Mercury Retrograde: More Questions Than Answers

Mercury Retrograde, questions

Mercury turns retrograde [11 Scorpio 39] 

– Wednesday 14 October (02:04 GMT+1) 

Mercury turns into its trickster archetype as it switches direction and begins to retreat through the zodiac this week. This Mercury cannot be trusted easily in Scorpio, the sign of secrets.  

There could be mischievous or dangerous shenanigans, clever & manipulative moves, foxy behaviour & charismatic cons. Keep your wits about you over the next three weeks until Mercury turns direct on November 3rd.  

Don’t make major decisions or investments unless you have to. And, do read the small print carefully if you are signing or sealing a contract.  This is not the best time to making important decisions.

Plot & plan – yes -, be enquiring and questioning – yes. Yet, know that November’s turning points on November 3rd (Mercury direct) & November 14th (Mars direct) are way better for getting things done.

Making The Most of Mercury Retrograde

Yet, there are always positives during Mercury retrograde and ways you can use this ‘down-time’ of the communication planet successfully. Here are some ideas for you:

  • become a huge fan of the re-words, i.e. reflect, review, reassess, rework, rethink
  • focus on the past as this is where you can find delightful gems & nuggets of wisdom
  • don’t give up but try again as Mercury retrograde is the King of second chances. The most powerful time to act is a day or two before Mercury turns to direct motion
  • be quiet, listen to your inner voice & engage in magical thinking
  • slow down, be quiet, allow yourself to be guided rather than try to forge ahead
  • be flexible when you’re out and about. Instead of going directly from A to B, explore routes C, D & E
  • be more tolerant & patient with others – remember that the truth can be skewed when Mercury’s in retreat
  • be more tolerant & patient with yourself – be open-minded and learn from your mistakes
  • be more tolerant & patient with life – if your plans change use this as an experiment to find joy in the unexpected
  • look at life upside down, change your perspective
  • think backwards. Did you know that if you walk a few steps backwards and then try and solve a problem, you have greater mental control? Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but apparently it’s true

Mercury In Scorpio – Repeating Patterns

This time last year, Mercury dived deep into Scorpio from October 4 to December 9, 2019. Once again, Mercury, the planet of communication & the mind, is immersing itself in the star sign of secrets, privacy, subterfuge, all things hidden & taboo. It spends a similar amount of time in Scorpio, although this year Mercury turns direct at 25 Libra.

You may sense a repeating pattern playing out in your life during the period, especially wherever Scorpio is located in your birth chart.

This can be a powerful Mercury retrograde phase to retreat, seek solitude & quiet in your life, be self-analytical & self-enquiring. It’s ideal for detective work, research & laser focus.

Last year, Mercury turned retrograde at 27 Scorpio and direct at 11 Scorpio on November 21, 2019. This is the exact same degree where Mercury is now heading backwards, turning inwards.

Therefore, you may encounter key events that you need to re-examine or re-assess linked to events last November.

The Uranus Factor

Mercury retrograde is always a time when you need to be flexible and adaptable. Plans can change suddenly and diversions are likely. This theme is intensified during this particular Mercury Retrograde phase. This is because Mercury stations retrograde opposite Uranus.

Mercury opposes Uranus on October 7th, October 20th & November 17th. During the oppositions, Mercury & Uranus are at 8 or 9 degrees Scorpio & Taurus respectively. This ‘hot spot’ is where life may be especially lively for you now. 

In traditional astrology, Mercury represented the astrologer, the messenger of the Gods who was capable of passing between different worlds or realms.  In modern astrology, Uranus, the planet of unconventionality, is linked to the astrologer who stands outside of conventional culture and dares to walk the path less travelled.  

Through the astrologer’s mediation, the power of symbol comes alive and the astrology ‘speaks’ to you. You’re able to access a new way of thinking, a fresh perspective. How Mercury-Uranus is that? 

Oppositions are challenging, however, and the Mercury-Uranus opposition raises questions but doesn’t always offer answers. You think you know what you want, then you change your mind.  

You look at life or an issue from one angle and then try a different angle. It can be fun and enlightening, also frustrating and confusing. It’s often a time when ‘life has other plans’.

Yet, this is a really important time to be questioning what’s happening both personally and collectively.  Mercury’s link to Uranus is a reminder not to fall into conventional ways of thinking. Freedom of speech & thought is a key symbol of these two powerful planetary archetypes. 

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