Monthly Stars December 2011

a photo of a dog SagittariusSagittarius (22 November-21 December)

The big news concerns your ruling planet Jupiter which turns direct on Christmas Day. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and is currently halfway through its journey in the sign of Taurus, boosting your work and your cash flow. The few days before Christmas look promising for work and money, as the Sun teams up with Jupiter on the 22nd and there’s a New Moon in your cash sector on Christmas Eve, signalling new beginnings and a new start in life.

The last six months have been a busy period. A strong emphasis on the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) means you may have to work hard and sacrifice excitement for a normal routine but the rewards are plentiful. Jupiter’s turn-around in the heavens promises not only a cash bonus or expensive Christmas present, but the brakes are off and the future looks bright for work and money matters.

Pluto is the only dark note in a bright future as Pluto has been in your cash sector since 2008 and remains here for some years to come. Pluto takes you down in to the depths so you can be reborn and emerge tougher and more resilient. You may have to become more resourceful about the ways you earn money and the best work/money advice is to focus on your skills and use what you’re good at to generate income. Mars in Virgo is in your ambitions sector and is slowing down this month so think ahead and make plans for next spring, when a new rush of life spurs you on in your career.

It’s not all about work on the run up to Christmas as there’s lively planetary activity in your own sign. On the 10th, an eclipse falls across your relationship axis and Mercury, planet of communication and your partner planet, is on go slow until the 14th. With regard to your one-to-one relationships, you only have the full picture after the 14th but the main drama is on or around the 10th. A love affair, a battle over the kids or outrageous behaviour makes your love life anything but simple. Be magnanimous and open-minded but prioritise your own well-being. Jupiter not only highlights your work but your health as well so it may be wise to cut someone out of your life who you know isn’t good for you. This suggests a significant development for a key one-to-one relationship. If someone doesn’t care about you, let them know their behaviour is unacceptable.

New love is flagged up on the 21st and 31st, New Years Eve. Both dates are brilliant to meet someone new or go on a first date and you’ll feel more positive about your future as the bells strike on New Years Eve.


Capricorn (22 December-19 January)

As the month begins, Venus, planet of love, is in your sign, where it remains until the 20th. This is a wonderful time to focus on your relationships and to decide what you want when it comes to love. This is especially potent now as Pluto, planet of transformation, is in Capricorn. Pluto gets close to Venus on the 1st, so redefine what you want in the areas of love and sex. Pluto is associated with passion because of its intensity and this is your opportunity to go in deep and explore what is unknown to you or even taboo. Pluto in your sign isn’t easy, as you will know if you’re a December-born Capricorn, and Pluto’s not known as the rebirth planet for nothing. Love is one area that Pluto is currently highlighting and the other is you. The key date to note is the 29th when the Sun and Pluto conjoin. Take note of what you end or commit to on or around this date as the decision you make is final. The good news is you enter 2012 with real determination to be the person you want to be. Peel away the layers, de-clutter, empty out and you can emerge fresh and vibrant.

With so much emphasis on the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) this month, there’s much happiness to be had on the run up to Christmas. However, don’t expect a traditional family get-together on Christmas Day. With Uranus in on the act, it’s the perfect year to do what you want and not what your family or convention demand. Spending time with children looks joyous as Jupiter picks up speed on Christmas Day in the part of your chart that rules children. Jupiter’s the feel good planet and perfect for a celebration, plus with the Moon in Capricorn, you’re under the astro-spotlight. If you’re single and not interested in children, then think lucky love affair. Jupiter promises new love and the 22nd-25th look wonderful for a glorious romance.

On a final note, take note of what takes place on or around the 10th, when there’s an eclipse. This could be a turnaround weekend for you when you decide to leave behind a part of your life that no longer serves you. If it’s the end of a period of bad health, hoorah, and it’s the perfect excuse to pick yourself up and start again. The stars are pointing in the same direction, urging you to take responsibility for your own life and your own happiness. If you’re itching to travel, be aware that a trip or a holiday has the potential to be life-changing. Plan to go away in the spring or be bold and leap on a plane before Christmas and escape to spend the holiday break abroad.


Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

The first two weekends in December look lively. Think back to what happened on or around the 24th/25th November, especially with regard to friends, groups and your involvement in politics, social or environmental issues. This is probably something you feel strongly about but until mid-December don’t make any final decisions. It’s a volatile period for you with regard to a friend or a group or club in which you’re involved. It may be that you’re working out what is important to you in life and where you want to make a difference. Nothing is going to happen quietly and arguments and drama are part and parcel of this picture. You may be justified in feeling angry but be aware that words spoken in haste may not be easily forgiven.

Mercury, planet of communication, turns direct on the 14th, a major turning point. A few days before there’s an eclipse that often coincides with something or someone leaving your life. This gives you the chance to let go of the past and move on. Being an Aquarius, you tend to have strong opinions and strident beliefs which is why you’re one of life’s movers and shakers. Be honest with yourself and others and stand up for what you believe in, but realise that there are consequences to your actions. An event or workshop on the 19th/20th progresses more smoothly and is in line with your vision for the future.

Being an Aquarius, Christmas is often about charity and giving for you and this year is no different. If you want to help the homeless or get involved with a charity Christmas event, then do so. Being with other people in order to benefit others is a fulfilling way to experience Christmas. You’re not that interested in the commercial side of Christmas but that’s not to say Christmas Day won’t be enjoyable if you’re at home or with your family. Jupiter, the feel good planet, is in this part of your chart and as it turns around on Christmas Day, this is perfect for a celebration with loved ones. It’s also a good day to make some key decisions about the future of your home and family moving in to 2012. Be expansive in your thinking.

Finally, love looks blooming lovely once Venus, planet of love, moves in to your sign on the 20th, so good news for a happy Christmas if you’re married or in a relationship. If you’re single, the best days for romance are the 21st and 31st, New Years Eve. Even if you don’t meet someone new romantically, these are brilliant dates to make new friends. Be sociable this Christmas and New Years Eve and join in with the parties and festive fun.


Pisces (19 February-20 March)

December is Christmas month and an important time for you as your planet Jupiter is a big player in the heavens. Jupiter starts the month on go-slow but on Christmas Day turns around in spectacular fashion and picks up speed. This puts you in the spotlight on Christmas Day, so forget the Queen’s speech and think the Pisces speech. With Jupiter in your communication sector, if you’re planning an announcement or there’s something you want to say to family or loved ones, Christmas Day is your showcase. It’s also a great day to celebrate and be sociable. Don’t restrict your festive activities to home and family, but reach out to the wider community and visit neighbours, attend church or have a drink down the local pub, whatever suits you.

The first two weeks of the December are potentially tricky. Mercury on go-slow in your ambitions sector until the 14th and there’s an eclipse cutting across your work and home axis on the 10th. Eclipses are notorious for closing a door on the past so a new door can open, but with unpredictable Uranus in your cash sector, this may signal a change of circumstance for you or a family member. Be as positive as you can if the work situation is testing you and your family and try not to take your emotions out on other people. Mars, God of war, is in your opposite sign of Virgo, making one-to-one relationships especially feisty. If your key relationship or another significant partnership has become an ongoing battle, you need to find a way to deal with things and to work hard at seeing the best in the ones you love. If the weekend of the 2nd-4th is argumentative, a wonderful coupling of Venus and Mars on the 5th allows you to kiss and make up.

Venus, planet of love, is on the move on the 20th when it enters the most spiritual part of your chart. If you can find some quiet time on the run up to Christmas, do so, or grab a few minutes meditative silence to still your mind. Think forgiveness and focus on the bigger picture of life and love. Friends and community are incredibly supportive and whether you’re single, married or divorced, create the opportunity to be with other people around Christmas. A glorious Sun/Jupiter connection on the 22nd reminds you there’s the potential for fun, especially with like-minded people. Spend time with friends on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and this brings you fulfilment and peace. The more you can tap in to the deeper meaning of Christmas, the happier your experience will be. There’s plenty to feel positive about as you celebrate New Years Eve with new friends by your side.


Aries (21 March-19 April)

Your planet Mars is slowly working its way through Virgo, the sign that rules routine work and your health and fitness. You benefit when you focus on your everyday routine, use your time management skills and look after your well-being. If you’re in a new job, it may feel something of a slog or perhaps you’re looking for work and find it hard to remain positive, filling in endless application forms. It’s important to remind yourself that this is a vital time of preparation and, if you put in the necessary hard work, you will reap the rewards come the spring.

At times you are going to feel frustrated or more irritable than usual, especially the weekend of 2nd-4th December. Missing out on a trip or experience won’t be easy if you’re busy, but be sensible and think of the long-term future. The following weekend is a different matter when there’s not only an eclipse that cuts across your travel sector but madcap Uranus is in action in your sign. This is the weekend when your impulsive nature wins out and you find a way to add some excitement and adventure to your life, whatever happens. It’s a weekend when anything goes but, to be honest, you’ll leap at the chance to be spontaneous, however unpredictably events play out.

In December, the personal planets begin to stack up at the top of your chart in your ambitions sector. When many people are winding down for the holidays, you’re going to find yourself in demand and will still be thinking about career or work plans for the year ahead. This year you have the benefit of good luck Jupiter in Taurus and your money sector. It’s gearing up to be a special Christmas, whether you receive a cash bonus, win an Xmas raffle or the lottery, or you receive an extra-special Christmas present. Jupiter picks up speed on Christmas Day, which suggests extravagance but is promising news for the next six months and your ability to generate extra income.

If you’re looking for love, with Venus in one of your work sectors until the 20th, pucker up your lips under the office mistletoe. Monday 5th looks especially sweet and is a good day to enhance any relationship, romantic or otherwise. Venus moves in to sociable Aquarius on the 20th and a girls’ night out on the 21st shows all the signs of being exuberant and wild. You’re on top form on New Years Eve as well when the Moon’s in your sign of Aries and it’s your turn in the spotlight.


Taurus (20 April-20 May)

This month there’s a strong emphasis on all three earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This is good news for you and with the focus on fun and enjoyment, you’re raring to go and ready to throw yourself in to the swing of the Christmas activities. Spend time with your own or other peoples’ children, visit Santa, see the Christmas lights or attend the local panto, and it’s all part and parcel of this year’s fun. Good fortune comes your way on Christmas Day, when Jupiter, the bounteous planet, turns direct in your sign. This promises to be a special day when you’ll be grateful for all that life has to offer.

It is doubly important for you to appreciate the simple pleasures of life now as financially this is shaping up to be an unpredictable time of year. Last month’s eclipse on 25th November activated your money sector and this month’s eclipse on the 10th cuts across the same financial axis. With Mercury, planet of communication, also on go-slow in this part of your chart until the 14th, this suggests stops and starts on the money front. Eclipses often close a door on the past so one source of income may come to an end but hopefully to be replaced by another possibility. You are most likely to hear about a new source of income on or around the 14th when Mercury picks up speed. In addition, your planet Venus moves into your career sector on the 20th so keep your ears to the ground and listen out for news of a job or money-making venture on or around the 21st.

You may travel to another city or country for Christmas and being in a new environment boosts your feel-good factor and holds promise for the future. If you’re meeting up with family who you haven’t seen for a long time, here’s the blessing that Jupiter brings. Even if you’re at home with your family, you benefit by embracing new and different experiences as well as holding true to tradition. Whether you skype loved ones who are abroad or swap a traditional Christmas lunch at home for a restaurant, be innovative and reach out to the wider world.

If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, family activities and socialising with friends brings you close. If you’re looking for love, take your time. Mars on go slow in your romance sector suggests it’s the slow-burn romance that will develop in to a loving relationship. New Years Eve looks perfect for a silent retreat if you’re so inclined, but wherever you are, give thanks and look forward to a bright new year.


Gemini (21 May-20 June)

Conserve your energy on the run up to Christmas as you have your work cut out keeping other people happy this month. The spotlight’s on family and loved ones and, as for many people at Christmas, at times you’ll find it hard to say the right thing. If there are issues within the family, get everything out in the open early in the month. The weekend of the 2nd-4th is potentially volatile but if an argument clears the air so much the better. It’s only once everyone has had a chance to say their piece that you can then work towards an agreement and look at what compromises may need to be made.

If arguments concern Christmas Day itself, it’s worth noting that the planet Jupiter turns around in the heavens on the 25th and it’s in your charity sector. If you’ve always wanted to work with the homeless at Christmas or feel compelled to volunteer at a community Christmas lunch, it’s the perfect year to do so.

Jupiter’s the planet that rules your one-to-one relationships so Christmas Day may be a turning point and hopefully a positive one. The start of the month finds Mercury, the communication planet, on go-slow in your relationship sector, plus there’s an eclipse cutting across your relationship axis. The first of this pair of eclipses took place on the 25th November and, this month, the eclipse on the 10th brings a chapter to a close which began three weeks before. There are two dates which are great to initiate a conversation, if that’s what’s needed, the 4th and the 14th, when Mercury, your planet, turns direct. There is a real chance to get a relationship back on track if that’s what you both want and, if there is an option for the two of you to spend Christmas together somewhere different, even better. Venus, planet of love, is in your travel zone from the 20th of the month until mid-January 2012, which is perfect for a romantic getaway.

Friends are full of surprises this month whether it’s a last minute invite, unpredictable behaviour or being dragged along with a friend’s crazy ideas. Socialising looks lots of fun and if you’re hoping to meet someone new, pencil the 19th and 31st, New Years Eve, in to your diary. New friends or new lovers bring variety, and spice up your life.

Finally, money’s a hot topic this month. No surprise there then at this potentially expensive time of year. Be conservative with your Xmas spending and share expenses with family and friends as much as possible. Secret Santa can vastly reduce the cost of Christmas presents. It’s a good time of year to re-examine your financial outgoings, check you have the best deals and look at where you can budget more efficiently.


Cancer (21 June-22 July)

As the month begins, you may be caught in a waiting game, whether it’s news about work, a health issue or a voluntary or teaching role. This is because Mercury, planet of communication, is on go-slow until the 14th of the month. Mercury began its reversal on the 24th November, the day before an eclipse. Mercury turns direct this month four days after a second eclipse. Both phenomena are in the same sector of your chart so it’s not just that you’re waiting for news but emotions are heightened and there’s added drama.

Eclipses tend to close one door so another door can open. This month’s eclipse on the 10th looks especially lively as Uranus, planet of surprises, is involved. Uranus is currently in your ambitions sector and as it picks up speed, good news could arrive suddenly. This may be an opportunity to take on work that’s unusual or different and anything involved with the internet or technology fits perfectly.

Things that help you deal with any worry early in the month are a) get health niggles checked out, b) do your research about a job or work position and c) don’t listen to other peoples’ negative opinions. You can then act with confidence after the 14th.

The other big story this month is your love life. Venus, planet of love, is in your relationship sector until the 20th and the Sun takes over from Venus on the 22nd. This is a key month to sort out your intimate liaisons. The 1st and 29th suggest intensity, an all-or-nothing feel to your relationships. These are days when a relationship may end or, the alternative, you decide to commit to a partnership or a new course of action. Whatever you do, make it definite and final. This isn’t always easy for you and especially if your birthday falls at the end of June, you are currently experiencing a difficult period in your relationships. The New Moon that takes place on Christmas Eve is a wonderful omen to kiss and make up, to start again in love and offers new hope.

Friends play a supportive role in your life this Christmas. Jupiter, planet of good fortune, picks up speed in your friendship zone on Christmas Day and you’ll enjoy celebrating with friends, receiving presents or simply getting in touch. We all need protection and care in our lives and for you it’s your oldest and most loyal friends who can offer that to you. Reach out to others this Christmas and don’t be on your own.

Finally New Years Eve is perfect for being in the limelight, whether you celebrate with your work colleagues or prefer a more intimate affair.


Leo (23 July-22 August)

The start of the month brings frustration when little things seem to go wrong rather than right. Issues around money, Christmas presents or entertainment may be more hassle than usual and, if so, this is due to Mercury retrograde until the 14th. The communication planet is in the part of your chart that rules kids, creativity, fun and good times so not everything will go according to plan. You may feel extra busy and find it hard to juggle everything and keep all your balls in the air at the same time.

The weekend of the 10th/11th is when everything comes to a head and you’re wise to hold on to your sense of humour if you’re on a blind date or out for the day with friends. A Full Moon eclipse is drama with a capital D but with Uranus in the mix, it’s worth hanging on in there as something you didn’t expect could bring an experience you won’t forget in a long time. Be impulsive, take a risk and think adventure.

After the 14th, you start to speed up considerably and make swift progress buying presents and preparing for Christmas. The 19th and 20th are especially magical so do something Christmassy with family or friends.

The 20th is a glorious day for love and the best day of the month for romance. Not only does Neptune bless your relationship but Venus, planet of love, moves in to your relationship sector. Reach out to someone special and give the gift of love.

Venus remains in this part of your chart until mid-January so there’s plenty of potential for romantic moments and loving togetherness. The 20th is your best date to meet someone new if you’re looking for love, but don’t sit around at home waiting for the phone to ring. Make the effort to arrange a night out, smile and look your best.

Action planet Mars slows down in your money sector as the month continues and it’s important to keep tabs on your spending. Be sensible about Christmas presents and remember it’s the thought that counts. There’s plenty of activity in your work and money sectors all month but the turning point comes on Christmas Day when Jupiter picks up speed in your ambitions sector. Whether you feel more positive about your future career or whether you make a decision to liberate yourself from a job that you no longer love, it’s an important day to make a key career decision. Jupiter remains at the top of your chart until June 2012 and the more expansive and open-minded you are with your career and vocation, the more your work benefits. End the year on a high and do something you wouldn’t normally do this New Years Eve and be positive about what 2012 holds for you.


Virgo (23 August-22 September)

Let’s get the tricky stuff out of the way first. As December begins, not only is your planet Mercury on go-slow, which makes communication at home more complex than usual, but, on the 10th there’s an eclipse that falls across your home and work axis, which is equally disruptive. For starters, it’s important to think about what happened last month on the 24th/25th November, when Mercury began its reversal in your home and family sector and there was an eclipse in the same sector of your chart. On the 14th of this month, Mercury picks up speed and things come full circle. This is the time when there’s a chance to sort out any difficulties at home, especially between you and a family member. If there are problems or issues to resolve, you’ll know about them on the weekend of the 2nd-4th, when feisty Mars in your sign squares up to Mercury. This is the classic symbol for an argument, not seeing eye-to-eye, but at least there’s a chance to air your differences and get things out in the open. It’s the 14th that’s the most significant date so if you want to have an important conversation, pick up the phone and make it happen.

Christmas is delightful but it does pinpoint family issues in a way that no other time of year tends to do. So don’t give yourself a hard time if the month starts awkwardly. Instead be decisive after the 14th and take the initiative to sort things out and ensure that Christmas is a heart-warming experience for everyone. This is a key role for you this year as you have Mars, planet of energy and enthusiasm, in your sign, so it’s up to you to get the party started.

It’s a promising month if you’re looking for love as Venus, planet of love, is in your romance sector until the 20th. The 5th is a great day to ask someone out on a date and don’t forget passion planet Mars in your sign. Mars is the planet of sexuality and libido so this is no time to be a shy, retiring violet. Unleash your wild side and enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Christmas looks lot of fun and you’ll enjoy being around your own or other peoples’ children. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day promise huge excitement. You and a loved one may decide to book a romantic holiday together or to have a child and you may even receive a proposal of marriage, the best Christmas present ever. New Years Eve looks best for an intimate occasion, which is wonderful if you’re in love. If you are on your own, don’t be lonely, but be around people you love and make a New Year resolution to follow your dream, whatever it may be.


Libra (23 September-23 October)

Chaos rules! Not quite, but it’s going to be a hectic start to December. Mercury, the communication planet, is on go-slow in your communication sector so it’s easy to feel you’re wasting time. Dealing with misunderstandings, communication breakdown or finding it hard to get from A to B in a straight line; any such scenario will test you. Allow yourself extra time for what you’re doing, double-check important meetings/dates and follow up correspondence. It may sound a lot of extra work but it’s worth it to keep tabs on anything urgent or important. December’s a busy month at the best of times, what with Christmas shopping, festive activities, parties, concerts and pantos, as well as going about your normal business.

At least your planet Venus and your partner’s planet Mars are in earth signs, so slow down the pace of life and your relationship benefits. Don’t take on too much and learn to say “no”. This can be tricky for Librans who want to make everyone happy and don’t want to miss out on any fun social event. However, if you are in a relationship and find you’re starting to become irritable or lose your temper, slow down. Mars is hidden away in your chart so don’t expect too much of your partner especially if they’re busy with work or their own projects. Be aware they may be less available to you than usual. Pencil in the 5th and the 21st as your best dates for some quality one-on-one time.

Venus is in your home and family sector until the 20th and the Sun moves here on the 22nd. The spotlight is firmly on home and family events on the run up to and during the Christmas break. A traditional Christmas with a twist suits best. The twist is because Jupiter picks up speed on Christmas Day which suggests a sociable day for you, and a trip to church, a visit to the neighbours or a drink down the local pub are all possibilities. You’re happiest when you reach out to the wider community and not only spend the day with immediate family.

This Christmas is a wonderful time to begin again at home, whether this means you offer forgiveness or decide on a new project or home move that will benefit you and your family, financially as well.

If you’re looking for love, it’s a lively month. Take note of what happens on the 10th when Uranus picks up speed in your relationship sector. Anything goes and love comes in an unusual guise. Venus, planet of love, enters your romance sector on the 20th and the 20th/21st are brilliant for dating and mating. Make sure you have a party lined up or be out and about enjoying the festive celebrations. New Years Eve is romantic too with the spotlight on love. If you’re in a relationship, enjoy, and if you’re seeking love, make a resolution to find the love you deserve in 2012.


Scorpio (24 October-21 November)

Your ruling planet Mars is starting its long journey through the sign of Virgo, representing your friends, society and any groups in which you’re involved. This is also about your focus on the future and where you’re heading in life. Mars is beginning to slow down this month but not before it squares up to planets in your cash sector on the 2nd and 4th. Try not to fall out with a friend or anyone else over money and be aware that emotions are heightened on or around these dates.

The art of communication is the key to successful relationships as your second ruling planet Pluto is in this part of your chart where it’s been since 2008. If your job involves selling or you need to be persuasive, Pluto’s intensity ramps up the action. Words spoken are final, so take care what you commit to or what you end on the 1st and the 29th, as there’s no going back. Improve your communication skills, whether you write, tweet, blog or are involved in public speaking, and you improve your prospects for the long-term future. If you’re considering a career change, teaching, selling or any career where you talk to a group or pitch your ideas fits the bill.

There is an eclipse on the 10th in your cash sector and this could be an unpredictable time for you financially, especially as the planet Uranus is in on the act. Eclipses are notorious for closing a door before another door can be opened. If a job or form of income comes to an end, it takes great determination and resolve on your part to replace it. Spending money in general is a no-go area until Mercury picks up speed in your cash sector on the 14th. This isn’t to say don’t buy any Christmas presents until after this date but be aware that internet shopping or making a major purchase won’t be straightforward. Allow for delays and the possibility you need to exchange goods.

The Christmas spirit picks up for you from mid-month onwards and the last couple of weeks look lively and fun-filled. Venus moves in to your home sector on the 20th and a family Christmas or spending Christmas with the one you love is blessed.

In addition, Jupiter turns around in the heavens on Christmas Day and this is good news. Jupiter rules celebration and good times but specifically this is about money and love, whether your partner has good fortune or you feel positive about your own future. New Years’ Eve is business as usual which means you enjoy doing what you always do whether you bring in the New Year with Jools Holland or celebrate with the usual crowd. Either way, you enter 2012 knowing that hard work and determination pays off.

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