Monthly Stars September 2011

photo of dog representing VirgoVirgo (23 August-22 September)

It’s your birthday month and the perfect time to celebrate. Good times begin straightaway with a wonderful Sun-Jupiter connection on Saturday 3rd. This is brilliant for a party or something more. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and currently in your travel and learning sector. You benefit by broadening your horizons so explore new interests and it could lead to a new vocation. Think big and explore philosophy or spirituality. If you are disillusioned about your current career path, consider gaining new qualifications or moving abroad as change is invigorating.

Your planet Mercury joins the Sun in Virgo on the 9th and your quick thinking and sharp intellect help you make progress. Flighty Mercury spends two weeks in your sign so make the most of it. Take advantage of the knowledge at your fingertips, seek out answers to questions and use print and online media to forward your goals. It’s a good time to look for new work, find the right tradesperson or consultant and write letters or ask for advice.

For some, it’s a private issue that requires attention or perhaps it’s someone close to you who’s in a difficult situation. Action planet Mars enters the hidden sector of your chart on 19th and this is your chance to resolve personal issues and find ways to help the people you care about. Any kind of inner work benefits you at this time and can help to heal and enlighten.

Love feels safe although a little predictable. If you’re married or in a relationship, you need to know you’re loved so reach out to your partner and let them know you care. Being a good role model in a relationship helps you see whether the one you love feels the same in return. The full moon on the 12th clarifies where love’s at and you can decide what it is you really want. Don’t rush in to anything new but give yourself the time to reflect and contemplate.

Libra (23 September-23 October)

It’s a slow start to September with personal planets in the hidden sector of your chart. You may be coming to terms with a situation that began late July/early August which still requires your time and attention. This is often a period of inner work, a time to be quiet and even hold secrets from other people. Whatever your personal situation, you’re not ready to talk about your feelings or declare your ideas to the world.

Energy-wise you may be feeling low or be dealing with a niggling illness. Remember the mind-body-soul connection and keep well in all three areas. Prioritise good health in the food you eat, fit regular exercise in to your routine and deal with any worries or doubts as best you can. If you know a friend who’s having a tough time romantically, take care you don’t overprotect him or her and give too much of yourself in the process.

Mid-month there’s an audible shift in the heavens as your planet Venus moves in to Libra on the 15th and action planet Mars moves in to sociable Leo on the 19th. This is your cue to get back out in the world, arrange social events, meet friends and do whatever it takes to boost your confidence. If you’re single, it’s through friends that you meet someone new. The weekend of 23rd-25th looks amazing as does 29th/30th and if you’re ready to fall head over heels in love, this is your time. Your energy’s on the up and your happy-go-lucky nature draws people to you.

If you’re married or going steady, the second half of the month is easier. You feel and act like a team and the relationship profits through socialising with mutual friends. Have fun and share your problems. Together you’re stronger and more able to confront life head on.

Scorpio (24 October-21 November)

Communication planet Mercury begins the month in your career sector. It’s ‘back to school’ with a bang but resolve old issues before you move forward with new ideas. You may experience doubts about your current path in life on or around the 8th but be patient. On the 19th your ruler Mars storms in to your career sector where it remains until mid-November.

This is your green light, all stations go and the more energy you put in to career and work, the more you get back in return. 23rd-25th looks especially dynamic so grab the chance to improve yourself and make progress, even if it means you spend the weekend at work. An opportunity that arrives out of the blue is too good to miss out on.

When it comes to love, try to be good friends as well as lovers. A supportive relationship works best so be there for one another emotionally and financially. It’s swings and roundabouts on the money front but hopefully if one of you does well, the other benefits and vice versa.

Married or going steady? Work at getting the balance right and have your own life in addition to being part of a couple. If distance is an issue, whether one of you is away or you’re not communicating well, tackle problems head-on and make the time to be together. A weekly date night or a regular talk on Skype fits the bill.

Single? Focus on friendships and being happy by yourself. October ups the passion factor but for now you gain from being quieter than usual particularly in the second half of the month. Treat time to yourself as a luxury, read books that inspire you, meditate and do whatever rocks your boat and boosts your well-being.

Sagittarius (22 November-21 December)

Steps you took in August to further your career come to fruition this month and you can reap the rewards for hard work and innovative ideas. Working at a job you love is a real possibility and discovering your true vocation makes you feel proud and transforms your earning potential. Take note of what happens on the 3rd when your lucky planet Jupiter lights up the Sun in your career sector.

The most productive period this month is from 12th-16th and it’s your best week to arrange meetings or interviews or put yourself forward for promotion. Jupiter’s in action again on the 15th and this time connects with Mercury, the communication planet. Look out for good news, something unexpected such as a competition win or your name being chosen in a contest.

In the second half of the month, pick up with old friends as you feel ready to socialise and prioritise play rather than work. You’re a soft touch with good friends and you may choose to help someone out financially. You’re a giver of emotional advice too and provide a welcome shoulder to cry on.

There’s plenty of room for fun and adventure and with Mars in your travel sector, your restless nature kicks in. The weekend of 23rd-25th looks brilliant for a last-minute get-away with your mates and indulges your love of the wild side. Single? It’s through your friends that you find love and someone you’ve known for ages, even years, is a good love match.

A relationship that’s based on a firm friendship is a must for you and is more important than a romantic connection. If you work with your partner, this is a productive time and the two of you can make great strides together. It’s your chance to be a success story so go for it big time.

Capricorn (22 December-19 January)

Radical isn’t a word that often describes Capricorn but this month anything goes, especially if you have a December birthday. Pluto is the planet of transformation and mid-month it turns around in the heavens and picks up speed. Pluto can be a difficult, dark planet that takes you down to the depths but often what emerges is fresh and different. It inspires a dramatic response, an all-or-nothing gesture and a chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again.

In addition, a triangle of planets in earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, encourages you to search for life’s meaning through travel, learning or spirituality. Key dates are the 3rd, 12th and 15th. Take note of who you meet at this time or what you read or discover. Any opportunity to widen your world and deepen your experience should be grasped with both hands. Be bold and daring and unpredictable.

The spring equinox on the 23rd heralds the Sun’s move in to Libra and for you this puts the spotlight on your career and public life. From mid-month onwards, you’re in the limelight and, whether through work or other responsibilities, you’re asked to step up to the mark and take charge. It’s a prosperous and progressive few weeks when you’re required to put social or career matters first. Some amount of sacrifice may be involved especially around family but do what you know is right.

When it comes to love, passion planet Mars remains in your opposite sign of Cancer until the 19th putting the spotlight on one-on-one relationships. It’s a less tempestuous period than August and there may be a chance to reconcile differences or at the very least accept where you and someone close differ. Being passionate revives and reawakens love so this month’s message is loud and clear; engage fully in all areas of life

Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

It’s an industrious start to the month with the focus on employment and earning money. If there’s a chance to work hard and save or invest your cash, you should take it. It may not leave you much time for anything else but for the first two weeks of September, you’re wise to knuckle down and go for the sensible option. Same goes if you’re out of work or looking for work; apply yourself doggedly to the tasks at hand.

Jupiter in your home and family zone shows this is where opportunity and your heart lies. December is a key month when you can make progress. This suggests opening your home to your larger family for Christmas or arranging a get-together with the clan. If you want to move or expand your home, this is the time to look at how you can make progress. Work out a savings plan or, if Lady Luck has bestowed her virtue upon you, add to your property portfolio.

From mid-month onwards, the personal planets begin to move in to your fellow air sign of Libra. This is much more up your street as this focuses on learning and life’s experience. If there’s a chance to travel or go on holiday, take it. Begin an evening class or explore a personal interest. You’re at your happiest when you’re solving problems and your brain’s busy and active.

When it comes to love, the start of the month brings the same old story, a sense of disillusionment or feeling confused about the direction your love life’s taking. However, on the 19th, action planet Mars moves into your love sector. This is a decisive move and encourages you to take charge and be pro-active in the game of love. Problems? Sort them out even if it means an argument or two. Single? Start the chase. A foreigner or student’s the one for you.

Pisces (19 February-20 March)

People and making connections are high priority in your life now for different reasons. Firstly, the personal planets are moving through your opposite sign of Virgo which puts the spotlight on love. In addition, passion planet Mars is in your romance sector and connects beautifully with the planets in your love sector. This is a real chance to meet someone who suits you perfectly or to feel as if you and your other half are soul mates. It also suggests it’s the little things that count and help love grow, so whatever your current love situation, be respectful, thoughtful and kind.

The first half of the month is ideal to network and make new contacts. Jupiter in your communication zone urges you to expand your social network and reach out to the world to get your message across. It’s a great time to link up on social media on the internet and to build your list of contacts. Closer to home, join a group, club or society that can help promote your work or who you are. Anything that enables you to share interests with other people and work together towards a common goal fits the bill.

It’s also a good month to update your mode of communication, whether you grab an iPad, a Kindle, update your phone or trade in your car for a new model. Make life easier for yourself and make information and people accessible.

Mid-month there’s a shift in energy as the personal planets begin to move in to your work and money zones. This is the time to be strategic and organised and look to the future. If you dislike dealing with logistical matters, find someone to help. Any form of financial advice is well-starred so make your money work for you as best you can. This may mean a debt payment scheme or an investment plan, either way think efficiency and economy and you won’t go far wrong.

Aries (21 March-19 April)

The momentum picks up as you pack your proverbial pencil case ready for school and start to focus on work and/or fitness after the leisurely month of August. The first half of September is a good time to be sensible, make lists and concentrate on earning money. In health and diet related matters, make moderation your buzz word, integrate a keep fit (or get fit!) schedule in to your daily routine and prioritise family too. Quality time benefits all, so if you’re a parent sit down together for a family meal on a daily basis.

Mercury, the chattering planet, is back where it was early August so from 9th onwards, return to any unfinished jobs or pick up the phone and reconnect with work contacts. Think back to the first week of August and any projects which were talked about. This is the time to try again with a new job or work which didn’t materialise a month ago.

Focus on everyday work and earning a living rather than try to pursue your true vocation. However, take note of what happens on or around the 16th when transformation planet Pluto turns around in the heavens. You may have a sudden brainwave or feel inspired to research a new career. Look out for interesting offers.

Love picks up momentum too once love planet Venus moves in to Libra on 15th and action planet Mars moves in to Leo on 19th. Libra’s your house of lurve and Leo’s your romance sector so it’s good news for old and new relationships alike. Friday 23rd is the best night for a hot date and Tuesday 27th signals new beginnings in love; the perfect night to snuggle up to your partner and rekindle some loving affection.

Taurus (20 April-20 May)

Yours is the sign of sensuality and the more you tap in to pleasurable activities and place enjoyment top of your list, the happier you are. There is currently a wonderful triangle in the heavens of planets in earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, promising exciting opportunities and life-changing experience. Key dates to widen your world and make the most of life are 3rd, 12th, 15th and 16th. This is not the time to be a couch potato.

Venus in your romance sector until mid-month conjures up the perfect hunting ground if you’re free and single and looking for love. For some, there’s a chance to rekindle a romance that flickered but never took off early August: be bold and get back in touch. If you’re married or going steady, keep communication light and instead of making a big deal about an issue, be relaxed and chat about your relationship informally. Laughter and respect go a long way to resolve any potential problems.

Jupiter, planet of freedom and opportunity, is currently a big player in your sign of Taurus. If you are feeling restless or you’re keen to travel or try out something new, this is the reason why. Jupiter’s relatively quiet at the moment but picks up speed again in December. Plan a Christmas abroad or do something entirely different this year and you’re in tune with your stars.

As September progresses, glide in to an easy routine. Regular work and fitness help you feel settled and happy. There may be problems in one or both of these areas and, if so, it’s a case of being persistent and working hard to resolve any differences or difficulties. If you have questions about your home life, Mars’ move in to the home and family sector on the 19th helps you find a way to take the initiative and sort things out for the better.

Gemini (21 May-20 June)

If you have a question or questions which keep you awake at night, it may take a while to resolve matters this month. Whether it’s a moral or ethical dilemma or simply worries going round in your head, Mars’ move in to Leo on 19th is the key to take action and do something about it. Communication helps you to find a resolution, so talk things through with a friend or counsellor, read a self help book or get advice on the internet, whichever route suits you best.

A connection to your past is also strong and a trip down memory lane is thought-provoking and insightful. Take note of what happens from 12th-16th as this is potentially an emotional time for you. Money is linked in some way whether you receive an inheritance or decide to ask a family member for a loan. Any property move at this time is well-starred and a sound financial investment.

Your planet Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in your romance sector in the second half of the month. This is playful and a chance to flirt or date is a recipe for fun and excitement. 29th/30th looks especially chatty. With Saturn in the mix, there is a more serious side to love and relationships and coming to terms with your own personal situation is necessary. Be honest with yourself and what you’re willing to give and take when it comes to love.

Those of you who are married or going steady are already in the process of a certain amount of soul-searching. Your relationship planet Jupiter is in the most hidden sector of your chart. This could mean one of you has an affair or harbours a secret love affection or perhaps inner change affects the partnership urging you to reassess where the relationship’s heading. Yet again, honest communication is the way forward.

Cancer (21 June-22 July)

Action planet Mars is in Cancer until 19th which puts you in the driving seat. You’re the one who can resolve issues, initiate progress and lead from the front. Cancer is a cardinal sign, a leader, so even though at times you move sideways through life like your symbol, the crab, you’re perfectly capable of making things happen. Sunday 11th is a great day for a heart-to-heart if there’s one person in particular you want to talk to.

This is a good month in general to get things out in the open and communication is the key to a number of tricky situations. Don’t feel as if you have to suffer in private, be assertive and speak your mind as this makes you feel better and benefits your health too. People are important to you as they play a supportive role and are there to listen and give advice. Old friends and new friends alike cheer you up and help you make sense of life.

Pluto in your relationship sector adds a dramatic tone to your love life. It may be hard to let go of the past and, for some, resentments or even a desire for revenge could take over. Again communicate your feelings and do whatever’s necessary to take good care of yourself. In love, it may feel as if it’s all or nothing. Pluto does tend to lend itself to dramatic situations so decide where your priorities lie and be decisive.

Family play a key role from mid-month onwards. It’s where your heart lies and duty and responsibility come first. A fresh injection of cash helps matters considerably and once Mars moves in to your money sector on 19th, make earning money high priority. It’s not the be-all and end-all of life but right now it gives you the freedom to lead the life you choose.

Leo (23 July-22 August)

This is an excellent time to crack on with work plans and money ideas and focus primarily on your career. An earthy triangle of planets in the heavens, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, puts the spotlight on your working life. Jupiter up at the top of your chart promises lucky opportunities (take note of what happens on or around 3rd) and a new phase or chapter at work will begin in December.

For some, trying to work out a new and healthy routine is of key importance. It’s all well and good if your career takes off but you’re a hedonist at heart and are happiest when you can play hard as well as work hard. The period from 12th-16th suggests new developments and a chance to organise your life-style to suit you.

Action planet Mars moves in to Leo on 19th where it remains until mid-November. This is great news if you have personal goals and ambitions you want to fulfil. Mars is all about get-up-and-go so be brave and bold and come at life running. A physical challenge or adventure is right up your street with Mars in Leo and the weekend 23rd-25th looks especially dynamic. It may be a last minute invitation but say ‘yes’ as it’s your turn in the spotlight.

Love too picks up speed when Mars moves in to Leo. The disappointments or uncertainties of the summer’s events are behind you and you can move forward with confidence. Mars rules libido giving you added energy and a surge of sexual desire. If you’re single, now’s the time to make new connections through speed dating or internet dating sites. If you’re married or going steady, serious and intimate conversation brings the two of you close. 29th/30th are ideal days for a chin wag or heart-to-heart. Work at love and love rewards you.

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