Mercury Transit: Seeking Answers

Mercury transit

Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde [18 Scorpio 55]

– November 11, 2019 (15:22 GMT)

There’s a rare phenomenon in the sky today as the messenger planet Mercury can be seen as a black dot as it moves across the light of the Sun (see image above).

The last time this planetary phenomenon took place was May 9, 2016 and the next Mercury transit of the Sun only happens in November 2032. It’s a rare cosmic event.

The Mercury transit will take place for approximately five and a half hours today from 12:30 GMT to 18:00 GMT. Astronomers and stargazers will be leaping up and down in delight and gazing at the sight through their telescopes and special glasses. Remember not to look directly at the Sun. There are many places you can watch this event online, e.g.

The Facts

Mercury’s orbit is never far away from the Sun. In your horoscope, Mercury is always one sign before, the same sign or one sign after your Sun sign. For example, if you’re a Sun Scorpio, your Mercury will be in Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius. The Sun & Mercury have a special relationship.

Mercury turns retrograde three times a year for three weeks at a time and this period can coincide with communication problems. During the current Mercury retrograde phase in Scorpio, it’s an ideal time for self-analysis, finding answers and going in deep. Look beneath the surface & read between the lines.

Today’s Sun/Mercury retrograde conjunction takes place at 19 degrees Scorpio. There are numerous Sun/Mercury conjunctions throughout the year. Yet it’s rare to see a Mercury transit in front of the Sun.

Today’s Sun/Mercury conjunction on November 11, 2019 is called an inferior conjunction and this can only occur when Mercury is in retrograde motion.

It’s the beginning of a new Mercury cycle. On January 10, 2020, the Sun and Mercury will meet again, this time when Mercury is in direct motion. This is the superior conjunction. Mercury then completes its current cycle. Therefore, events now could be linked to what happens in your life mid-January 2020.

Today’s inferior conjunction is the equivalent to the New Moon phase, a time of pure potential. This is the eager, progressive phase which will culminate in two months time at the superior conjunction.

The conjunction of Sun & Mercury is effectively the change-over time when Mercury moves from setting behind the Sun in the west to rise before the Sun in the east. It changes from being an evening star to a morning star.

What does it mean?

Here’s what we can surmise about today’s rare transit. Currently, Mercury is looking backward which might link to insights from the past. During retrograde phases there is more focus on the subconscious and it’s a fertile time of learning and evaluation.

Effectively this is Mercury’s hidden phase. Yet, today, Mercury is visible as a tiny black dot in front of the Sun. Mercury is currently mid-way through its current retrograde phase.

Mercury reached 19 degrees Scorpio on October 18, 2019 and will return to this point in the zodiac on December 1, 2019. Both dates could prove significant if you have key planets/angles at the sensitive degree.

Ask what is being brought forth in your life? What messages are you receiving? Make time to listen to your inner voice. Look out for synchronicities or nudges from the universe. How are you being guided, what is life telling you?

If there’s something you want deeply in your life, focus on it during this key Mercury transit. Something remarkable could emerge, an insight which is the missing piece in the puzzle.

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