Monthly Stars November 2011

photo of a black dog representing ScorpioScorpio (24 October-21 November)

It’s your birthday month and the perfect excuse to indulge yourself, put your needs first and do what you want. However, at times this month you may feel unsure what it is that you want. You may ponder the meaning of life, question where your life’s heading or simply find it hard to make any decisions at all. Neptune, planet of confusion and illusion, is in Aquarius at the bottom of your chart, and influences your home and family life.

If you don’t feel settled at the moment or there are issues at home, within the family or to do with your past, this will be destabilising. Neptune is strong this month, on the 7th, 9th and 20th, but come February 2012, Neptune moves on and you start to feel ready to put down roots. If you’ve been looking for your dream home for what seems like years (Neptune first moved in to Aquarius in 1998) but haven’t been successful, your luck starts to change.

Mid-month your planet Mars is on the move. It leaves your career sector where it’s been since mid-September but not before confronting Neptune. Go with the flow on the 9th but come the full moon the following day, you’ll feel better if you make some key decisions about your career or next steps in life. You can fly when you have a safe base or feel emotionally secure, so bear this in mind and do whatever’s necessary to feel back in control.

Mars moves in to the part of your chart that rules friendships, groups, clubs and societies and remains here until mid-2012, a long time for this Mars transit. Over the next few months, the people you interact with, on and off-line, play a key role in your personal development. This is about your beliefs, what drives you in life, the causes you’re roused to fight for, and more. A Scorpio with a mission is powerful and you’re even more powerful surrounded by people who support you and share your beliefs. Look out for key connections you make on the 16th and 23rd and team up with people who inspire you and make you feel bigger than you are.

If you’re looking for love, check out someone you meet through a group or social network. This person has a lot to teach you and vice versa but it’s a meeting of minds that you’re looking for. In a relationship, and love grows when you socialise and learn together. Take a shared evening class or catch up with old friends together. Your other half’s in extravagant mood as November begins, but ensure they pull in the reins before the 24th.

On 24th/25th there’s a challenging combination of Mercury retrograde and an eclipse in your cash sector. Mercury’s retrograde, i.e. on go-slow until 14th December. Try not to make a major financial decision at this time but wait until mid-December before you invest or buy, and that includes Christmas presents. Either buy gifts online early November or enjoy a festive spend nearer Christmas day. Be a savvy Scorpio and use your natural business intuition to get the best deals at the right time.

Sagittarius (22 November-21 December)

Venus, planet of love, and your relationship planet Mercury dash in to Sagittarius on the 2nd and immediately bounce in to dizzy Uranus on the 3rd. This is fun and fabulous so flirt your socks off, act like a big kid, do anything that takes your fancy and, if you’re ready to fall head over heels in love, here’s your chance. Now before you do a Kardashian and meet, wed and file for divorce at rocket speed, slow down and see where life leads. The same goes for crazy makeovers or madcap ideas to start a business or launch a website with a difference; take your time.

This is because Mercury turns retrograde on the 24th in Sagittarius and the following day there’s an eclipse here too. This suggests sudden and unforeseen events that are dramatic and a little crazy. It may involve your love life, it may involve your personal ambitions, but you’re best to cool it and bide your time. If the person you’ve fallen for changes their mind, don’t scream and shout and issue ultimatums. If your perfectly good ideas are criticised or rejected, don’t believe you’re rubbish and give up.

This is a timing issue. Mercury is on go-slow from 24th Nov-14th Dec and you won’t know exactly what’s what until mid-December. More information comes to light and the key players in your life change their minds again.

If the eclipse closes the door on a certain person or idea, then at least you know where you stand. Plus, it’s a common known law that it’s only when one door closes that another door can open. But first of all, wait and see what happens. It’s a great idea to meet up with your girlfriends on the 22nd and 25th. They help you make sense of what’s going on in your personal life and together you can put the world to rights.

Another option is to throw yourself in to work. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in your work sector until mid-2012 and, with Mars accompanying Jupiter in your career sector from the 11th, you have a real chance to hit the big time. Take note of what happens on or around the 16th and 27th and explore the opportunities that arise.

Be clear that whatever you begin this month could take until mid-2012 to come to completion. You may find you become increasingly frustrated or irritable about your current work situation but this is an important phase. Sometimes it’s only by getting angry that you find the strength to bring about change, so be persistent and determined to create a better future for yourself.

When you find your true vocation, then you can remain focused. You’re going to find you’re more ambitious than you’ve been in a long time and able to produce results and see projects through to the end. It isn’t easy but it’s worth the hard work to move onwards and upwards in your chosen field.

Capricorn (22 December-19 January)

Do you need more time to yourself or some quiet time? It looks that way as two of the personal planets, Mercury (communication) and Venus (relating) move in to the sign before yours, Sagittarius, on the 2nd. Sagittarius rules the 12th house in your chart and was called the house of ‘self-undoing’ by traditional astrologers, so addictions, negative thinking, etc. Modern astrologers think of the 12th house as a hidden sanctuary, a place of secrets, silence and solitude. It’s about turning inwards and listening to your inner voice, finding quiet time before the planets tip over in to Capricorn and you’re ready to face the world at full throttle. So take your time this month, do less rather than more, and ponder the famous quote, “time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”.

On the 24th/25th of the month, there’s an eclipse in Sagittarius plus Mercury turns retrograde, i.e. gives the illusion of moving backwards through the heavens. So an even more reflective period in your life could take place from 24th Nov-14th Dec whilst Mercury’s on go-slow. You may spend time visiting someone who’s ‘hidden away’; hospitals, monasteries and prison are all ruled by the 12th house, as are retreats and spas. Embrace a period of soul-searching and get to know yourself better.

From mid-month onwards, the emphasis shifts to fellow earth signs, Taurus and Virgo. Action pants, Mars, moves in to Virgo on the 11th where it remains until mid-2012, an exceptionally long time for this planet. It puts the spotlight on travel, education and exploration. If you feel restless and want to know more about life in general, start your journey mid-month. It’s a great time to study, do research or write a novel, or take a sabbatical if this fits for you. Be attentive to new opportunities that come your way on the 16th or 23rd when Mars connects with Jupiter and Pluto in the heavens. Think big, be bold and seek out adventure.

The first personal planet to move in to Capricorn is Venus, planet of love. This happens on the 26th and 26th-28th November looks wonderful for your love life. With Jupiter in Taurus, some of you may think about starting a family or extending your current family. New love looks liberating and when you put love first in your life, magic happens. If you’re in a situation where it’s healthy for you to break away from a family tie or commitment, this is your chance. Pluto, planet of transformation, in your own sign of Capricorn isn’t easy but it’s urging you to ditch the routine and give up your usual way of doing things. In addition, the Uranus-Pluto square which dominates the heavens from 2012-2015 is already encouraging you to be a revolutionary and to break away from the past. It’s exciting and scary at the same time but to stay put in one place and continue business as usual is no longer be an option. Seize the day and create new goals and plans for your future.

 Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

Mercury (communication) and Venus (relating) move in to your friendship zone on the 2nd where they remain for most of the month. Almost immediately they connect with your planet Uranus and the 3rd is a brilliant day for networking, having fun and hanging out with friends. You attract new and different people in to your life with Uranus in your communication sector. If you have an eccentric, wacky side, tap in to what makes you unique and connect with like-minded individuals. Be part of a group that shares your beliefs or values, as this empowers you and helps you feel you belong.

This is particularly important now as Neptune, planet of confusion and illusion, is in your sign of Aquarius and clashes with three of the personal planets. At times this month you may feel lost or unsure, low in energy and not your usual self. Your career or lack of work may be the problem especially if you have a job that brings in the money but doesn’t allow you to be true to yourself. Love too could be an issue. Mars, the passion planet, has been in your relationship sector since mid-September but moves away on the 11th, and before it leaves here it opposes Neptune. Neptune dissolves and dissipates so you may let go of love or feel disillusioned with your current situation. Be kind to yourself and do what feels right. Turn to your friends mid-month for advice and be positive and focus on the good things in your life.

Towards the end of the month on the 24th and 25th, Mercury turns retrograde, i.e. gives the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens, and there’s an eclipse, both in the part of your chart that rules friendships, groups and society. This could present a problem with a friend or your membership with a group. Whatever happens, try not to over-react and bide your time as Mercury remains retrograde until mid-December. Only then does the fog clear and you can see the way forward. Often more information comes to light once Mercury turns direct so be patient if with friendship or group concerns.

On the 11th Mars moves in to the part of your chart that rules shared resources. This puts the spotlight on other peoples’ money and your money that’s tied up in banks, institutions, mortgages, etc. Mars remains here until mid-2012, an unusually long time, and you will be dealing with financial matters more than usual. Be assertive and pro-active about your financial situation, get things down in writing and be organised with your paperwork. If money is an issue, this is a sound time to seek out helpful advice whether you’re dealing with debts or an inheritance. There’s a karmic feel to money in your chart so perhaps you receive a gift from someone in your past or you discover you owe money. Either way, it’s about retribution and demands your attention. Resolve to learn from the past and do things differently this time around.

Pisces (19 February-20 March)

Your ruling planet is Neptune, God of the sea, and this month Neptune’s influence dominates your chart. Currently in Aquarius, the sign before yours, Neptune rules confusion and illusion so take care to keep your feet on the ground. Hang out with earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, who know how to keep life real. Neptune tends to make you sensitive, empathic, even psychic and you will find you pick up other peoples’ energies now. Being compassionate to lost souls, both human and animal, is a Pisces trait and you may feel compelled to look after others more than usual.

Neptune rules escapism, anything that leads you away from reality, so religious beliefs, a spiritual path, as well as hedonism and addictions. Take care, especially on the 1st, 7th, 9th and 20th, when Neptune’s energy is at its peak. Rein in your wild side and deal with the real world.

This is a key month for your career and vocation as both Mercury (communication) and Venus (relating) rush in to Sagittarius at the top of your chart. The beginning of the month brings a flutter of excitement, perhaps extra work that brings in unexpected cash. This is great news but it’s important to focus on work this month and pay attention to what’s going on behind the scenes. Listen out for any rumours and keep your ear to the ground for new opportunities.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 24th closely followed by an eclipse on the 25th, both in your career sector. Eclipses often bring about endings and new beginnings. Events are dramatic and unexpected but with Mercury on go-slow until mid-December, wait and see what happens rather than fire-fighting. When Mercury turns direct on 14th Dec, more information comes to light so if you do act impulsively at the end of the month, you may regret your decision.

Another major event concerns Mars which enters your opposite sign of Virgo on the 11th, where it remains until mid-2012. This is big news for relationships and as Mars is God of war, any relationship moves up a notch. Emotions are heightened, there’s more passion but more arguments too. This can be a good thing to shake up a relationship but if the relationship turns competitive or a partner’s anger is disruptive, be proactive and deal with the situation. This doesn’t have to be about a love relationship but could be someone you work with or come in to contact with, an opponent or competitor who you find difficult.

Most important is to realise you don’t have to deal with a problem or issue on your own. A triangle of earth signs in the heavens shows you have strong support, either via friends or colleagues, or through information. Read books, research and find out more about how best to deal with people in general.

 Aries (21 March-19 April)

It’s a weird start to November, so don’t freak out if you find it hard to make decisions or you’re unusually inactive. Neptune’s at large, the planet that rules confusion and illusion and the period around 7th-9th is particularly strange.

You may feel more emotional or sentimental than usual. An addiction could become an issue, whether your personal vice is alcohol, chocolate or sex! Issues with friends move up a notch and you’re wise to keep firm boundaries between yourself and someone who’s acting a little strange. Avoid cults, partying hard, drinking till dawn or general over-the-top behaviour to stay sane. If you’re a parent, a child may ask for extra cuddles and reassurance and if they experience an emotional wobble, reassure yourself that it’s just a phase.

The best way to benefit from Neptune is to be by water. Sit by the sea or a river and ponder life and see where life leads. Don’t give yourself a hard time if you feel you’re not achieving all you want to. Your time will come.

The full moon on the 10th is a turning point and the following day Mars, your ruling planet, is on the move. It enters Virgo where it remains for an extra-long stay until July 2012. The spotlight turns to work, your routine and how to earn a living. Again things may not happen as quickly as you would like but this is a good time to put new procedures in place that benefit you in the long run. Start a get fit campaign, actively seek out new work, write an e-book and, most important, focus on what’s going to benefit you on a daily level.

The 16th and 23rd look hopeful as Mars connects with Jupiter, planet of abundance, and Pluto, planet of change, all in earth signs. Life’s urging you to up the game and sort out your career, your finances and to explore new opportunities to improve your situation. These are tough times in the world in general so don’t rest on your laurels but be diligent in sourcing new income.

A small word of warning; the 24th and 25th aren’t brilliant days to travel or sit an exam. Mercury’s retrograde, i.e. on go-slow and there’s an eclipse, both in the part of your chart that rules travel and education, so you can’t expect things to go according to plan. At the very least have plan B, C and D up your sleeve. If the weather does turn icy-cold (the current prediction), it may be snow and ice that halt your plans to get away.

Finally, if you’re in a relationship, your lover’s up for exploring life and brings colour and excitement to the partnership. Allow each other your freedom and the relationship blossoms. If you’re single, a foreigner, student or comedian ticks all the right boxes.

 Taurus (20 April-20 May)

It’s all about the money, honey, or the opposite, ‘no money, no honey’! Your planet Venus moves into the part of your chart that rules shared resources on the 2nd and the spotlight’s firmly on your hard-earned cash, money you’re owed, money you’ve saved, debts, etc. etc. If you know there’s something you need to sort out, make that phone call or write that letter and do it fast. Venus spurs you on to ensure your money’s safe and that you’re getting the best deals wherever possible.

Money’s currently a hot topic in the world in general and things are only going to get a little madder from here on in. You’re a Taurus, the sign that understands money and loves all the things you can do with money, so use your excellent common sense and look after your own cash and create a long-term plan.

You’re wise to set your house in order before the 24th. On this day Mercury turns retrograde in your money sector and on the 25th, there’s an eclipse here too. This is a little mad for personal money matters, so expect drama, a misunderstanding or someone who says “no”. Stamp your foot and stubbornly refuse to sign a contract or give your cash away if you suspect it’s a bum deal. Things get back to normal mid-December so you may have to play a waiting game until then. Think on if you’re buying Christmas presents as well and if you can, get in early or wait until nearer Christmas day.

A key date in November is the 10th when there’s a full moon in Taurus. This is a brilliant day to make an important decision, especially if you feel confused about the direction your career’s heading in or life at home is chaotic, loud or plain weird. The good news is that any problems or issues can start to be resolved after this date and you may find that one problem disappears by itself. The fog clears and you know what you must do and that includes putting your own needs first.

On the 11th, planet Mars is on the move in to your fellow earth sign of Virgo where it remains for an unseasonably long time, almost 8 months. A desire to begin a creative project, especially writing, or a desire to become a parent could take over and become urgent. Mars is a feisty planet so if you want something badly that relates to your creativity, children or love affairs, here’s your chance.

Finally, whatever’s happening in your own life with regard to work or money, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and indulge in simple pleasures. Life’s for living and the more ways you can find to be positive about the future and embrace the here and now, the happier you’ll be. Sunday 27th looks perfect for a day out or experiencing something completely different, so move out of your comfort zone.

Gemini (21 May-20 June)

The month starts with a bang as Venus, planet of love, and Mercury, your ruling planet, storm in to your opposite sign of Sagittarius on the 2nd. The race is on to find a lover, have good times with your lover, sort your lover out or whatever fits for you in the game of relationships. Certainly it feels fast and furious so if you’re single don’t be surprised to find you fall head over heels for a friend! Thursday 3rd is the day it all happens.

Life isn’t always going to make things easy for you now where relationships are concerned but this is an area of your life with massive learning potential, both for yourself and the other person concerned. This is because, later in the month, two astrological events combine in your relationship sector.

Firstly, Mercury turns retrograde, i.e. gives the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens, on the 24th and the following day there’s an eclipse, both in Sagittarius. Eclipses bring drama, sudden endings or beginnings and life’s events often feel fated. Mercury retrograde means playing a waiting game. During the period Mercury’s on go-slow (24th Nov-14th Dec), you won’t know the full story about a relationship and it helps to be patient. New information will come to light once Mercury turns direct mid-December.

So try and keep your options open when it comes to love. Don’t add to the amateur dramatics and don’t make ultimatums or, for that matter, a serious commitment, if you can wait. Tuesday 22nd is your best day for a heart-to-heart before life potentially turns a little crazy. Bear in mind that your opposite sign also rules enemies or opponents in your life. If someone comes out of the woodwork you don’t see eye-to-eye with, stay calm and keep a low profile until mid-December. Their influence or power starts to fade then and, best case scenario, they disappear out of your life forever.

There is a real sense of life slowing down for you this month and you may find it hard if you expect or need to get a lot done. It may feel as if any decision you make can’t be made entirely alone or, perhaps you’re in the reverse situation where you want people around you more and you feel lonely. Mars moves in to your home and family zone on the 11th where it remains until mid-2012, a long time for this Mars transit. If there’s something you’re not happy with in this area of your life, you will begin to realise that things need to change. This may not happen overnight but it’s the perfect catalyst you need to start moving in the right direction.

Cancer (21 June-22 July)

November has the potential to be an emotional month so bear in mind what works best to keep your emotions on an even keel. If you turn to alcohol when you’re moody, limit your intake; if you read endless sad stories in the news, buy a positive self help book. Be your own best friend and take responsibility for your self-awareness or, if that’s difficult for you, turn to friends who offer philosophical and wise advice.

Being a Cancerian, you’re ruled by the Moon and it’s a good idea to know when the full moon takes place, as this is notoriously a time when emotions are heightened. This month it falls on the 10th but leading up to this full moon, the planet Neptune dominates. Neptune’s in Aquarius and puts the spotlight on your shared resources. It makes money an emotional issue and in some way connects money and love. Neptune has been in this part of your chart since 1998 so if you find it hard to shake off a connection to the past or an old relationship or partnership, this may be the reason why. Neptune moves on from Aquarius in February 2012 and you will finally be able to cut the emotional ties that bind you to the past.

When it comes to love in the here and now, the Sun is in sexy Scorpio until the 22nd. This suggests a glorious love affair, no strings attached. However, with Neptune in on the act, try to have a liaison that’s ‘only sex’ or ‘friends with benefits’, and it’s nigh on impossible. Your feelings are close to the surface and it’s hard to stop becoming emotionally attached. What you seem to need right now is a steady relationship, someone you can cosy up with at home, eat good food with and roll in to bed with safe and secure in the knowledge that the two of you are together for ever. If it works for you, don’t knock it. You may want romance and roses next month, but for now it’s having someone there who cares for you and looks after you. Nuff said.

Your emotions affect all areas of your life and it’s how you deal with life’s events that is the key to your happiness. You benefit by keeping busy and a healthy work-life balance helps. However, on the 24th/25th, there may be changes regarding your work or health. Try not to panic if you hear news you don’t expect and be patient. The communication planet, Mercury, is currently in your work and health zone and it’s on go-slow from 24th Nov-14th Dec, so bide your time and do nothing drastic if you can wait. Come mid-December, new information comes to light which helps you to make a more rational decision about your next steps in life.

Leo (23 July-22 August)

Neptune, planet of confusion and illusion, dominates your chart this month so be gentle with yourself and patient if the answers to life’s questions don’t come straightaway. Neptune is in your opposite sign of Aquarius where it’s been for most of the time since 1998. It’s the tail-end of this particular transit but as Neptune picks up speed on 9th November before leaving Aquarius next February 2012, it’s most powerful right now.

Neptune rules romance so for some of you this is about love. Neptune clashes with three of the personal planets; Mercury (1st), Mars (7th) and the Sun (20th). Mars is in Leo until the 11th and the Sun rules Leo so this is about you and how you view your love life or a key relationship in your life. You may be letting go of a relationship that no longer works for you or perhaps you’re aware that your perception of love has been distorted and things need to change. Neptune could materialise as someone in your life who isn’t being truthful and this isn’t only about your love life, as Aquarius rules enemies and opponents as well as lovers. If someone’s ‘offer’ doesn’t feel right on or around the above dates, trust your instincts.

Things seem complicated as both Venus, planet of love, and Mercury, fleet-footed messenger, race through your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius from the 2nd. This suggests developments happening quickly and as this part of your chart rules love affairs and children, it may be something unexpected that precipitates your dilemma. Read between the lines and a possible scenario is you meet someone new, fall pregnant or fall in love with someone who’s already a parent.

To be honest, you’re ready for something exciting to happen but don’t get carried away. Mercury retrogrades in this same part of your chart on the 24th and the following day there’s an eclipse so it’s not the best time to dive in to any new arrangement head first, whether romantic or creative. This combination spells drama and excitement but also the need to wait and bide your time. Mercury’s on go-slow from 24th Nov-14th Dec and new information comes to light in the middle of next month. If in doubt, as frustrating as it sounds, do nothing.

One thing that will take your mind off your love life and other people is how to make money. Mars leaves Leo on the 11th and moves in to Virgo, ruling your cash. It remains until mid-2012 so an exceptionally long time for the action planet.

Mars teams up with Jupiter on the 16th and Pluto on the 23rd plus, with a full moon on the 10th in your career sector, it’s a fantastic month to explore new options and opportunities regarding work and money. Put new plans in place and take small steps towards discovering your true vocation if it’s unknown to you as yet. Your love of drama and creativity plays a strong part in you finding fulfilment. If you feel disillusioned by someone close, at least you can be the star of your own show.

Virgo (23 August-22 September)

Happiness lies at home as November begins with both your planet Mercury and Venus, planet of love, in your home zone from the 2nd. The beginning of the month’s a great time to catch up with family, discuss family arrangements for Christmas and sort out life at home. A surprise bonus or gift of money is a possibility on the 3rd. Someone’s generosity comes as a surprise but is very welcome nonetheless.

However, underlying all this activity, you may find you feel confused or unsure about your next steps in life. Neptune, planet of confusion and illusion, is in your work and health sector and plays a dominant role this month. If you’re low in energy, feel anxious or unsure, this may be the reason why. Neptune is at its strongest on the 9th and the following day there’s an emotional full moon in the mix. So be kind to yourself and don’t worry if you can’t get things moving.

That’s all about to change as Mars, the action planet, moves in to Virgo on the 11th where it stays for an unusually long period of almost 8 months. This is the answer to your prayers as it’s through taking action and being organised and diligent that you are going to be successful. Focus on your personal ambitions and what you want out of life. Write down goals to spur you on and work yourself out of a rut, rather than let inertia or anxiety take hold. This is a good time to tackle your work life too if you’re unhappy and to cover new avenues and options thoroughly and meticulously. Be the perfect Virgo and work your way towards a better future.

When it comes to love, if romance is missing in your relationship, plan a holiday together or learn something new as a team. Any relationship needs energy and excitement and creating common goals with a sense of adventure does wonders for your partnership. Have some fun and celebrate your love. If you’re single, planet Pluto urges you to go in deep. Analyse past relationships, look at what needs to change, what your motivations are for a relationship and whether you want children or not. Make finding love a major project and be open to change yourself in the process and do things differently this time around.

Finally, a word of caution about home and family affairs. Mercury is retrograde, i.e. on go-slow from 24th Nov-14th Dec and there are two eclipses which trigger your home zone, the first of which takes place on the 25th of this month. The best way to deal with unexpected events is to remain flexible and be open-minded. Don’t react to what takes place around 24th/25th and don’t initiate a major decision or plan a big event for the family. Things sort themselves out from mid-December on, in time for Christmas. New information comes to light then and you’ll be glad you didn’t finalise home and family plans too soon.

Libra (23 September-23 October)

It’s a lively start to November. Your ruler, Venus, moves in to Sagittarius on the 2nd along with chat-chat Mercury which means you’re dashing here, there and everywhere. The focus is on your neighbourhood, your community, shopping, making new friends, hanging out with your siblings, meeting new lovers, etc. and looks a lot of fun. The start of the month is a fabulous time to invest in new technology but make sure you act fast.

Mercury slows down as the month continues and on the 24th turns retrograde, i.e. turns around in the heavens. Mercury is on go-slow until 14th December, notoriously a time of communication mix-ups and misunderstandings and not the best few weeks to buy or update technology. Ensure you back up your PC and look after your mobile, Ipod, Ipad or Kindle.

There’s also an eclipse on the 25th in the same part of your chart and there may be a drama concerning a sibling or neighbour. Have plan B, C and D up your sleeve if you’re commuting or travelling. Sagittarius rules the part of your chart concerned with local travel and, with Mercury, the messenger, on rewind, anything goes. If things get stuck, by mid-December the wheels start to roll smoothly again.

This is an exciting time for your love life and if your situation is different to what it was this time last year, you’re on the right track. Keep an open mind about a relationship, marriage or love affair and be spontaneous in love. Don’t let other people tell you what to do or who to see but decide your own rules and live by them.

At times this month you may feel rather muddled or mixed up. Try not to confuse friendship with love on or around the 7th, and don’t let your heart rule your head where money’s concerned on the 20th. If you need to make a key financial decision, the 10th, 16th and especially the 27th look sound. You benefit financially if you move in with a partner, extend your home or find other ways to make your money go further. Think partnership and sharing resources.

Finally, Mars, planet of desire and anger, moves in to Virgo, the sign before yours, on the 11th. Mars remains here until mid-2012 and it helps to be fully aware of your own emotions, as Mars is hidden away in what’s known as the 12th house. Try not to hide away from confrontation and don’t repress your desire or your anger. It’s important to channel and find an outlet for any strong emotions even if you write things down in a stream of consciousness. If you continue to smile and pretend everything’s fine when it’s not, this isn’t the way to deal with a 12th house Mars. Be honest with yourself and others and express your emotions assertively and with confidence. Learn to be by yourself as well and enjoy times of silence and solitude.

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