the opposite of fun and frivolity. This isn’t to say that you can’t experience heart-warming moments at home, but you have to look at the bigger picture and deal with whatever you’re trying to avoid.

If you’re caring for an older parent or your living situation is difficult, the full moon on the 12th brings matters to a head. This is an emotional full moon and exposes any issues or problems, but come Friday 14th, you can shut the door on the past and move on. Saturn is your relationship planet, so this indicates a decisive moment in your love life too and a chance to confront anything that’s not working out.

After this serious, heavy talk, you’ll be ready for some fun and the good news is that mid-month the personal planets move in to sexy Scorpio. This is a fellow water sign, emotional and passionate, and with the emphasis on new love, your creative drive or hanging out with the kids, there’s plenty of fun in store. You want to have a good time, no holds barred and no expense spared. Do watch your spending as you could easily go over the top and get carried away enjoying yourself, but if you can afford it, embrace new experiences and enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle.

There are two dates which look stunning for your love life. Firstly, the new moon on the 26th is a great day to arrange a date or to meet someone new. Anything that begins on the new moon creates a lot of energy that grows in to something special. Secondly, the planet of opportunity, Jupiter teams up with transformational Pluto in your partnership sector on the 28th and signifies a deep and intense loving experience. It’s Friday night so plan a seduction or plan your future with the one you love.

It doesn’t only have to be about love. This is a great date to forge a business partnership, and with Jupiter in your friendship sector, to reach out and connect with old friends. The people you meet or bring in to your life at this time will play an important role in your life. Be with people who inspire you and make you feel positive about the future, and be your own best friend.

Leo (23 July-22 August)

Delays and obstructions pave the way as October begins which is frustrating but, with Mars the action planet in Leo all month, you plough ahead regardless. Whether you’re waiting for news or find yourself putting off a serious conversation, you can expect a stop-start scenario to unfold. Be realistic about what you can and can’t achieve and don’t take on too much. It’s in your own interests to turn down an invitation if you find your schedule overwhelms you.

The reverse can be true when Saturn’s in play, i.e. you feel on your own and that nothing significant is happening. If your social life feels slow, even boring, you’ll be champing at the bit for some action and a chance to have fun and let off steam. The weekend of 7th-9th looks like a welcome interlude when there’s the possibility of a romantic get-away. Venus and Neptune come together making this a wonderfully connecting weekend for love or, at the very least, an opportunity for some great entertainment.

The full moon on the 12th is a watershed as the Sun and Saturn conjoin to oppose it. The full moon exposes whatever’s going on in your own life, and as emotions are heightened, this indicates a dramatic turning point. You may find yourself in a no-win situation, but the good news is that past this date, you can resolve to let go of difficulties and move on. Do your best with any tricky situation and stand up for yourself and you’ll feel proud you did so.

Mars in Leo helps you be proud and confident and it’s a battling combination which is great for competitive sports or competing in life in general. Be a go-getter, fearless and determined and you can make the most of your stars. This is the theme of the month and your “take no prisoners” approach won’t always make you friends but will let your enemies know what they can expect. Challenges come closer to home from mid-month onwards as the Sun, Mercury and Venus move in to your home and family sector and square up to Mars in Leo. If there’s something you want to fix or sort out at home or within the family, do it. Fight your corner and if necessary fight other peoples’ battles too. This is your chance to be strong for those who are less well off than yourself.

Finally, the Jupiter-Pluto combo on the 28th brings the spotlight back to your career. If things aren’t progressing as quickly as you would like at work, be patient. Jupiter turns around in the heavens on Christmas Day 2011, and early next year you benefit from Jupiter’s beneficent nature. March 2012 looks fabulous for career success or a chance to discover your true vocation, so circle 13th/14th March in your diary. The promise that emerges on or around the 28th bears fruit in a few months time.

Virgo (23 August-22 September)

Financial progress is slow as October begins. Your planet Mercury is in your cash zone until the 13th but as Mercury comes up against Saturn on the 6th, there’s no need or no opportunity to rush matters. You may be trying to scale down your job or earnings and live a simpler existence. This is one possibility, or you may find that try as hard as you might, you still can’t balance the budget.

Saturn’s the taskmaster of the zodiac and, in your money zone, forces you to be realistic, cut back and plan for the future. This is the key on how to use Saturn’s influence for the better. Work hard now to reap the benefits later. Save money now to be in a better financial situation further down the line. It’s not a “feel good” approach to money matters but don your sensible hat, cross the t’s and dot the i’s, and you can benefit further down the line. Take note of what happens on the emotional full moon of the 12th that cuts across your finance sectors. Not everyone plays as fair as you do but as long as you play by the rule book and hold tight to your cash, you should be fine.

Mercury moves in to Scorpio and your communication sector on the 13th. From this date onwards, you need to get out there, talk to people, make new friends and keep up with new trends and technology. If work’s slow, find new ways to connect and network, and interact online and offline. If you want to update your phone, your PC, your mode of transport, and it’s within your budget, go for it. Communication and new people in your life create opportunities and, right now, that’s what’s needed.

Siblings and neighbours play an important role now and, for some, this is the perfect opportunity to hold out an olive branch and make peace with someone close. It won’t be easy and old issues will arise but it’s not a time to dwell on the past or leave issues unresolved. Instead be bold and confront whoever or whatever constitutes unfinished business in your own life.

Finally, the mighty powers that are Jupiter and Pluto team up in the heavens on the 28th. These two planets are in fellow earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, and they promise fun and good times. Expand your experience of life, make learning and travel key priorities, and know that if you broaden your horizons, you automatically renew yourself and change the way you perceive the world. Don’t think of a holiday as solely a chance to relax and take it easy, but think of a holiday as the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life and you’re on the right track.

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