Mercury Retrograde And Not Knowing

I spoke with a client today who was feeling confused, unsure of her next steps or what to do and, my advice… maybe you need to enjoy not knowing, for a while at least.

This mirrors what’s happening in the heavens because Mercury turns retrograde tonight (6th November) for a period of three weeks (until 26th November). When Mercury gives the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens, your best bet is to explore your options, realise that nothing is set in stone and go with the flow.

I then went onto an online group of which I’m a member only to find out they were discussing the joys of ‘Don’t Know Land’ and how to coach clients through change when they are in transition. This referred to the website entitled Seasons of Change which resonated with me as it taps into the rhythm of nature. It explores how the seasons change and that the cycle of letting go, reflecting and resting is as essential as the cycle of taking action and bursting forth.

Here in the northern hemisphere we’re in the thick of autumn and it must be my favourite season as the colours are beautiful and the leaves spectacular as they fall from the trees. The last two days have been chilly but gloriously sunny and, without really thinking about it, I’ve taken the dogs on a completely different walk and diverted from our usual route to walk up Chinthurst Hill not far from where I live.

All of these events have started me thinking about Mercury retrograde and how best to take advantage of this shift in the heavens. It’s more a season for ‘being’ than ‘doing’, slowing down so you can really listen to life and welcome the diversions, go off track and explore what emerges. It’s the equivalent of a city break when you ditch the map and the bus tour to wander and meander aimlessly and see what you discover.

And boy, what treasures emerge when you change your habits and your usual way of doing things. Today my walk brought chestnuts on the floor ripe for picking up and popping in pockets and the sight of a fox moving steathily across the field.

New information often comes to light when Mercury turns direct and doors that have been closed to you allow new doors to open on opportunities that you may not even have been aware of. Until then, trust that the journey will take you where it will and embrace not knowing where your path will lead.

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