Mercury & Mars: Mutual Reception

Mercury & Mars, mutual reception, handshake

Mercury Aries

On April 4th, Mercury enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and one of the fire signs. Fire sign motivation, joy & spontaneity was missing from January 8th to March 20th. The inner planets are currently making up for this as they leap into Aries.

This is a good time of the year to put yourself first and do whatever you need to gear yourself up and get motivated. Mercury in Aries is about speaking up and making things happen.

If you know someone with Mercury in Aries, you may notice that they speak extra fast or learn at top speed. You too may be getting ready to initiate something new. Do whatever feels right for you once Mercury is in Aries – Aries is the ‘me first’ sign – do it your way. 

Mercury is currently moving at top speed through the zodiac and only remains in Aries for two weeks until April 19th.

Mars Gemini

Action planet Mars is currently in Gemini, Mercury’s star sign. When key planets are in mutable star signs, there’s a theme of change. A willingness to be flexible & adaptable, to be open to whatever comes along. Plus, mutable signs are about moving on, letting go, leaving behind.  

Mars in Gemini is motor mouth, the fast talker, full of ideas and thoughts. This energy is brilliant for brainstorming, networking, multi-tasking and reaching out to others.  

Mutable star signs aren’t rigid or fixed. Instead, they are open-minded and move through life freely. Anything is possible and they like to find solutions to problems.

Mutual Reception 

Once Mercury enters Aries, action planet Mars and talk planet Mercury are in mutual reception. This means that they are in the other planet’s sign of rulership and can work together. Mars rules Aries and Mercury rules Gemini – they’re doing a swap. 

From April 4th to 19th, look out for the person who appears in your life, a ‘fix it’ person, someone who can help you resolve a situation and fast. This combination is about working alliances, finding the right contacts & connections to help you make progress & fast.

While Mercury & Mars are working together, this is your opportunity to walk (Mars) your talk (Mercury) and do (Mars) what you say (Mercury). Don’t hang about, however, as this helpful alliance is only active for the next two weeks.

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