Mercury Retrograde: Snail Mail Incoming

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Snail mail incoming… here are some must-know facts about Mercury Retrograde. Please read them carefully and take your time.

Mercury Retrograde means that the planet of communication (Mercury) is giving the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens. This planetary event takes place 3 times per year for 3 weeks at a time.

The next Mercury Retrograde period takes place from tomorrow, Saturday October 4th until Saturday October 25th.

Some people find that when Mercury is retrograde, it causes havoc with their appliances and their attempted phone calls to utility suppliers, things go missing (paperwork/important stuff), phones and computers go on the blink and transport can’t always be relied on.

Instead of going directly from A to B, journeys take way longer as you’re diverted via C, D and E. People you want to get hold go awol, meetings are delayed and correspondence is erratic at best.

During Mercury retrograde, it’s not advised to make a big purchase, especially involving technology/transport/appliances (unless you really really have to) or sign & seal an important contract (unless you really really have to) or launch any major project (unless you… you get the picture!) The reason being that new information often comes to light once Mercury turns direct (i.e. October 25th) and you wish you’d waited.

During Mercury retrograde, it’s advised to double-check meetings, interviews, dates, social events, train timetables, flight times and certainly not rely on rumours or hearsay. Check everything and then check it again to be doubly sure.

Some people like Mercury retrograde because it’s a time when you can go with the flow, slow down the pace of life, ‘be’ not ‘do’, contemplate your navel, reassess your situation, rethink what you’re doing, reflect, ponder your past, reconnect with past connections, try again, take second or even third chances.

In an ideal world I’d spend a few days by the seaside journeying down there on the slow train of course. No rush and time to breathe…



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