Monthly Stars January 2012

photo of Capricorn dogCapricorn (22 December-19 January)

Even if it’s a slow start to 2012, this changes once fleet-footed Mercury, planet of communication, enters your sign on the 8th. Mercury doesn’t hang around this month and speeds through your sign in under three weeks, and by the 27th, he’s moved on. This is your cue to get active, make things happen… and fast. Look to the year ahead and create a strategy to achieve what you want. If you’re a typical Capricorn, you love having a new goal to work towards and, like your zodiac symbol, the wily goat, a new mountain to climb. There’s an all-or-nothing feel to your stars this month as Mercury quickly teams up with powerful Pluto on the 13th. It’s a great day to ditch a bad habit or speak your mind. Ensure you’re the one who’s in control and reassert your power if you’ve been undermined.

It is wise to note that your ruling planet Saturn is slowing down in the heavens and turns retrograde next month. Saturn’s at the top of your chart urging you out in to the world and on to bigger and better things at work and in your vocation. If you start to experience doubts about the direction in which your life’s heading, key dates 19th and 27th, sit up and take notice. The planet of ambition, Mars, also turns retrograde on the 24th in a fellow earth sign Virgo. Virgo rules study and travel and after this date you may change your mind about a commitment or decision you’ve already made. Mars is on go slow until mid-April and Saturn until late June, so the next few months are an important period of reassessment. You may have to retake an exam or rethink your career strategy. Be patient and trust your inner voice. Be true to yourself and try not to worry about how your change of heart may affect others. On the 9th, there’s a powerful Full Moon in your opposite sign of Cancer which places your one-to-one relationships under the spotlight. At this time, your emotions are closely tied to other people but remember to use your head as well as your heart when it comes to love.

For many of you, this is your birthday month and a good reason to celebrate and arrange fun things to do. Christmas is often an expensive time of year but your birthday is a perfect opportunity to be extravagant, and this year one present in particular is what you’ve always wanted. If you’re going to be sure of anything this month it’s having a good time. Jupiter, the feel good planet, is picking up speed in Taurus and this highlights new romance, creativity and children. It’s about pleasure and sensual activities. Enjoy being indulgent and, for now, let the bigger decisions in life take care of themselves. You may find that, come the summer, you’re ready to pursue a different course or path in life from the one you envisaged as the year began.


Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

Venus, Goddess of love, is in your sign until the 14th. This is wonderful news as Venus blesses you with the best of life, especially love and money. Venus is about beauty as well, whether this means a New Year personal makeover or you decide to surround yourself with beauty and start a home makeover or spend time outdoors in the beauty of nature.

The 13th is a key date as Venus connects with your ruling planet, Saturn and the planet Neptune. Your thoughts may turn to holidays or travel or a resolution to improve yourself, through study and learning. What will determine your success in expanding your world is being able to distinguish between reality and fantasy, or more important, find a way to balance the two. Be a visionary and a strategist and plan how you can turn dreams in to reality.

Neptune, God of the sea, leaves Aquarius next month where it’s been since 1998. Neptune represents romance, inspiration, dreams and adds a magical, special quality to life. Anything’s possible where Neptune’s concerned as it’s a boundless energy. The downside to Neptune is that you may feel “all at sea”, confused and uncertain of your way forward. It will be interesting to notice whether there’s a shift in yourself as Neptune moves on early February, whether you feel more confident and see things with more clarity.

Both the Sun and Mercury, planet of communication, enter Aquarius on the 20th and 27th respectively. This heralds the start of your birthday month and the focus turns naturally to you. The New Moon on the 23rd is also in your sign, a perfect day to decide your personal goals for the year ahead and look at what you want from life for yourself.

Hidden or private issues reach a conclusion now as well. The planet of transformation, Pluto, is hidden away in your chart in the sign before yours, Capricorn. On the 13th, Mercury connects with Pluto so if you dig deep, you can find an answer you’ve been seeking or a solution to a private problem. It’s potentially a light bulb moment when realisation dawns and you know quite simply the truth of your situation.

On a more practical note, deal with financial matters before the 24th. Whether you’re involved with an inheritance or simply need to streamline finances and get more organised, motivate yourself to sort things out. On the 24th, Mars turns retrograde in this part of your chart and remains on go slow until 14th April. You may have to play a waiting game during this period and will experience delays where money’s concerned. Your planet Saturn turns retrograde next month as well and as Saturn is in the part of your chart that rules legal affairs, this is another good reason to move things on as quickly as possible now. Saturn only picks up speed again in June, so if you are dealing with a major financial or legal matter, patience is vital.


Pisces (19 February-20 March)

As 2012 begins, you may find it tricky to get the balance right when it comes to “people” time and “me” time. Most of the personal planets are currently in the sectors of your chart that rule people, socialising and communication. Yet there’s also a strong emphasis on the most hidden part of your chart, the sign before yours, Aquarius, suggesting that you either need more time to yourself or, for some reason, you feel isolated from others.

Take a close look at your own life and see what needs to happen for you to feel you have the balance right.

It’s a great month to be proactive and make new friends, get to know your neighbours and your local community so you feel that you belong in the place you live. It’s also a helpful period to consider your inner work and development and decide whether there are things you can do to benefit yourself and your well-being. If you feel anxious or worried, there are a host of relaxation techniques that can help; if you feel lost or unsure what you want, ask friends for their advice or surf the net and read books for inspiration.

Where one-to-one relationships are concerned, the heat’s been turned up thanks to Mars, planet of anger and passion, in your opposite sign of Virgo. For some of you, this may play out as an exciting, tempestuous love affair, for others it may be a time when you find it hard to reach agreement with your other half or another key person in your life. Mars dominates your relationship sector until July so you may feel as if you have no option but to work hard at relationships. On the 24th, Mars turns retrograde and is on go slow until 14th April. This helps to cool things a little and relationships feel less urgent and less turbulent. It does mean you could be playing a waiting game and, when any planet is retrograde, it’s a great time to reassess your situation but not to make any major decisions.

Love is guaranteed a boost when Venus, Goddess of love, moves in to your sign on the 14th. Venus rules love, pleasure, money and beauty, basically all the good things in life. This is a great time to rekindle affection if you’re in a relationship or married and a wonderful time to find the right relationship if you’re single. The key to understanding Venus in Pisces is compassion and forgiveness and it offers an opportunity for you both to criticise less and appreciate each other more. It’s easy to forget but the best way to change someone else’s behaviour is to change your own behaviour first. This applies not only to personal relationships but in business as well. If you experience any work-related problems, try and see what’s best for everyone and practise tolerance, compromise and understanding and strive to become an excellent role model for others. Obviously, this is the ideal situation but in reality it may be more difficult to achieve. Be kind to yourself as well now and don’t neglect your own needs in place of other peoples’.


Aries (21 March-19 April)

Your ruling planet is Mars, planet of action, energy and speed. If you’re typical of your sign, you like things to happen quickly and are great at initiating new ventures. Mars plots an unusual course in the heavens in 2012 as it spends the first six months in the earth sign Virgo. Earth signs aren’t noted for fast action, instead they proceed at a leisurely pace, taking their time and progressing slowly and cautiously. Mars in Virgo presents you with a conundrum, whether to be the hare or the tortoise in the renowned fable. Career along at top speed or advance steadily, one small step at a time?

With Mars in Virgo, you are likely to find that the slow and steady approach works best. In your chart, Virgo rules your everyday work or job, how you serve others and your health. You may be busier than usual and find that writing or admin take up a lot of your time. Any form of de-cluttering or ordering feels useful, whether in the office or at home, and being organised helps you be more effective and efficient. Work on your time management and implement small habits that over time create change. Take exercise or meditate daily, drink less alcohol than usual, write in a diary every day or hire someone to help streamline your life.

The focus is on your career and vocation now and, if you’re not busy at work, it’s an excellent time to consider your future and write down your goals. List what you want to achieve in 2012 and keep it close to hand as a regular reminder. Write a letter to yourself dated December 31 2012 that lists your successes and achievements. This is a clever way to start manifesting your dreams.

Mars turns retrograde on the 24th and is on go slow in the heavens until 14th April. The prefix “re-“ is a handy tool to help you make the most of this period. Where work and health are concerned, re-consider, re-think and re-assess. It’s an excellent period for check ups, routine work and major filing. If work’s slow, look carefully at your skills and think how to add a new string to your bow. Jupiter, planet of good fortune, picks up speed in your finance sector so look out for new money-making opportunities.

Aside from work and routine health matters, it’s important not to forget your friends. Make a healthy work/life balance your goal and prioritise play time. Venus, Goddess of love, is in your friendship sector until the 14th and love and friendship go hand in hand. If you’re seeking new love, ask a friend for an introduction, someone who knows you well. Friday 13th may sound inauspicious but it’s your best chance for romance. Keep your love life light and easy; think casual rather than committed and stress less, if you can. For now, inner fulfilment comes when you focus on work and what you want out of your life.


Taurus (20 April-20 May)

Your ruling planet Venus starts the year at the top of your chart in Aquarius, the sign which rules your career, vocation and status. This puts the focus on the big wide world and it’s an excellent time to mind map your goals for 2012 and to see where in life you can be bold and take the lead. Good people skills are the key to success at work so turn on the charm. Be warm and connecting with your team or other people in your life and you achieve more than being bull-ish or stubborn.

The13th is a fabulous date for work when Venus connects with the planets Saturn and Neptune, both in air signs. This is a great day to have a meeting or interview. Be realistic about what you can achieve, yet at the same time allow yourself to be visionary and expansive. This is the last time that Venus meets up with Neptune in Aquarius as Neptune leaves your career sector early next month, where it’s been since 1998. What’s been happening for you work-wise over the last 14 years? It helps to understand Neptune if you think of the symbolism of the sea. In mythology Neptune was God of the sea, which is vast and boundless. Neptune rules creativity, poetry, dreams and inspiration, yet can leave you floundering, feeling confused or uncertain. Being a Taurus and one of the earth signs, you like to have your feet on the ground and know where you stand but Neptune drifts and flows and can leave you lacking conviction or direction.

Your career, vocation and what you want out of life enters a new, significant chapter now and the 23rd is a fantastic day to state your goals and initiate a new beginning. This is the day of the New Moon in Aquarius, a symbol of a fresh start in life, the perfect opener to Neptune’s major shift early February. Your career or work may start to feel more grounded as Neptune fades away, perhaps bringing a sense of security and solid plans for the future.

Your partner planet is Mars and if you’re married or in a relationship, things look steady, slow and contented. However, Mars turns retrograde on the 24th and remains on go slow until 14th April. This is a period when you need to reassess your love life, especially with regard to children or romance. It’s not a great time to initiate action with Mars on go slow but it’s the perfect time to reconsider and explore your options. Be patient and appreciate what works well in a relationship, but also examine what doesn’t work and where you can make any changes that benefit you both. A new romance will be stop-start until the summer so don’t come to any major conclusions until then and don’t expect love to work in a set pattern. Be understanding and remember it’s the little things you do that make a big difference.

Finally, whether you’re in love, out of love or happily single, the weekend of the 14th/15th looks fabulous for a girls night out or girlie get-together. Indulge yourself with your friends and have some fun.


Gemini (21 May-20 June)

As I’m writing your stars on the weekend 7th/8th January, there’s a lot going on for your ruling planet Mercury. Mercury is the winged messenger in mythology and it’s a nippy little planet that can zip from astrological sign to astrological sign at top speed. This month it starts in Sagittarius, moves in to Capricorn on the 8th and Aquarius on the 27th. When Mercury’s moving fast it makes numerous connections with the other planets. This is why you often feel as if you’re rushing around but, if you’re typical of your sign, you like being busy and sociable.

Gemini’s move in to Capricorn puts the spotlight on finances you share with someone else or money that’s tied up with others, e.g. debts, investments, insurances. This move coincides with a powerful Full Moon which cuts across the financial axis of your chart. This is a major wake up call to get on top of finances and, what better time to do so, than the beginning of a new year. Sort through paperwork, cut back on expenses where you can and budget for the year ahead. Create the time to sit down and be thorough or hire the services of someone who can do it for you and review finances with an accountant or financial adviser.

You may find yourself busy with developments at home or anything property-related. Action planet Mars is down at the base of your chart in industrious Virgo, highlighting home improvements and family affairs. Be careful what you take on, however, as Mars turns retrograde on the 24th, is on go slow until 14th April and only leaves Virgo at the beginning of July. This looks like building work that drags on or a half-finished painting job that takes longer than anticipated. There may be hold ups over paperwork or legal matters so again be thorough and read the small print, whatever your project or initiative.

When it comes to love, it’s possible that you’re keeping your feelings secret. Jupiter, your relationship planet, is tucked away in Taurus, the sign before yours. Ask yourself the reason why love may be hidden in your life? Whether you’re pondering what love means or pondering whether you feel happy or not with your current relationship situation, be patient and take your time. When Jupiter moves in to Gemini mid-June, then you can make an important love decision or find the love you want. This promises good fortune on the love front, a time when things fall in to place naturally and easily.

Finally, the weekend of 28th/29th is brilliant for a last-minute get-away with friends that offers new experiences or fabulous inspiration. It’s the lift you need, a wake-up call to remind you what’s important in life. Don’t get bogged down with admin or money matters, and reconnect with the friends and groups in your life who you enjoy.


Cancer (21 June-22 July)

It’s another important month for your one-to-one relationships beginning with the Full Moon which illuminates your sign of Cancer on the 9th. This is the time to be honest with yourself about what brings you happiness in love and how to create your reality if it doesn’t fit your ideal picture. Communication is the key to a successful relationship, but sometimes it’s better to say less than more. Mercury, planet of communication, is in your relationship zone from the 8th-27th but so is Pluto, planet of extremes. You may feel added pressure, especially around the Full Moon, to make a key relationship decision. Is the relationship on or off? If you find yourself wavering or you’re unsure of your feelings, remember that being a Cancerian you’re ruled by the Moon, and just like the Moon your emotions wax and wane a lot. Accept the fact that you’re rarely 100% sure where your heart lies and you make life a lot easier for yourself.

Having said that, if there are issues you wish to raise with a partner or other key player in your life, you have the green light to initiate a conversation or meeting on the 13th and 23rd. Action planet Mars is currently in your communication sector but on the 24th it turns retrograde and is on go slow until 14th April. Decisions you make during the retrograde period may be reversed once Mars picks up speed again or you find it difficult to communicate effectively. Be patient during this period if you’re waiting for news or you want to start any form of communication-related work or project. Take your time and work with the stars not against them.

One area of your life that’s going great guns is friendship or your involvement with a group, society or club. Jupiter, planet of opportunity, picked up speed on Christmas Day and brings new opportunities for socialising up until mid-June. Expand your world, turn to friends for support and advice but also have fun, throw a party and join in your friends’ celebrations, of which there’ll be many.

The other big news is Neptune about to leave Aquarius and the part of your chart that rules money and emotional ties. Neptune’s been in Aquarius since 1998 so whether you’ve felt emotionally or financially tied to the past or another person, things start to shift and you can move on completely early February. This may only be a symbolic shift but notice whether you feel more or less attached to something or someone, and the 13th and 23rd are again key dates. Whoever or whatever you’re saying goodbye to, consider this as a time for forgiveness and letting go. For some of you, the key to all of this is being financially independent, which will give you the elusive freedom you’ve been seeking.


Leo (23 July-22 August)

Work & money and your love life require equal consideration now and at times both vie for your undivided attention. It’s a positive month for work and career goals, mainly due to the fact that Jupiter, planet of opportunity, is flowing gracefully in Taurus up at the top of your chart. Jupiter picked up speed on Christmas Day and a combination of optimism and vision make your goals for 2012 extra special and, more importantly, achievable. Don’t stint on the planning stage but think big and create a mind map for what you want out of life in the coming year. It may be more freedom to do the things you choose or a bigger and better work role or position. When Jupiter’s energy is so positive, you’re wise to say YES to whatever offer comes your way. You can improve your status, your public profile and in general aim high.

The Sun rules Leo and it backs up Jupiter for most of the month, in a fellow earth sign, Capricorn. Add action planet Mars to the mix in earthy Virgo and you have a trio of powerful planets urging you forward. Priorities change slightly after the 20th but up until then, work – finding it or doing it – should be a pleasure rather than a chore.

Mars in Virgo highlights finances so sort out admin and paperwork early in the month. On the 24th, Mars turns retrograde and is on go slow until 14th April. Seeds that are sown now may take a while to grow and bear fruit but be patient and remain diligent. Virgo is a sign that thrives on paying attention to detail so keep track of where your money goes. Remember; take care of the pennies and you help the pounds look after themselves. It’s also a good time to implement a new accounting package, start a savings or debt payment scheme and ask for personal financial advice.

And so to love… Venus, Goddess of love, blesses your one-to-one relationships as the New Year begins and she remains in your love zone until the 14th. Friday 13th may sound an inauspicious date but it’s truly romantic as Venus and Neptune come together in the heavens. This is a loving combination and extra special this year as it’s the last time these two planets connect in this part of your chart. Neptune, which rules romance, has been in Aquarius and your relationship sector since 1998 but early next month it moves in to Pisces. Neptune rules the sea, which is vast and boundless, and it’s linked with romance and inspiration. Love has no boundaries but although Neptune promises a great deal, it can’t help love materialise in the real world. If love has remained elusive to you over recent years, you may experience a subtle shift and find that things begin to change and allow you to make love a reality. The other key date is the 23rd when there’s a New Moon in this same part of your chart, the perfect day to make a wish and create some new intentions for your love life.


Virgo (23 August-22 September)

Your ruling planet Mercury scampers around this month and moves swiftly from one sign to another, taking in three astrological signs, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. This puts the focus on family life, fun and entertainment, romance, your health and your work. In other words, you’re busy across the board. This month’s Full Moon on the 9th highlights friendships and the kids if you’re a parent, and it’s your chance to let your hair down and have some fun. Full Moons can be emotional but provide a welcome opportunity to enjoy yourself and celebrate. A New Year’s resolution to prioritise pleasure and enjoyment is right on track.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and on Christmas Day it turned around in the heavens and picked up speed. This is your green light to travel or study, so move quickly to book a bargain holiday or sign up for a course and learn a new skill. The wider you throw your net in life, the more fulfilled you’re going to be and with Jupiter in this sector of your chart until mid-June, being expansive and daring is the way forward.

Another planet which backs up the theme of being bold is Mars, action planet, currently in your sign. Mars remains in Virgo from now until early July and as this is the planet of adventure and derring-do, an enthusiastic and cavalier approach to life works best. Mars gives added confidence and the impulse to fight your own or other peoples’ battles. It’s passionate, strident and ambitious, so throw off your demure, wallflower-like outer shell (which is only a facade) and show off the new feisty you. Be assertive, not aggressive and go all out to get what you want. Looking for love? Take the initiative, especially on the 13th and 23rd, brilliant days to grab yourself a date.

If you’re currently in a relationship or married, love enters a sweeter, more gentle phase on the 14th when Venus, Goddess of love, moves in to dreamy Pisces and your love sector. This is wonderful news to deepen your connection and spend quality time with your partner. Friday 20th is the best day/evening for a romantic date.

At work it may feel as if it’s business as usual but you can improve your working life if you make an effort to get to know colleagues better or socialise with your team. Think about creating an event which brings you together, such as a charity campaign, as this is a great way to improve office relations. Now’s not the time for a major move at work, especially as Mars turns retrograde on the 24th and remains on go slow until 14th April, but it’s a wonderful time to review your situation, reassess where you’re heading and research new jobs. The big moves come later this year, in the second half of the year when Jupiter gives your career a welcome boost. For now, make the most of your current situation.


Libra (23 September-23 October)

Ease your way slowly in to 2012. Venus, your ruling planet, is in the part of your chart that governs entertainment and you’re more interested in having fun than working hard as the New Year gets underway. Venus in Aquarius highlights kids if you’re a parent, new romance, play and good times. If you’re a typical Libran, you’re at your happiest when life’s sociable and lively and there’s laughter in your life. A glorious day to enjoy yourself is Friday 13th, an inauspicious date, but a day that promises romance, pleasure and inspiration. If you’re looking for love, don’t stay at home but organise a night out. If you’re in a relationship or married, a romantic night in or out creates intimacy and a loving connection. Another brilliant day for dating and mating is the 23rd when there’s a New Moon in this same sector of your chart. It’s a wonderful day to make a wish and initiate a fresh start in your love life.

The major challenge for relationships is the fact that Mars, your partner planet, is hidden away in your chart, in the sign before yours, Virgo. Mars remains here for the first six months of 2012, and this suggests your partner may be dealing with an issue that they want to keep to themselves for whatever reason. If this is the man in your life, it’s perhaps a case of him retreating in to his cave to deal with his issues privately, which you’ll recognise if you’ve read the relationship book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Be patient with your other half, especially after the 24th when Mars turns retrograde. Mars remains on go slow until 14th April, after which date more information may be revealed.

The plus side of Mars in Virgo is a chance to develop your own inner work, whether you meditate, do yoga or practise positive thinking. Quiet time or a retreat is the perfect way to recharge your batteries so book a spa weekend or create your own personal space at home. Your creativity is closely linked to your intuitive, psychic ability and developing your sixth sense helps you discover new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Venus moves in to your work and health sector on the 14th so focus on your routine and well-being and look at small ways you can create positive changes in your own life. Daily exercise, eating and sleeping well and being organised help support you and enable you to live the life you choose. When you’re feeling positive, your energy passes on to other people and benefits not only your family but the people you work with as well. Libra is the sign of relationships and working in harmony with others is your ideal scenario, which right now is very achievable.


Scorpio (24 October-21 November)

Your traditional ruling planet, Mars is in Virgo and your modern ruling planet Pluto is in Capricorn, so there’s a strong emphasis on earth signs as the New Year begins. This trend continues until July 2012 and hard work and persistence are the way forward. If you’re typical of your sign, you can be extremely focused and determined when you put your mind to a chosen task or project, and that’s what’s needed now.

This isn’t just about work or your career as the earth signs link to your communication houses so it’s about people, networking and making connections. The third planet in the triangle of earth signs is Jupiter, planet of opportunity, in your opposite sign of Taurus. This suggests that success is closely connected with other people in your life, old friends, new friends, colleagues, contacts and, if you’re in a relationship or married, your other half. It’s a great time to forge new partnerships – think teamwork; but in addition, to reach out and find people who inspire you, look for role models, people in the know who can help you, whatever you desire.

Two key dates to get ahead and make things happen are the 13th and 23rd when Mars is in action. Be bold and start new conversations, initiate a meeting, interview or get-together. It’s often quoted that we’re only 6 people away from contacting anyone in the world, so use social media or your friend network to spread the word, whether you’re looking for love, seeking work or want to promote an event/organisation that you’re involved with.

Jupiter in your relationship sector turned around in the heavens on Christmas Day at 0 degrees Taurus, the symbol of a fresh start. Jupiter picks up speed now and rules freedom as well as opportunity. Whether you’re keen to break away from a restrictive relationship or to tie the knot, be expansive and bold in love. Venus, Goddess of love, backs up Jupiter this month from the 14th when she moves in to romantic, dreamy Pisces. Be open and receptive to letting love in. Sunday 15th is the day when Venus and Jupiter combine to bring a little bit of magic your way. Do something special and appreciate whoever supports you and cares for you. The 20th is also a potent date when Venus and Pluto connect. Speak from the heart, send a loving text or ask a pertinent question and say it with conviction.

On the 24th, Mars turns retrograde and life starts to slow a little. After the fast-paced start to the year, it’s time to review, reassess and rethink the way forward. Mars in Virgo focuses not on friendships but also the bigger picture in life. Take a good look at your friends and be discerning about who you want to spend more time with. If you’re a typical Scorpio, all one-to-one relationships matter dearly so be thoughtful about close friendships too.


Sagittarius (22 November-21 December)

A New Year is the perfect time to refocus and plan for the year ahead. For you, it’s doubly important as the planets are packed in to the work and money sectors of your chart. Since Jupiter, your ruling planet, turned around in the heavens on Christmas Day and picked up speed, it’s all stations go. Jupiter remains in your work and health sector until mid-June and tending to both these areas of your life creates a strong foundation for you and your family. New Year resolutions are often dismissed as nonsense but change small habits and you quickly end up feeling healthier and happier in your work.

Sagittarians make brilliant entrepreneurs and business people and the key to your success is to find work you love and that you’re passionate about. If you have already found your vocation, brilliant; if you haven’t, now’s the time to knuckle down and put in some serious groundwork.

Action planet Mars is up at the top of your chart boosting your career and if you feel more ambitious than usual, this is the reason why. Mars lights up the road to success but act fast. On the 24th, Mars turns retrograde and seeds that are sown before this date bear fruit in the spring. After the 24th, slow down and rethink or reassess where you’re heading. Playing a waiting game for news or information is common when planets are retrograde, so be patient if a job or project is flagged up but not confirmed. Mars turns direct again on 14th April.

Good money management also helps you plan for the future now and the Full Moon on the 9th that cuts across your financial axis highlights what needs to be done. It’s an excellent month to seek financial advice, streamline your budget and generally be organised where money’s concerned.

It’s not all hard work and money issues as there’s plenty of potential to enjoy yourself, especially at the weekends. Jupiter connects with the feminine planet Venus on the 14th/15th, a perfect weekend to have fun with your girlfriends or pamper yourself at a spa. On the 21st/22nd and 28th/29th, Uranus is in action promising excitement, silliness and new romance. If you’re single, look for someone who’s not your usual type or the person who makes you laugh out loud.

If you’re in a relationship or married, on the one hand it’s important to be a strong team at home and work, but on the other hand, the relationship benefits from an injection of excitement. Try something new and different together and actively seek out new people in your life. Challenge one another to come up with the most outrageous, wild activity or spice up your sex life. Better still, do both!

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