Monthly Stars May 2012

TaurusTaurus (20 April-20 May)

The Sun is in your sign of Taurus until the 20th so there’s no reason not to enjoy yourself or at least allow yourself simple pleasures and indulgences on a daily level. It’s sometimes the little things in life that make the biggest difference. Gratitude is a word that springs to mind for you as the Sun is moving towards a conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, which thrives on giving and receiving. The Sun/Jupiter aspect takes place on the 13th so ensure you make the most of this date and organise something special.

Jupiter’s been in your sign since June 2011 and next month it moves on so this is the end of a hopefully buoyant period. Jupiter rules travel but also education and liberation. It’s about following your bliss and the more positive your attitude to life, the more opportunity knocks.

Another planet in Taurus is Mercury, the talking planet, in your sign from 9th-24th. This is a great period to get organised, to set up interviews or meetings and to busy yourself with work and personal projects. Mercury too teams up with Jupiter on the 22nd, an excellent day to speak, whether that means for you asking for a promotion, planning a talk or selling yourself royally. The more you believe in yourself, the more successful this month is going to be. Jupiter offers you chances but it’s up to you to make the most of them, so expand your reach and think big and see what can be achieved.

Mars is your relationship planet and it too is having a productive and successful month. Mars teams up with Pluto on the 16th, a transformational combination, and a time when you benefit from encouraging your partner to follow their own dreams and goals in life. Trust and loyalty are paramount in love but once they’re in place, you can encourage each other to be bigger and better.

Another powerful date for love is the 6th when there’s a Full Moon in your opposite sign of Scorpio. The Bank Holiday weekend is when you can gain clarity on a relationship and you benefit by going in deep, so schedule time for a heart-to-heart. If you’ve been seeing someone new, this Full Moon spotlights love, and helps you make a decision whether to commit to a relationship or to move on. Be true to yourself and what you want from your life.

Finally this month, money is on the move. Gemini rules your money sector and there’s lots of action in this part of your chart this month and next. An eclipse on the 20th is a powerful day for new beginnings on the money front. An eclipse suggests change or a significant event that when you look back, you realise was an important turning point.

A few days before the eclipse on the 15th, Venus, your ruling planet, turns retrograde in Gemini, and you may find you have to wait a few weeks for an answer regarding money. Venus only turns direct on 27th June. Take care whom you trust as this time and listen to your inner wisdom.

Jupiter has hopefully bestowed you with blessings and you can build on what you’ve created or learned, to potentially generate big bucks or at least to earn a living loving what you do. Sometimes you only realize your dreams when you take risks and think big and right now, that’s what the universe is asking and encouraging you to do.


Gemini (21 May-20 June)

As much as you might like to stay off camera or take life easy, that’s going to be almost impossible from this month onwards. In addition, you have to take a look at the bigger picture and take time to decide not only who you are/want to be but where you’re heading in life. Being a Gemini, you can be quite happy going about your daily business, having fun and keeping life simple. All of that is about to change, however, and perhaps you’re already aware that you need to examine your life at a deeper level rather than keep things superficial.

The main marker of change is an eclipse in your sign of Gemini on the 20th. This eclipse is part of a cycle of eclipses that began in December 2010 and ends in May 2013. However, this particular eclipse is powerful because it’s at 0 degrees Gemini so right at the start of your sign and it’s an indicator of new beginnings. Some people see eclipses as potential crises but I think of them more as power points. They are often a time when significant events or changes take place that, when you look back on them, realise were a major turning point in your life.

This set of eclipses focus on you and your relationships and this is your starting point. There may be a chance to re-launch you in some way or for some form of self-reinvention. It may be about your name, your image or your legacy and how you make a difference in life. You may decide that whatever your current relationship situation, you’re ready to make some changes for the better.

Another reason why you may be questioning where you’re heading in life is because this eclipse squares Neptune up at the top of your chart in your career sector. Neptune can bring about confusion, disillusionment or a feeling that you’re lost and all at sea. If you experience something similar the week beginning 20th May, go with the flow and see where your dissatisfaction leads you. Sometimes it’s only by focusing on what’s not working, that it gives you the kick you need to do something about it.

The 27th/28th of the month are great for being spontaneous, gaining inspiration from friends or the internet, and taking impulsive action. Also with Jupiter entering Gemini next month, you’ll have more chances and opportunities coming your way, encouraging you to step up to the challenge and to live life to your full potential.

Exciting times are often preceded by times of fear or feeling wobbly and unsure about the next stage in your life. Be kind to yourself now and do things that help you to feel settled and secure. If you haven’t tried meditation or yoga before, learn new ways to relax and tap in to your inner voice, your inner wisdom.

Finally, this month, Venus turns retrograde on the 15th in your sign of Gemini, and remains on go slow until late June. As Venus rules love, this may be a sign of an affair or an ex coming into your life. Certainly it suggests different options that require you to make a choice. If you can, go with the flow and keep your options open until late June when, if you’re seeking an answer, you’ll find it.

Venus in Gemini is about attraction and being popular, so take part in events where you’re around like-minded people and do the things you love. Be aware that when Venus is retrograde after the 15th, you may start questioning your social life or an activity in which you’re involved. Be patient and look for the deeper meaning in whatever’s happening. The universe is always talking to you and you can hear all kinds of things if you just watch and listen.


Cancer (21 June-22 July)

Friendships and groups are the major theme this month and it’s here where inspiration lies. The emphasis is on people, making connections and having fun. The more you allow yourself to do what you love and socialize with people you like, the happier you are and the more fulfilled. If you’re looking for adventure or a new opportunity, you find it through networking or by joining a club or group.

If there’s one friend in particular you admire, perhaps a Taurus, hang out with him/her more and let their outlook on life rub off on you. The 13th and 22nd, when the Sun and Mercury team up with lucky Jupiter in your friendship sector, promise something special, whether it’s a celebration, a party or good news. Open up your world and be with people who light up your life.

The emphasis, however, is starting to shift and you may already begin to realise that it’s as important to spend quality time alone as it is to socialise and have fun. In fact, life may be urging you to enjoy your own company and do things by yourself without the support of other people. This is the perfect time to consider going on a retreat or create your own private sanctuary. Read books, start a journal and listen to your inner wisdom.

One by one, the personal planets move into Gemini and the most hidden sector of your chart. Venus is in Gemini all month joined by the Sun on the 20th and Mercury, the talk planet, on the 24th. This puts the focus on your private self and secret plans and the conversations you have with your inner self may be the most revealing and meaningful.

If you’re not comfortable with time alone, start to look at why. An eclipse on the 20th followed by squares from the Sun and Mercury to wistful Neptune on the 23rd and 25th, suggest a time of serious soul-searching. For some, this may be your cue to seek help, either by talking to a counsellor or visiting an alternative health practitioner. Look after yourself and nurture the connection between your body, mind and soul. If you know you have an issue you wish to seek help for, here’s your opportunity.

Neptune rules the world of your imagination too so this is also a fertile and creative period in your life. If you want to explore your artistic side, do it, or follow up an interest in mysticism. Many Cancerians have a poetic or romantic soul, so explore this side of your personality.

Relationships too invite you to go in deep and examine the bigger issues. A powerful Full Moon in Scorpio on the 6th suggests passion and Pluto may be asking you to examine the deeper issues in a relationship (key birthdays 29/30 June). Remember that the best way to change someone else’s behaviour is to change your own behaviour first. So if you want more passion in your life, be passionate.

In conclusion, this month’s stars urge you to listen to your inner wisdom in all areas and this is the case with work too. On one level, your career benefits from avoiding the bigger issues and instead see where life leads and look out for life’s synchronicities. If you’re looking for work, send off an odd email here or there or catch up with an old contact but allow yourself to be spontaneous when it feels right. This may create better results than plodding along doing what you think is right and feeling bored in the process. Your life benefits when you change your perspective and do things differently.


Leo (23 July-22 August)

The Sun is up at the top of your chart in Taurus until the 20th. This is a last chance to make a concerted effort to move things forward with your current work or career situation. It may be a project that began last summer or a chapter in your working life that’s dominated since June 2011. The message from the universe is loud and clear, keep doing what you’re doing and don’t give up.

For some, this is a month of potential glory and achievement as the Sun teams up with Jupiter on the 13th and on the 22nd, Mercury, planet of communication, connects with Jupiter. This represents a ‘high five’ moment, an opportunity that’s grown from seeds sown, a welcome chance to celebrate and be pleased and proud of what you’ve done so far. Jupiter also rules liberation and freedom so some of you may be ready to move on and create the space for more work or a different project or even a new job.

But it’s now, this month, which allows you to see how far you’ve come and how far you can take a current job or work position. Another important date is the 16th when Mars and Pluto connect in a helpful aspect, again focusing on work and money matters. These two planets bring about transformation and together they’re a positive and unstoppable force. Do what you know is right when it comes to work and money and be aware that one chapter is coming to an end and a new chapter is about to begin.

The emphasis is starting to shift away from being the boss or in charge of a solo project and moving towards a more connected and people-friendly environment. Venus, planet of relating, is in Gemini all month and the sign that rules friendships, groups and networking. The Sun joins Venus on the 20th and Mercury on the 24th and most importantly, Jupiter, planet of opportunity, enters Gemini next month where it remains until June 2013.

So this is where to shift your focus, to ask friends for advice, to join a new network or group and to make connections online and offline. Work alongside people you care for and respect, work in an environment you love or do work that benefits others and you will find any of these options more fulfilling than doing a job solely for the money or status it brings. If you’re looking for work then use your contacts and connections as this is where new opportunities lie.

Some of you may find you face a friendship “shake up” or realise you’re ready to move away from a club or group of people. Take note of what happens on or around the 20th when there’s an eclipse in your friendship sector. Eclipses symbolise a significant event or change that when you look back, you realise was a major turning point. This eclipse may also denote changes for a friend that have a knock-on effect in your own life.

Take special care on this date and throughout the following week if you have money tied up with a group, club or association. Mixing friendship and isn’t wise then and it’s important to trust your instincts either with regard to a friend’s money-making scheme or if you’re asked to help a friend out financially. There’s a slippery feel to the stars of w/b 20th May, so ensure you remain cash savvy.

Your love life isn’t highlighted in May, although you may be ready for a serious conversation over the Bank Holiday weekend even if it means hearing or speaking a harsh truth. Do be aware there’s a powerful and emotional Full Moon on the 6th which lends a dramatic feel to the proceedings.

If you want to grab some time away with a loved one, make it short and sweet. The weekend of 11th-13th looks promising as does the 26th-28th. For the rest of the month, make the most of productive and successful stars and ensure your working life and ambitions are on the right track.


Virgo (23 August-22 September)

Warrior planet Mars is surging through your sign of Virgo at full strength. This gives added bite to your behaviour and suggests you mean business. It makes you more ambitious and determined and means you won’t take any nonsense from other people. Use Mars to your advantage but don’t let assertiveness tip over into aggression or mean and moody behaviour.

On the 16th Mars teams up with transformative Pluto in your creative sector so this is a great time to pursue an artistic project or creative outlet. It’s about doing what you love and loving what you do so discover your passion and live life to the full. If you’re a parent, there’s a lot you can do to point your kids in the right direction and help them to become independent and happy. Encourage a child to believe in him/herself and to realise that positive thought and taking responsibility for your own actions is the way forward. If you’re finding it difficult to relate to a child, now’s the perfect time to find someone close who can get through to them and help them transform their life for the better.

This is a potentially passion-filled month with both the Sun and your planet Mercury connecting with larger-than-life Jupiter on the 13th and 22nd. This is about living life to the full and making the most of your opportunities, whether through travel, education or adventure. The more you put in and experience life, the more you get back in return. So be brave and bold and go for your goals. When you’re in the flow, you’re a true inspiration to others.

This is also the start of a new chapter with regard to your career, ambition and status. This month you may experience considerable change concerning your work or career goals, especially on or around the 20th. On this date there’s an eclipse in Gemini at the top of your chart and eclipses are power points, they suggest a significant event that when you look back, you realise was a major turning point.

In addition, Venus is in Gemini and on the 15th turns retrograde, i.e. gives the illusion of moving backwards in the zodiac. Both these events suggest a possibility of a door closing at work or with regard to your career. This may be disappointing and throw you off track. However, what you need to realise is that you are building towards something bigger and better as Jupiter, representing opportunity, also enters Gemini next month where it remains for a whole year.

If you do experience a work crisis or a door closes, try to remain philosophical about the situation and, rather than despair, look at the other possibilities in front of you. Perhaps you’ve always had a dream about what you want to do vocationally or maybe you’ve been putting something off because you feel scared.

Whatever your personal situation, be honest with yourself and visualise what your life would be like if you let yourself fully embrace your dreams. Jupiter urges you to play big, to raise the stakes and follow your heart. This is a chance to do something special with your life and make a difference.

Changes at work may have a knock-on effect to a personal relationship and the week beginning 20th May could prove wobbly for you or your partner. Remember to keep firm boundaries in place and don’t let your partner’s emotions swamp you or vice versa. At the same time be supportive and compassionate towards each another. Be real and let your emotions show, and there’s a chance to deepen the connection between you.

Sometimes it’s only when your life changes direction that it creates an opportunity to examine what you do really want from life. Don’t rely on someone else to make you happy but discover what makes you happy first.


Libra (23 September-23 October)

Money magic’s on the cards and the more you can push to improve your finances, the better. Jupiter, planet of opportunity, is in Taurus ruling your joint finances, so think about money you share with a partner or money that’s invested/owed to an institution. This month there are a couple of high spots with regard to cash; firstly, the Sun/Jupiter conjunction on the 13th and secondly a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction on the 22nd. Both of these dates offer good reason to celebrate, whether you’re the recipient of a bonus or inheritance, an investment matures or there’s good news for your other half.

If you don’t think this is you, then look at what you might be able to do to help. A car boot sale, selling stuff on ebay or look for a new job that pays more. Jupiter offers new opportunities but you have to go out looking for them and a positive mindset helps. It’s the perfect time to practice Law of Abundance affirmations, if you’re so inclined.

The other possibility is to turn to your past or your family to transform your situation. There may be money in a property deal or ask for a favour to be repaid. The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, thrive on a back-to-basics response to life. Hard work is rewarded and any form of trading is admired. Do you have skills you can offer for work or products in return? Jupiter’s open to the possibility of a bartering system; give and you shall receive.

If you catch yourself thinking, “there must be more to life than work and earning a living” or you’re dreaming of a holiday, you’re in sync with your stars. Your planet Venus is in Gemini, a fellow air sign, and the spotlight’s on travel, education, philosophy and spirituality. It’s about broadening your horizons, learning something new and living life to the full. Venus is joined in Gemini by the Sun on the 20th and Mercury, the talking planet, on the 24th. Plus, and a big plus, Jupiter enters Gemini next month. For now, you may be happy with a weekend away and if so, 26th-28th looks peachy as does the Bank Holiday weekend 4th-7th (although be aware that a trip away with your other half will necessitate some deep and meaningful conversations).

Once Jupiter joins the gang, you’re urged to think big, e.g. a sabbatical from work, living and working abroad, emigrating or the trip of a lifetime. The same goes with study. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn, a skill you want to master? If so, make it happen. Jupiter inspires you to live life to the full.

For now, be aware that as Venus turns retrograde on the 15th and with an eclipse in Gemini on the 20th, avoid these dates if possible for travel or starting a course of study. If you do go ahead, be flexible as your plans may change suddenly. In addition, if you’re involved in any kind of legal matter, wait until the end of June before pushing for an answer or completion. Things tend to stall when Venus is on go slow and she is your ruling planet. Gemini rules the Law and publishing, so patience may be called for in both these areas from 15th May-27th June.

When it comes to love, you may feel frustrated if your other half doesn’t share your enthusiasm for new beginnings and living life to the full. They may have their own projects or issues to deal with now and if so, grab your moments together whilst you can. Friday 4th looks brilliant for a date as do the 27th and 28th. Remember that sometimes it’s the little things that count in a relationship, such as a loving text or a thoughtful gift. If you’re single, you’re most likely to find love on holiday or where you study. Look out for someone youthful, chatty and extremely witty.


Scorpio (24 October-21 November)

You are one of the signs of the zodiac that has two ruling planets, your traditional ruler, action planet Mars, and your modern ruler, transformational Pluto. When these two planets come together in a helpful aspect, you’re firing on all cylinders and this is what takes place mid-month on the 16th.

What’s important to note is that both planets are in earth signs and both planets are in sectors of your chart which rule people and connections, new and old friends and networks. The message is simple; success comes through clear and honest communication and via your contacts. It’s good news if you’re planning a website or using social media. Whatever you put your mind to and focus on with steely determination, you now have the chance to create magical transformation. This may be a project or idea that started in November which now reaches culmination, whether you materialise your goal or bring a job to completion.

Business partnerships are also well-starred thanks to Jupiter, planet of opportunity, in your opposite sign of Taurus. Being a Scorpio you can play lone wolf, but this isn’t the time to do your own thing, instead look at where you can create partnership in your life and work together with people who inspire you, who already know how to be successful.

Jupiter in Taurus is good news for those of you in a relationship or married. Key dates are the 13th when there’s a Sun/Jupiter conjunction and the 22nd when there’s a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. These are wonderful dates for a proposal, even marriage and it puts the feel-good factor into a relationship. That’s not to say everything’s perfect when it comes to love but it does suggest you have a reason to celebrate. Encourage your partner to live life to the full, whether they have a chance to travel, study or grab an adventure. Jupiter thrives on taking risks and playing big.

Another subject to focus on is money which may be an issue whether you’re in or out of a relationship. The spotlight’s on joint finances, whether this is money you share with a partner or money that’s invested/owed to an institution. Venus is in this sector of your chart all month and on the 20th the Sun joins Venus in Gemini and on the 24th Mercury, the talking planet, follows suit. You’re being urged to deal with money matters and communicating is the way forward. Don’t hide letters from your bank or avoiding any finance-related issue, but talk to people and find a solution to your problem.

The good news is that Venus in Gemini suggests there’s someone on your side who can help you, very possibly a female. An adviser perhaps or someone you’ve met through work. In addition, money can come your way unexpectedly, perhaps through a bonus you weren’t expecting or an inheritance. There may be the chance to pick up extra work too, on or around the 4th or 27th/28th.

Pay particular attention to what happens on or around the 15th, when Venus turns retrograde, i.e. is on go slow, and the 20th, when there’s an eclipse in Gemini. Eclipses symbolise a significant event or change that when you look back, you realise was a major turning point. On both these dates, be more cautious about spending or investing and wait and see what happens.

The best news is the fact that Jupiter, planet of opportunity and abundance, also enters Gemini next month and by the time that Venus picks up speed again on 27th June, you should start to see a significant improvement in your financial situation. Then you can start to take some strategic risks. So if you do experience a disappointment regarding money this month, take heart that from late June onwards, you have every chance to improve your situation.


Sagittarius (22 November-21 December)

Your planet Jupiter is nearing the end of its journey through one of the earth signs, Taurus. In your chart, Taurus rules your work, how you serve others and your health. In other words, it’s about getting the basics right. This month, Jupiter moves forward confidently; on the 13th there’s a Sun/Jupiter conjunction and on the 22nd, there’s a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. Whether news is work or health related, this suggests a reason to celebrate and a positive outcome, or help that arrives at the 11th hour. It’s a welcome opportunity to thank your lucky stars. Jupiter is your planet and you prosper when you think big and create a positive outlook in your life. Use these dates to make things for you and be lucky.

Another key planet in an earth sign is ambitious Mars in Virgo up at the top of your chart. For some of you, it’s been a long hard slog on the work front with Mars in your career sector since November 2011. However, all your hard work and effort should start to pay off and when Mars teams up with transformational Pluto on the 16th, you may be able to change your situation for the better.

The earth signs are very different to your own fiery nature but they encourage you to be good at what you do, to show up, do your work and persevere. Even if you’ve become disheartened with your current situation or a job or task, don’t give up. See things through to the end and come next month, you can make a decision about what next. Pluto is in your money sector which does suggest an all-or-nothing feel about finances but with Pluto so well-starred this month and also in an earth sign, Capricorn, the same advice stands. Slow and steady progress wins out over impulsive ideas.

One area of your life that is going to bring plenty of surprises is your love life. This is an exciting summer for love whether you’re inundated with proposals, fall head-over-heels in love or can’t make up your mind who you want to commit to. In fact, commitment isn’t a word that features in your relationships this summer. The thrill of the chase is definitely on and there’s a youthful skip in your step. There may be a chance to rejuvenate a long-term relationship or, once Jupiter moves into Gemini next month, a chance to liberate yourself from a relationship that’s not working. If ever you wanted variety and excitement in your love life, it’s now.

Be aware that changes and surprise events could take place thick and fast. Firstly, Venus turns retrograde on the 15th and there’s an eclipse in Gemini on the 20th. Eclipses suggest a significant event or change that when you look back, you realise was a major turning point in your life. Keep your options open and be positive about creating the love life you deserve. A quick word of advice if you are married: remember the best way to change a relationship is to change your own behaviour first. If you want more passion in your life, be more passionate. If you want better communication, listen to your other half and encourage him/her to listen to you too.

If you’re single, the best dates to meet someone new are Friday 4th and the 27th/28th. If you’re not interested in finding love and you’re happy being single, then simply enjoy yourself and be open to meeting people who move your life forward in an exciting way. This is your summer for new experiences and the key to fun and happiness comes through extending your social circle and trying out new activities.


Capricorn (22 December-19 January)

There’s a lot going well for you this month but it’s important to get a key conversation out of the way over the Bank Holiday weekend. This may concern your career and where you’re heading, or your family life and home situation. You may need to lay down the law or accept that your options are limited but once you’ve said what you need to say, you can move on. Your stars do suggest some kind of ending on the 5th/6th, whether real or metaphorical. It’s about tackling an issue head on and putting it to bed once and for all.

Moving on, the spotlight is very much about seeking fun and happiness in your life. Jupiter, planet of opportunity, is in a fellow earth sign, Taurus, which is great news for those of you who already have kids or want to have children. Jupiter joins the Sun on the 13th and Mercury on the 22nd, two key dates when there may be good news or reason to celebrate. Jupiter in Taurus suggests that some of you may be involved in a love affair and if so, you may want to make a decision about what next rather than let life roll on by.

There is a sense that you’re re-prioritising what’s important to you and you may be getting the impression that life’s too short to focus mainly on work and empire building. Instead, it’s love and personal relationships that matter and the people you interact with on a daily basis. Plan some fun entertainment too, whether you attend a festival or concert, or arrange a night out at the cinema or theatre. Start a new hobby or take up a hobby you were passionate about as a child: do what you love and love what you do.

Mars is the planet of action and ambition and with Mars currently in the part of your chart that rules travel, education, philosophy and spirituality, here’s another reason why you may feel you want to live life to the full. Take note of what happens on or around the 16th when Mars and Pluto connect in a transformational aspect. A deep realisation or insight may accompany this transit and urge you to bring more depth and meaning into your everyday life. How you do this is up to you and do whatever feels right.

If you are booking a holiday or going away, there’s a chance that what you discover will be life-changing. Consider a study course or a country you wouldn’t normally visit. Use travel to broaden your mind and change your perspective on your own situation back home.

There’s also a strong focus on the sign of Gemini now, the sign that rules your routine, how you serve others and your health. This signals positioning yourself away from being the boss or in the corporate sector or in a high-powered career. It’s about finding work that fulfils you which benefits other people as well as yourself. It’s a great time to consider a volunteer position by joining a charity or doing your bit to help people, animals or the environment.

The focus on Gemini also urges you to pay attention to your body and to try out different ways to benefit your health, e.g. a new fitness routine or experimenting with alternative health remedies or vitamin supplements. It’s especially important to look at what you can do on a daily level to boost your well-being. It may be as simple as incorporating a regular walk into your routine or doing a crossword to keep your brain cells moving, but the focus is firmly on looking after yourself.


Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

The first weekend of the month, the Bank Holiday weekend, looks decisive. Not only is there a Full Moon cutting across the work/home axis of your horoscope but one of your ruling planets, Saturn, opposes the talk planet Mercury. This double combination suggests it’s time for a key decision, which may involve saying “no” rather than “yes”. It’s time to turn your back on something you thought you wanted but realise now that it would involve too much work or lead you in a direction that no longer interests you. It may be a difficult decision to make but once you’ve made it and moved on, you’ll feel a sense of relief.

When it comes to your home and family, you can expect good tidings due to lucky planet Jupiter down at the base of your chart. Jupiter’s been in Taurus and your home sector since mid 2011 and next month it moves on. First, however, Jupiter makes wonderful connections with the Sun on the 13th and Mercury on the 22nd. This is the signal for good news, a celebration or party or perhaps a chance to expand your living environment in some way. Property deals are well-starred and money matters in general look good, especially joint finances. Mars, the action planet, is in Virgo, the sign that rules all shared money matters; the stock market, money you share with your partner, investments, mortgages, loans, inheritances, etc. etc. Whether you’re in the process of paying off a debt or building a substantial fund of money, when Mars connects with Pluto on the 16th, you’re an unstoppable force. If you’re a typical Aquarian, you can be stubborn when you want to and at this time, steely determination and focus pay off. Go for broke and you can improve your financial situation dramatically. Again think home and family as these are the key factors that can lead you to success.

Personal finances are another matter especially on the week beginning 20th May. Keep your wits about you and don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes. Be honest with yourself and see if you can pinpoint who or what is a potential financial drain on your assets. The key contenders are a child, a hobby or (heaven forbid) a lover. With Neptune in on the act, this isn’t the time to wear rose-coloured glasses especially if money’s involved. The dates to be extra scrupulous and careful are 20th, 23rd and 25th.

There’s certainly plenty of potential to have fun this month, however, as both the Sun and Mercury, the talk planet, join lovely Venus in your fellow air sign of Gemini on the 20th and 24th respectively. This puts the spotlight on pleasure, entertainment and generally having a good time. As long as you take note of the previous paragraph on a financial drain, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself and make the most of your kids, decide to have children, pursue a creative talent or fall head-over-heels in love. Any of these are a possibility this summer.

In fact, this is where the excitement and drama lies, plus the possibility of furthering your love of technology, social media or good old human interaction. Your modern ruling planet is Uranus in Aries and your communication sector. Great news if you’re a budding ideas merchant, inventor or trend setter. The 4th looks lively for fun or new ideas as do the 27th/28th. All you need to decide is what tickles your fancy. You may even discover how much you enjoy a good debate or argument and it’s through other people, especially new friends, that you generate your best ideas.


Pisces (19 February-20 March)

You are one of the signs that has two ruling planets; Jupiter, planet of opportunity, your traditional ruling planet and Neptune, planet of inspiration, your modern ruling planet. This is Jupiter’s month as Jupiter teams up with the Sun on the 13th and the talking planet, Mercury, on the 22nd. All three of these planets are in Taurus and your communication sector, so this is an excellent omen for good news, a lucky opportunity or a new proposal. The key to success is through new contacts, starting afresh, finding out new information and rejuvenating your outlook on life and who you spend time with. Think of it as turning over a new page.

It’s also important to look at what you’ve been involved in over the past year. Jupiter moves on from Taurus next month so this is a chance to complete what you started in June of last year. It may involve a project or idea that’s been bubbling away and taking shape slowly. The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, are slow burners and it’s the amount of hard work and effort you put in that brings your just rewards. This sector of your chart also rules siblings and schools, so look to your involvement with either of these areas to see what adds richness and depth to your life.

People are definitely important now and you have to take others into account perhaps in more than one decision. Mars the action planet is currently in your opposite sign of Virgo. On the one hand this makes relationships a potential battle ground but it also suggests that forging strong relationships with others helps you to be competitive and supports your own personal goals. The date to note is the 16th when Mars and Pluto connect in a helpful aspect. Look out for the person who backs your ideas or plans and can help you make significant progress.

Money matters look lively now but with Uranus in on the act, you’re unlikely to earn good money going down a normal route. Uranus is unpredictable and urges you to take risks and try something new, but good timing is imperative. Stay one step ahead of the pack and keep an eye out for a lucky money-earner on or around the 4th or 27th/28th. Your home or family may be in some way involved with your potential to earn a fast buck, so bear this in mind.

Talking of home and family, this area of your life is about to expand greatly. Venus is currently in Gemini and the home sector of your chart, so if you’re in the middle of decorating or you’re organising a family celebration, you’re in sync with your stars. The Sun joins Venus on the 20th and Mercury on the 24th but the most significant development down at the root of your chart is Jupiter entering Gemini next month where it remains until June 2013. This may be the catalyst you need to move home, sort out your domestic situation or improve your family’s circumstances in one way or another. Jupiter provides the opportunities and it’s up to you to make the most of them. A positive mindset and an adventurous outlook on life definitely help.

It’s also important to note what takes place mid-month when Venus turns retrograde on the 15th and there’s an eclipse in Gemini on the 20th. Eclipses are often about significant events or change that when you look back, you realise were a major turning point. What happens mid-month may leave you feeling confused or unsure in some way as the eclipse squares your ruling planet Neptune. In fact, the 20th, 23rd and 25th of the month feel like a distinct sea-change in your current situation. Do your best to go with the flow and trust your emotions. Letting go is a key part of the process but have faith that once Jupiter enters Gemini mid-June and Venus turns direct in Gemini on 27th June, you’ll have prepared the way for a new cycle, one that’s more expansive and supportive of who you are. Be true to your authentic self.


Aries (21 March-19 April)

The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, dominate and a cycle that began last year, either around June or November 2011, is now reaching completion. This puts the spotlight on your working life, your money and all possible variations of the two. Success depends largely on how much time and effort you have put into work or a project over the last six months or so.

Earth signs for you represent a hard slog so it won’t always have been easy. Being one of the fire signs and the first sign of the zodiac, you usually like things to happen fast and enjoy the thrill of overnight success. The earth signs operate differently; they’re a slow burn whereby you can build strong foundations for your future. The key to success is to be persistent or as, I’ve read recently, the first stage is to show up and do your work.

This period may have helped you realise that it’s your experience and knowledge that creates powerful results. Aries is the ultimate self-starter and if you’re typical of your sign, you’ll love the excitement of a new project, beginning again, starting over. What you may be discovering, however, is that using your knowledge and sharing your experience is actually more fulfilling and rewarding than you realised.

The most important date is the 19th when your ruler Mars makes a strong connection with the planet of transformation, Pluto. Both in earth signs, this is a powerful combination and suggests that with steely determination you can move mountains. These two planets have met twice before on 23rd November 2011 and 15th March 2012. Their third and final meeting is always the most significant so push hard to achieve what you want and create the change that’s necessary in your life.

May’s not without its chances, however, as both the Sun and Mercury team up with lucky planet Jupiter on the 13th and 22nd respectively. Jupiter’s in Taurus and your money sector so try your luck on the lottery, enter a competition or buy a raffle ticket. These are dates when the universe may deliver something special to you, a cash bonus or extra money you weren’t expecting. Believe in the Law of Abundance and see what happens.

You should also take your chances with communication as you have Mercury, the talking planet, in Aries until the 9th, plus both the Sun and Mercury enter Gemini and your communication sector on the 20th and 24th respectively. You are entering a phase when you can ‘up’ your game if you’re involved in selling, PR, online technology, public speaking or any other project that uses words and communication. Think big, be expansive and go global.

This kind of buzz is right up your street so take note of what happens on or around the 27th/28th of the month which is a wonderful couple of days to take a big step forward, to be daring and bold and see what you can create. With Uranus, planet of change, in Aries, this is your chance to be spontaneous and impulsive and see what doors you can open.

Love too looks lively with Venus, planet of love, in chatty Gemini. Flirt your socks off on Friday 4th, a wonderful night for a date, but keep love light. Venus turns around in the heavens on the 15th and you may not have all the answers about love until late June or know exactly where you stand in a relationship. You may hear from someone from your past but don’t make any firm commitments just yet. Enjoy the thrill of the chase and keep your options open.


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