Mercury Scorpio: Be Your Own Detective

Sherlock HolmesCommunication planet Mercury re-enters the water sign of Scorpio today, Saturday 8th November ( exact 23:09) where it remains for the next 20 days.

Mercury in Scorpio is the detective, the seeker of secrets, delving deep to uncover what’s hidden and to find the truth.

What’s interesting about Mercury’s move into Scorpio this weekend is that it’s been here before and not too long ago.

On September 27th 2014 Mercury entered Scorpio and due to the trickster planet turning retrograde on October 4th, Mercury backed out of Scorpio and into Libra on October 10th. 

Mercury Out Of Shadow

Mercury effectively dipped its toe into Scorpio and when it turned on its tail was only at 2 Scorpio 17. So the next couple of days are crucial as Mercury returns to the place it was in the heavens when it turned retrograde and on Monday 10th November Mercury is finally out of shadow phase.

Delve A Little Deeper

Think back to events late September and early October and delve a little deeper. Where can you uncover lies, find the truth? What ideas/communications/interactions can you resurrect and where in life can you try again?

Trust your instincts with Mercury in Scorpio and remember that when the communication planet Mercury goes through its complex retrograde and shadow phase, sometimes you have to dig deep with regard to negotiations and bureaucracy to ensure you’re on the right track. Think second or even third chances and don’t be afraid to speak up, again.

Don Your Detective Hat

Mercury in Scorpio is the sleuth, the researcher so don your detective hat, channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and investigate your options thoroughly.


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