Mercury Sextile Saturn: Put Ideas Into Practice

Good ideaIt’s the day after the New Moon in the last degree of Aquarius, an ideal time to make things happen and take the initiative.

Plus today’s stars include the third Mercury/Saturn sextile aspect since the year began.

This is intriguing in light of the New Moon as Mercury is also in Aquarius, the sign of systems and order.¬†Mercury, planet of communication, likes being in Aquarius, one of the air signs as this is where Mercury’s mental faculties, intelligence and innovative ideas thrive. This is a bright, sparky Mercury that can be opinionated but has lots of interesting and original ideas.

Mercury Sextile Saturn

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and a sextile aspect between Mercury and Saturn is useful and productive. This helps you define your ideas and give shape and form to your thinking. The first two Mercury/Saturn sextiles took place on January 5th 2015 and February 5th 2015 so ideas that germinated or sprouted back then can now be honed and perfected.

It’s an excellent day to deal with authority, to speak with authority and be authoritative. Planning and analysis can be done well and efficiently. Team work is constructive. Aquarius rules the group mentality and collaborating with other people on or off-line via brainstorming or sharing ideas fits today’s astrology beautifully. Saturn helps you complete what you start and finalise your words.

Clarity of Thought, Peace of Mind

Last night a few hours after the New Moon which straddled the Aquarius/Pisces cusp I was wide awake, my imagination in overdrive. Night became day and my mind required clarity, peace of mind. I’ve been working things out in my head ever since. This included a mini rant on my daily dog walk (the best place to sort things out in your head) and now I feel determined and ready to put ideas into practice and get things done.

This week’s astrology is constantly evolving; new beginnings, new flavours, new scents, new panoramas. Whatever you’re rebuilding or want to renew in your life, the planetary outlook is positive. Start afresh and make your mark.

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