Monthly Stars August 2011

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Leo the lion

August 2011


Leo (23 July-22 August)

The Sun in Leo is joined by lovely Venus which is wonderful for entertainment and parties. If you’re an August-born Leo, celebrate your birthday in style. Venus, goddess of love, adds a warm glow to relationships and enhances popularity if you’re free and single. A full dance card makes romantic choices more interesting. Venus also rules extravagance and a shopping trip or two is the perfect retail therapy.

These glowing stars come with provisos. Mercury, planet of communication, is on go-slow from 3rd-26th, for most of this period in your sign of Leo. Promises that are spoken may be broken and new information invariably comes to light once Mercury picks up speed. So in all personal dealings, best wait and see before you leap into any binding engagements. The same applies for financial transactions and it makes sense to put off major purchases or to sign a key contract late in the month.

When it comes to love, Neptune is in on the act, creating some level of doubt and confusion in personal relationships. Being starry-eyed about romance is all well and good but be realistic and consider whether your dream love translates into a healthy working relationship and… if that’s what you really want. The Full Moon on 13th is a delightfully dizzy and heady moment as is the following weekend but it’s the weekend of 27th/28th when you’re wise to decide who and what’s good for you.

August’s message is clear: enjoy yourself and make the most of the summer, throw yourself into romance and partying but keep the big decisions until after 26th. Financially, things pick up then too and you can start on your game plan to make serious money.


Virgo (23 August-22 September)

The first week of August promises a lot and plans or discussions shared with a friend about the future generate excitement. However, your ruling planet, Mercury, planet of communication, is retrograde and this invariably creates hold-ups and slow progress. Mercury’s on go-slow from 3rd-26th and for most of this time is in the most secretive and private part of your chart. You benefit from time to yourself now to listen to your inner voice and pay attention to your unconscious needs. A trip down memory lane proves sentimental and ideas and innovations that take place behind the scenes are the ones that bear fruit at a later date.

Relationships have a secretive feel about them whether you’re involved in an affair or you and your partner aren’t ready to discuss everything openly and candidly. Remember that love can flourish by creating an air of mystery to keep romance alive and sometimes it’s prudent to say less not more. In the same vein, if you’re single and interested in someone, bide your time and wait for them to notice you.

Venus, planet of love, moves in to Virgo on 21st closely followed by the Sun on 23rd bringing love out in to the open. This is the time to put more energy in to relationships and to initiate action that can help move your life forward. Add to the mix, Mercury’s forward motion on 26th and a New Moon in Virgo on 29th and the last 10 days of the month are turbo-charged. You can make great strides in all areas but especially in your own personal development. Children, travel and education play a key part in your growth and, as you move in to September, an expansive and daring attitude to life rewards you greatly.


Libra (23 September-23 October)

August’s stars are about balancing the scales and trying to find a happy medium between working hard and playing well. On the one hand, your planet Venus is in happy-go-lucky Leo ruling friends and the social scene. There’s plenty of opportunity to hang out with mates and catch up with old and new friends alike at summer parties and get-togethers. Clubs and societies are a welcome source of laughter and inspiration and female friends in particular encourage you to look on the bright side of life. If you’re looking for love, the more sociable you are, the more opportunity you give yourself to meet someone new.

On the other hand, action planet Mars marches into your career sector on 3rd and almost immediately comes up against opposition in the form of a difficult boss, an enemy or your family making many and varied demands. Whatever your personal situation, there are times when you feel pulled in too many directions. In addition, with Saturn in your sign, you feel a heavy responsibility on your shoulders.

As Mars is your partner planet, it’s potentially a testing time for a marriage or steady relationship, whether you believe your partner’s away too much, doesn’t do enough around the house or a similar complaint. If you’re spending too much time with friends in your partner’s eyes, again there’s an imbalance. 16th-19th is your best chance to reconnect and make time for one another.

Some quiet time is also needed and once Venus moves in to Virgo on 21st learn to say “no” and prioritise your well-being. A spa break, healing or even a few nights home alone help you regroup and decide where to focus your energy. You can’t make everyone happy but you can start by being happy yourself.


Scorpio (24 October-21 November)

Activity at the top of your chart means your career or public profile is of key importance. With Venus in this sector take any opportunity you can to “look good” whether you raise your profile in the marketplace or dress for success at your work’s summer bash. As the Sun is in the mix, career progress is more about personality than it is about know-how or experience.

Mercury retrograde adds another twist and with the communication planet on go-slow in your career sector, the best advice is not to believe everything you hear. It is an excellent time for research, engaging with business or contacts from the past and mulling over next steps. Grab any chance you’re given to do the latter somewhere exotic, on a tropical beach or cruising round the Greek islands, for example. If a long distance getaway’s not on the cards, do at least push for a change of scene closer to home. What’s important is to gain new perspective on your current job situation and the best way to do that is by taking yourself out of your normal environment.

A female associate or contact plays a big role in career luck and it’s prudent to be polite to anyone who has the potential to help you. Some promises hold but others fall by the wayside once Mercury turns direct on 26th. A Cancerian or Leo woman is a good bet.

When it comes to love, at times it may feel as if you and your partner are leading separate lives. A break away works wonders for your relationship, especially on 18th or 30th. The last week presents a perfect opportunity to discuss your future plans together.

Sagittarius (22 November-21 December)

Mars departs your relationship sector on 3rd which suggests the end of problems or difficulties that peaked in June. It’s a decisive move whether you and your partner recommit to the relationship or call it a day. However, on the same day, Mercury turns retrograde which is doubly tricky as it is your partner planet. This means that over the subsequent three weeks, one or both of you may change your mind and feel uncertain about the decision that’s been made. As its holiday season and Mercury’s in your travel sector, the distance factor could add complications, i.e. absence makes the heart grow fonder. In all key relationships, whether long-distance or not, wait until 26th when Mercury turns direct to make your mind up. With the Sun and Venus boosting travel, for singles, this is perfect holiday romance territory but be ready for a change of heart on one side or another at month’s end.

When it comes to both travel and study, have Plan B up your sleeve and be ready to be flexible. Your great sense of humour undoubtedly helps if you and your friends are stuck at the airport or in a traffic jam. You know how to make the best of any eventuality and your optimism and positive nature make you an extremely popular travelling companion.

The end of the month focuses on work and it’s a good time to start a new project or discover your vocation in life. It’s a busy period but the possibility to transform your financial situation for the better is too good to miss out on. Having more work than you can cope with is a better state of affairs than having no work at all. You can always use your powers of persuasion to delegate work or engage a team to help you.


Capricorn (22 December-19 January)

Mars moves in to your opposite sign of Cancer on 3rd where it remains until mid-September. This is great news for more sex but as Mars is the planet of anger as well as libido, it suggests a stormy and tempestuous few weeks for love. If you’re in a relationship where you both love to kiss and make up after a big fight, you’re in heaven. However, this isn’t Capricorn’s usual style and you may prefer to opt for a quiet life which means your patience could be sorely tested this month. Think back to the eclipse on 1st July which gives some indicators about what you can expect in love, especially mid-month. Don’t forget though that there’s always an option to do things differently this time around.

Whether it’s a challenging personal relationship or ongoing conflict with someone you work with, things come to a head on or around 11th. If problems are affecting your home life or position at work, you know things have to change. This is a chance to reassess what really matters to you in life and to start to live accordingly. With Mercury retrograde in your money sector from 3rd-26th, reconsidering your financial situation is part and parcel of the bigger picture. 25th is the key date when you make a decision about love and/or work that’s final.

The end of the month looks peachy in comparison and with a golden triangle linking the earth signs in the heavens, there’s every opportunity for you to find fulfilment and satisfaction in life. Whether it’s the kids, a holiday abroad or your spirituality that nurtures and sustains you, kick off your corporate disguise, ditch the metaphorical briefcase, wiggle your toes in the sand and have unabashed and hearty fun.


Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

Love and relationships are hot news with more ups and downs than an out of control roller coaster. Firstly, both the Sun and Venus, planet of love, are in your opposite sign. This suggests more than one love interest if you’re single and a lover who’s determined to seize the day and live life to the full if you’re married or going steady. Either way, it’s the other person who has the upper hand. Add to the mix, retrograde Mercury in your relationship sector plus Neptune, planet of confusion, in Aquarius and you may feel as if you’re swimming round and round.

The best advice is go with the flow and enjoy the good times, especially the Full Moon on 13th/14th and not to worry if you’re unsure whether you’re coming or going, key dates 21st/22nd. The fog starts to clear by 26th and you can finally make a commitment you’re willing to stick to. Discuss practicalities with a loved one, including who pays for what and how to combine expenses. It may sound mundane but it brings the two of you closer by month’s end.

The other big news concerns work or fitness. Mars adds a boost to these areas and you’re likely to be exceptionally busy, working or training hard. This may not suit if you were hoping to chill out and take things easy or go on holiday. It’s for you to weigh up the pros and cons, especially if good money’s involved and decide if you should knuckle down and get on with it until mid-September. Having a larger goal in mind, for example, a plan to move home or a wish to support your family helps sustain your motivation. Sometimes it’s the bigger picture that counts.


Pisces (19 February-20 March)

You find joy in the simple things and in whatever way you are able to lead a less complicated life now, do so. Create a routine that works for you, makes life easier and helps you cope with a hectic schedule. It’s important to see this process as a work in progress and not rely too heavily on the perfect outcome. Fit in a daily walk when you can, eat well even if it’s only healthy snacks and manage your time and commitments as best you can. You can’t do everything alone so enrol your family in to sharing housework and chores and at work, use charm and persuasion on colleagues to help one another out.

With Mercury retrograde (on go-slow) in your work sector from 3rd-26th, it’s wise not to rely on what’s said or promised. People invariably change their mind or new information comes to light when Mercury picks up speed. You may change your tune about a job or work later in the month, perhaps because you hear of something better. If in doubt, don’t make a firm commitment about work until after 26th.

Things really start to come together at month’s end. You may be full of big ideas but the frustration is how to turn them in to reality. Once planets line up in your opposite sign of practical Virgo, you can start to make things happen. In addition, you find exactly the right people to help you; 28th-30th looks useful.

Focus on love after 21st when Venus, planet of love, adds a warm glow to your relationships. You and your partner reconnect when you socialise with friends in harmonious surroundings or take up a hobby together. Singles have plenty of fun too and a casual relationship becomes more than just sex in the last week of August.


Aries (21 March-19 April)

August is not a month without challenges and yet the whole feel of your stars is to kick back, be patient and wait. This isn’t your usual approach as Aries lends you an assertive, action-oriented attitude. Your natural tendency is to confront tests and trials head on and come at life running. The reason for a more passive tactic is two-fold, firstly due to your ruler Mars in the sign of Cancer from 3rd. Cancer is a subtle and emotional sign whose symbol, the crab, moves sideways, weighs up the options and decides whether to retreat or attack. You’d be wise to learn from the crab and in your dealings with others don’t automatically take the offensive but give way sometimes too and play second fiddle. Secondly, Mercury, the communication planet, turns around in the heavens on 3rd and gives the illusion of moving backwards until 26th, never the best time to forge ahead.

Work in particular may be a slow-go area for you, property deals too, and if you are banging your head against the proverbial brick wall, when possible do nothing. Let life lead you where it will and later in the month you find events start to shift of their own accord and plans drop in to place. Come the New Moon in your work zone on 29th, you begin to speed up and can make some serious choices.

Money is hopefully easier than it has been thanks to Jupiter, the bountiful planet, in your cash sector. Take note of what happens on 18th and 25th when luck’s on your side. Love too should move along nicely and, with three planets in love-affair Leo, there’s a strong chance of a summer romance. Circle 13th and 16th in your diary when your love life looks lush!


Taurus (20 April-20 May)

Your ruling planet Venus begins the month in your domestic sector so whether you’re keen to redecorate, de-clutter or arrange a party or social get-together with family and loved ones, the timing is perfect. However, with Mercury retrograde (on go-slow) in the same sector of your chart, with the best will in the world you can’t stop a family disagreement or sort out issues with the people you live with single-handed. A family drama peaks on 16th/17th and the only way through is to get to the bottom of the problem and involve everyone. Once you identify the real issue, you can start to resolve things slowly and amicably. Mercury picks up speed in your home sector on 26th and only then does more information come to light that helps your endeavours have a successful outcome.

When it comes to love, at times this month your partner may be feeling crabby. This is especially tricky for you, as with Jupiter in your sign of Taurus it won’t take a lot for you to break ties and run free. However, Jupiter also brings out your charitable nature and your desire to protect the ones you love. No relationship is perfect and everybody has mood swings so be discerning and decide what your relationship is calling forth in you. Being there for one another when life gets tough is the glue that bonds a relationship and strengthens love. Right now, you’re stronger and the more independent of the two.

If you’re looking for love, notice the person who pops in to your life the first week of the month. It may feel like a one-way road at first and they do disappear for a while, perhaps on holiday, but after 21st there’s interest on both sides. If your connection feels easy and you have plenty to talk about, rest assured love’s here to stay.


Gemini (21 May-20 June)

Gemini is the sign of communication but with your planet Mercury up to its tricks from 3rd-26th, don’t expect negotiations to progress smoothly or even in a straight line. Whether you’re busy with meetings, hectic at work or everything’s come to a halt and nothing’s happening, expect some complications and you make life easier for yourself. Throw in a healthy dose of Gemini wit and good humour and you end up with some good stories to relate to friends and family too. Even if the serious business of life is full of knots, thankfully there’s plenty of scope to hang out, meet new friends and have fun.

If you’re waiting for news, answers or issues to be resolved, once Mercury turns direct on 26th, it’s all stations go. You may even find things work out better in the long run for doing nothing. Less chatter, less “mind” action allows more intuition and a “heart”-felt response to navigate your way through the maze of life.

Intuition can guide your personal relationships too and with Jupiter, your partner planet, in the most secretive part of your chart it’s what’s not said that’s important. Look out for a soul-mate connection, knowingness, an unusual coincidence which throws you and someone special together. The more tuned in you are to what you need in love, the easier life becomes. If you feel inspired to look up a childhood sweetheart or to come out and accept your sexual desires, be true to yourself.

On a worldlier note, money issues require careful handling so be cautious and play it safe whether you’re involved in a legal dispute, buying or selling property or dealing with debt. Be upfront, avoid anything underhand and enlist a top advisor to inform and guide you. Here too swift progress can be made after 26th.


Cancer (21 June-22 July)

Mars sidles in to your sign of Cancer on 3rd where it remains until mid-September. Mars is the planet of action and anger urging you to put yourself first, crack on with your plans and take control at home. However, Mars is caught up in an astrological aspect called a “grand cross”, which suggests a certain amount of conflict. Other people are at odds with what you want and to get your own way, you have to employ new tactics, such as persuasion, determination and, at times, sheer bloody-mindedness.

In the midst of the fracas, you discover who your real friends are and whether you need advice or a shoulder to cry on, you can turn to your oldest and best friends for love and support. A new ally you met in June also has your best interests at heart. This person knows what you’ve been through and it’s their personal experience that’s helpful. If you’re having difficulty with an ex, turn to this ally for valuable insight on your situation.

If money and your emotional life are intertwined, play a waiting game. Trickster Mercury is on go-slow until 26th in your cash sector and with Neptune in on the act, you may feel as if you have no control over a financial situation. Expect the weekends of 13th/14th and 20th/21st to be complex but don’t be rushed in to making a decision. Mars in your sign strengthens your will and resolve so as far as possible ensure you’re the one calling the shots.

Mars also rules libido and it’s a fantastic time to initiate more sex in the bedroom (and ensure it’s the sex you want!) to liven up a relationship. If you’re single, enjoy the thrill of the chase and take the lead in the dating game. Be fearless.



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