The Mens Tennis Australian Open 2015

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[Update: Sunday 1st February 2015. Djokovic, the no. 1 favourite has won his 5th Australian Open Grand Slam title. The astrology suggested he was the one to watch, both in his natal chart and in the chart that represented the start of the tournament so I’m taking that as a winning prediction.

The astrology was spot on for Federer’s exit and almost to the date (see below) plus Kyrgios was the only non-seed to get to the quarter finals and again the astrology showed that he would have a good tournament. A great tennis Grand Slam & very pleased with the astrology. Looking forward to the rest of the year’s tennis predictions :)]

I am late to the pass this time around to offer an astrological perspective on the mens’ tennis Down Under.

The matches of the Australian Open 2015 are already underway but as I know that many of you are super keen to hear what the astrology predicts for your favourite’s fortunes, I shall do my best to enlighten and entertain.

Here’s what the astrology has to say about the top four (as I’m a Brit, that includes Andy Murray) and the best of the rest.

Roger Federer (b. August 8 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland)

Roger Federer was the no. 6 seed in last year’s Australian Open but he had an impressive 2014 (as predicted) and even though he didn’t win a Grand Slam, he was runner up at Wimbledon, led the Swiss team to Davis Cup victory and ended the year as the no. 2 seed.

Plus he chalked up his 1000th win of his career when he won at Brisbane earlier this month. Astrologically, Roger had two amazing progressions last year; Sun progressed conjunct Venus (exact October 2014) and Jupiter progressed sextile Mercury (exact April 2014). These slower-moving timing measures influence the whole year and alongside Jupiter’s move into Leo in the middle of 2014, they were symbolic of his amazing progress.

Admittedly Federer has a tough draw in this year’s Australian Open but being a Sun Leo and with his career planet, Mercury, in Leo, the biggest and best planet Jupiter continues to boost his fortunes. Jupiter remains in Leo until August 11th 2015 and the key dates for Federer this year are February 22nd, March 16th, May 2nd & May 24th when Jupiter highlights his natal Sun/Mercury conjunction. The period from March 16th to May 2nd is especially strong as Jupiter turns direct at 12 Leo 35 on April 8th and remains within orb of his dexterous Mercury throughout that time.

The big question mark for Federer in the current tournament is his Mars at 13 Cancer 57. Mars rules stamina and athleticism and the Uranus-Pluto square is currently challenging his Mars. In fact, Pluto is exactly opposite his Mars on January 23rd so during the tournament. Pluto contacting Mars can add super-turbo energy but it is an opposition and Pluto is the wipe-out planet. It’s not astrology that suggests victory and he will have to prove he’s super-human to overcome the astrological odds against him.

Novak Djokovic (b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

Djokovic goes into the Australian Open as the no. 1 seed and at Wimbledon 2014 he won his first Grand Slam title since the Australian Open in 2013. He’s had a bout of sickness and flu which isn’t the best preparation for a top-level Grand Slam tournament but he is a formidable player and he has a run of positive planetary aspects throughout the tournament.

In his natal chart, he has a Jupiter-Saturn trine in fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius respectively, and Jupiter currently in Leo is lighting up this impressive combination. Plus Pluto is sextile his Midheaven during the tournament and when he’s on form he is relentless.

The chart of the start of the competition has a Moon/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in the 10th house and this speaks to me of Djokovic. He has a Capricorn Ascendant and a Scorpio Midheaven with Pluto conjunct the career/success point of the chart. As long as he’s not debilitated by the recent bout of illness, his stars look undeniably strong.

Rafael Nadal (b. June 3 1986, 6:20 pm, Manacor, Spain)

Nadal’s tennis continues to be plagued by injury and he comes into the Australian Open lacking in matches as he suffered a wrist injury and appendicitis in the latter part of 2014. Astrologically Saturn has been Nadal’s downfall and he was off the tennis circuit for some time back in 2012/2013 when Saturn in Scorpio was conjunct his natal Pluto and Ascendant.

Saturn remains in his 1st house ruling the physical body until the end of 2015 when it’s his Saturn Return. Neptune is currently square his natal Saturn in Sagittarius (exact January 19th) which isn’t what you want to see going into a tournament. This transit can expose any vulnerabilities and it effectively weakens Saturn which in tennis terms can represent lack of consistency.

Yet Nadal also has some brilliant astrology right now as his Midheaven, the success point of the chart, is 17 Leo. Jupiter, the planet that symbolises success is going back and forth over his Midheaven between October 2014 and June 2015. Jupiter is exactly conjunct his Midheaven on February 7th, although Jupiter’s in retrograde motion, which isn’t as strong as Jupiter in direct motion.

Nadal has stormed through his 1st match of the Australian Open but it will be interesting to see whether the astrology favours Jupiter or Saturn in his chart.

Andy Murray (b. May 15 1987, 2:10 pm, Glasgow, UK)

Andy Murray’s stand out year was 2013 when he won Wimbledon and was named UK’s Sports Personality of the Year. Ongoing back problems meant that he ended that year having surgery and in 2014 he struggled with his form. He’s the no. 6 seed going into the tournament. Astrologically the surgery coincided with his progressed Sun opposite his natal Saturn (the Sun rules the back & Saturn rules the spine). His Wimbledon win was symbolised by an unusual astrological factor: Jupiter exactly conjunct his progressed Midheaven.

His astrology looks livelier for 2015 and he has progressed Mercury sextile his natal Ascendant (exact May 2015). Mercury is a key planet in his chart and the same as Roger Federer, he has a Virgo Ascendant (self) and a Gemini Midheaven (career/success), both Mercury-ruled signs. Mercury is the fleet-footed planet which also rules the hands and is the planet most closely linked to tennis players.

Murray has some helpful astrology during the tournament as Jupiter is trine his natal Saturn and Pluto is trine his Virgo Ascendant. (n.b. he’s always going to have similar astrology to Novak Djokovic as even though Murray is a Sun Taurus and Djokovic is a Sun Gemini, they are born one week apart). Uranus is a key planet in his astrology during  the tournament (Moon progressed conjunct Uranus – January 21st) and later in the year, when Uranus is conjunct his Jupiter Aries (April/November 2015). Uranus is an unpredictable planet and quite hard therefore to determine whether it’s good news or bad news. My guess is that his play will be erratic.

Best of the Rest

Stanislas Wawrinka b. March 28 1985, 11:05 am, Lausanne, Switzerland (no. 4 seed) was the surprise winner of the Australian Open 2014 (I predicted him as a wild card to watch) and he is one of the few ‘best of the rest’ mens’ tennis players for whom there’s a time of birth. Wawrinka is a Sun Aries and he has some lovely fire trines in his chart; Mercury/Venus Aries trine Uranus Sagittarius. Jupiter in Leo creates a Grand Fire Trine with these planets early in February 2015 which is nice astrology but doesn’t shout out that it’s going to be a repeat of 2014.

Kei Nishikori b. December 29 1989 (no. 5 seed) is a Sun Capricorn and he has a stellium of five planets in this hard-working earth sign (possibly six if the Moon’s included). The Moon/Pluto conjunction which symbolises the start of the tournament is at 7 Capricorn conjunct his natal Sun. He could be one to watch.

Tomas Berdych b. September 17 1985 (no. 7 seed) is a Sun Virgo and his best astrology comes later this year when Jupiter is conjunct his Venus at 24 Leo and subsequently moves into Virgo on August 11th 2015 where it remains for the coming year.

Milos Raonic b. December 27 1990 (no. 8 seed) is another Sun Capricorn with a stellium of five planets in the sign of the mountain goat. He has his Jupiter return in April as his natal Jupiter is in the fire sign Leo and that’s a key point in the year for him. It doesn’t impact on his performance in the Australian Open.

David Ferrer b. April 2 1982 (no. 9 seed) is an Aries and his Sun is 12 Aries 20. In the chart that shows the astrology for the start of the tournament, Uranus is at 12 Aries 54 and separating from his natal Sun. Uranus brings surprises but it would be more impressive astrologically if Uranus was applying to his Sun Aries.

Grigor Dimitrov b. May 16 1991 (no. 10 seed) is a Sun Taurus and he has Jupiter in Leo but in the early degrees, 6 Leo 35. His career high of a no. 8 world ranking coincided with Jupiter’s move into Leo in July 2014 when he was a semi-finalist at Wimbledon 2014. The astrology doesn’t leap out for the current tournament.

Nick Kyrgios b. April 27 1995 will be cheered on by the home crowd as he’s a young Australian who’s showed considerable form in 2013 winning the Boys Singles event at the Australian Open and 2014 when  he defeated Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon. He turns 20 in 2015 and although he’s been beset by injury recently, Jupiter is conjunct his natal Mars at 19 Leo during the tournament plus the New Moon on January 20th [0 Aquarius 09] falls on his natal Uranus. That’s lively astrology and if he stays fit, he’ll be playing with enthusiasm and energy.

Astrologer’s favourite: It’s a tough call this time around. I’d go for Novak Djokovic but the chart of the start of the tournament (see below) worries me. The Moon rules the favourite and the Moon runs straight into Pluto in the 10th house ruling success. Will Novak’s flu/sickness bug be a factor in him crashing out or will his resilience kick in? For the first time in my predictions, I’m going to play a wait-and-see game and hope that the astrological interpretations above help you decide for yourself.

Astrology chart of Australian Open 2015

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  1. Dear Sally

    Thank you for posting this for us. As u find it hard to predict a winner. I am hoping it will be Roger.

    Could you please tell me will the positive transits out weigh the negatives? Will Roger have a goodyear? I mean in the second half of the year?

    Do u think Roger will win a Grand Slam this year?

    Sorry for all these questions.

    Thank u


    1. Thanks for your comment. I think Roger’s astrology was better last year because of the amazing progressions to his natal chart. The Jupiter transits to his Sun/Mercury are superb in 2015 and will bring him success when they are close (see the article for dates). The aspects to his natal Mars which are difficult may not necessarily be about his tennis but Mars is the athlete so you would want Mars to be boosted not attacked and it’s the transits to Mars which dominate this tournament. We will soon know how they play out and they are active all year. As you know, I only consider the astrology before each individual tournament so I can’t say whether he will a Grand Slam or not. Check out the link from the German astrologer which was posted here today as he has high hopes for Federer 🙂 Enjoy the tennis…

      1. Thank you Sally

        Roger has got combination of both. Good and Bad transits. I do hope that Roger will win this tournament, it will boost his confidence. Roger said that his goals are Australian Open, Wimbledon and Indian Wells.

        Roger has got Virgo in his chart, so Jupiter will stay in Roger chart all year, am I right?

        Astrology said that Leo will have good year this year.

        I hope more astrologist come on here to give different views. That would be good it.

        I will certainly enjoy the tennis. Let’s see what the stars plan out for all of them

  2. I wouldn’t take much notice of the ‘German atrologer’ actually – as he’s made a glaring gaffe with regard to the draw…
    He states that Fed will get to the final – and yet also says Murray will get to the semis…which is not logical – as Murray is seeded to meet Fed in the quarters! If Murray got to the semi, then he would have had to get past Fed in the quarters, which puts paid to the prospect of Fed getting to the final…..! Sorry, this doesn’t make sense.
    With regard to Sally’s take on things, I would like to say that Uranus, being the planet of change might be a positive for Murray….

    1. I suspect the German astrologer made his prediction before he knew the draw. I’m not sure what I think of these long-term predictions. Astrology needs to be used in context which is why I tend not to make predictions for the future Grand Slams but look at each one in turn. Yes, you never can tell with Uranus – it’s one of the most ‘hard-to-predict’ planets as it represents unpredictability but you’re right it is about change or a turn of fortune so it could be good news for Murray. Thanks for your comment. best, Sally

      1. Hiya Sally,

        The German astrology did make the prediction before the draw was actually made.

        Personally you have done the right thing Sally by waiting to see how the stars of Astrology play out.

        Sometimes, with players with good astrology don’t always win.

        It depends on how Murray plays, I am not a fan of Murray game but he has got the game to beat Nadal.

        I am hoping that Roger will prevail this time, even though Djokovic has got good astrology. It is a toss up between who got the best astrology on the day.


  3. HI Sally,
    Thanks for taking the time to post this. I was hoping you will not say goodbye.. always look forward to hear what you have to say.


  4. Stupid Jupiter 🙂 It ain’t helping Roger when it matters the most 🙁

    Thanks Sally! For your predictions 🙂 You are the best!

  5. What about Rafa, Sally?
    Can he win his second Australian Open and a double carrer grand slam?
    Can Rafa defy all the odds and win this year to forget last year final?
    Thanks Sally!

    1. Rafa doesn’t have easy astrology with Saturn in the 1st house and Neptune square his natal Saturn. It’s brought him problems before. Yet, you cannot deny that the man has super-human strength and if anyone’s a comeback kid, it’s Rafa. Personally I think he has a better chance for a Grand Slam win later this year. best, Sally

    1. This website said that Djokovic has got planet X in his chart and Roger planet X is entering his Taurus sign in his chart. It seems that Planet X is very important.

      He is not the only one who predicted that there would be Nole VS Federer final.

      Another website always predicted the same. They all said that Nadal will not win AO


  6. James Green,

    You said before Rafa has some good chances, do you still belive Rafa can get through this successfully??? Thx!

    1. ana i am not ruling out nadal. but what wories me is his saturn transiting 8th from his natal moon and aspecting his natal sun which can debilitate him physically and result in him not playing at his best. but jupiter transiting close to his mc promises success.if you look at his 2nd round match you will know what i mean. i am also not sure about his exact birth time. waiting with fingers crossed.

      1. James Green,

        Thx soo much for answering me, I just looked in the older thread USO2014 & saw your reply there, sorry to bother you!

        Yes his 2nd rnd almost killed me, But I’m praying he’ll take the next 4 steps successfully. Else AO forever will be a cursed slam for me!

      2. James, Nadal’s birth time is confirmed by astrodatabank. So far he’s defying the odds yet again. The man is a machine, I tell you! Very impressive to come through some tough matches to reach the quarter finals. best, Sally

  7. Hi Sally and all,

    In the last few days at the Australian Open, we have seen defeats and near-defeats of favorites, and some of the players getting sick.

    I’m wondering if this could have been an expression of the recent conjunction of Mars and Neptune, now separating from exact. Mars is the planet of physical activity and the athlete, and Neptune can be an ego-denying planet that can bring difficulties, even illness. This Mars-Neptune conjunction was squaring Roger’s Midheaven career point and Nadal’s Saturn, and both had problems in their matches yesterday.

    What do you think, Sally?

    1. Yes, the Mars/Neptune signature was strong early in the week and in the opening chart. Neptune is the planet most closely linked with viruses. I also thought the Moon-Pluto conjunction in the 10th house of the tournament chart could mean sudden exits for some. Time will tell. Thanks for your comment. best, Sally

  8. Dear Sally,

    This what Marjorie said about Roger.

    If you got time, could you please explain what she is saying, I am really confused. She is giving out different dates to you. She didn’t mention about Jupiter already in Roger chart.

    Thank you

    Roger Federer – decisions by end of year From: Marjorie. (20 Jan 2015 17:35):
    Roger Federer is struggling against tr Pluto opposition his Mars at the moment but that may be frustrations over the Swiss franc losing him money more than his tennis. Especially since he has tr Uranus now into his 8th house of finances. That aspect recurs in July/Aug and Oct/Nov.
    He’ll have some highs when tr Uranus opposes his Jupiter/Pluto in late Feb and early March. And tr Pluto squares that midpoint in Feb and Dec so he’ll get lucky breaks and be confident. He looks confused across the middle of the year.
    Tr Saturn will cross his IC come late 2015 which is a significant marker so maybe a change of career direction. And quite an upheaval in 2017 when his Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Uranus.

    1. hi, yes I’m surprised Marjorie doesn’t pick up on Jupiter in Leo. Marjorie uses some different astrology to me. I don’t favour midpoints or Solar Arc directions so can’t really comment on those. I also picked up on the Uranus-Pluto square challenging his Mars. Mars does rule money in Roger’s chart so it may well be finance-related but you can’t count out that Mars is also the athlete and you need your Mars to be strong to add stamina. I know Roger struggled in his recent match (but then so did other key players in the 2nd round). I don’t think Marjorie’s correct with Uranus opposite his Jupiter/Pluto. Roger has a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Libra and Uranus has already opposed them and he has Pluto in Libra but at later degrees and Uranus won’t reach his Pluto this year. Saturn will reach his IC, the base of his chart, later in 2015 and that could be decisive in slowing him down. I’m sure with Roger it all depends on his year as he likes to win and Jupiter’s still giving him a boost until August. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  9. Hiya Sally,

    Roger got stung by a Bee on his finger today, he said that he felt pain. He had treatment on it and it went away. I hope he will sort out this problem soon.

    Apart from Djokovic, who else got the best astrology out of all of them? Today was a strange day many stars are ill and close to defeats.

    What does it mean moon Combustion connection to birth chart? You was worry about the moon sign in Pluto. Could you please explain this?

    Thank you

    Federer fan

    1. Bee stings feel very Martian – interesting that happened when Pluto was almost exactly opposite Roger’s natal Mars causing pain. Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean about the moon combustion? What does that relate to? Re. the Moon/Pluto – this is the signature of the chart of the tournament so it doesn’t relate to one person in particular, although the Moon can be the favourite which would be Djokovic. Djokovic has a strong Pluto in his own chart so it can give him extra power but Pluto is the wipe-out planet so this is also symbolic of sudden exits from the competition. See the comment below about Mars/Neptune too in the opening chart and illness. It’s not an easy tournament to call so no more predictions from me. Let’s see what plays out and I’ll comment on the astrology as the tournament pans out. best, Sally

  10. Hi,

    I see that my prediction on AstroArena was already posted here. Like Sally I am absolutely not sure about this Aussie Open. It is very difficult.

    There are two predictions whre I am sure:
    -Wawrinka will go to semi finals
    -Federer will go to final (despite Pluto Opposition Mars) when he beats Seppi now

    My first impression (in September) was that Federer against Djokovic will be the final (djokovic with Mercury square Pluto with bad chance than), but then changed to Monfils. Saturn is exactly on Monfils’ Saturn during final! Saturn is not always bad. It can sometimes be the biggest success.

    Btw: tomorrow I see a very good chance for Troicki to beat Berdych!

    Madison Keys could be the biggest surprise in women’s tournament. I thin, semi finals are possible (see my post, which is up to now not so bad, despite the title of the prediction)

    Kind regards,

  11. Hi Sally, thanks for this. I was looking for your prediction the other day and couldn’t find it. Glad to see you’ve re-appeared. Should be an interesting two weeks. It’s ashame we don’t have the birth times for the other players as it’s very limiting. Mercury retrograde and jupiter retrograde will surely cause some problems for a few players methink.

    1. hi Shelley, yes Mercury turning retrograde during the tournament always brings surprises/a sudden change of form. Jupiter retrograde is often more complex. I have had a quick look at some of the other players’ charts but no-one’s leaping off the paper for a star prediction. As you say, it’s trickier without a birth time but the obvious astrology is still there for us all to try and predict. Enjoy the tennis. best, Sally

  12. Hola Sally! Hola a todos. Gracias Sally por compartir tu pronostico. Como en el US Open 2014, voy a intercambiar algunas ideas contigo.

    Yo baso mi análisis en Revoluciones Solares > Revoluciones Lunares > Transitos > Carta debut en el Torneo.

    En lineas generales, coincido. Para mi el campeon queda entre Djokovic y Wawrinka, y en segundo lugar Federer.

    * Novak Djokovic (10.35hs Belgrade. Asc 13º Leo y Luna 28º Piscis). En su RS 2014-2015 tiene a Venus RS conjunción Jupiter radix: lo que le permitio y permite ganar GS en este periodo. Su Revolución Lunar es muy buena. Su carta debut en este Australian Open 2015 es la mejor (20/1 14.46hs Melbourne), pero su Luna está combusta. Y es lo único, que creo, lo puede privar del titulo.

    * Stan Wawrinka (me manejo con una carta Asc 9º Cancer. Luna 23º Geminis. Pero no estoy seguro). Jupiter RS sextil Marte natal = dispositor Sol, Venus y Mercurio natal. Puede levantar otro GS. Para el 30/01 comienza una Revolución Lunar muy buena, con Sol RL conjunto Jupiter natal. Y Jupiter en trigono partil a Venus-Mercurio natal.

    * Roger Federer: su Revolución Solar Agosto 2014-Agoto 2015 tiene la cuadratura Saturno-Sol por lo que creo que va a ser dificil que gane un GS. Pero, como sabemos, está teniendo la ayuda de Jupiter en transito en conjunción a su Sol. Pero, ademas de los daños que recibe su Marte natal por parte de Pluton-Urano, creo que lo más dificil que tiene es la cuadratura de Neptuno a su MC > mismo aspecto que tenía en el US Open. Pero no hay que descartarlo, capaz Jupiter produce el milagro. Ojalá.

    A Nadal lo descarto por lo que señalas, Saturno le prohibirá levantar este GS. Y debuta con Marte en cuadratura a su Saturno.

    Y Murray tiene una muy buena carta debut (19.1 – 13.30hs Melbourne) pero su Revolución Solar tiene el aspecto negativo de Sol-Saturno y su Revolución Lunar no me convence.

    Para mi Djokovic tiene algunas ventajas astrologicas. 2do Wawrinka. 3ro Federer. Ojala Jupiter le permita alcanzar el GS 18. #Beli18ve


    1. hi Juan, catching up with my emails. Basically you’re going for Djokovic 1, Wawrinka 2 and Federer 3. Federer’s out (Pluto opposite his Mars was a devastating blow and to the day), Wawrinka’s through to the quarter finals and I’m currently keeping an eye on Djokovic’ 4th round match. Thanks for your astrology. Always helpful to see. best, Sally

  13. Federer out.

    Pluton, Urano y Neptuno fueron mortales. Sally, mirá la Revolución Lunar de Roger: Marte -dispositor Luna y Regente I- en cuadratura partil Saturno. Indica la mayor decepción de Roger en los últimos años en Australia: eliminado en 3ra ronda.


  14. Hiya Sally.

    Roger was not feeling good today. His game was off.

    Could you please explain what retrograde mean for Roger with this Pluto opposite his Mars?

    I am not sad. I kinda knew he lost.


  15. Is there any outside chance for Nadal ? You have written that it will be interesting to see whether the astrology favours Jupiter or Saturn in his chart. What are the implications ?

    1. Yes, there’s a chance for Nadal. He’s already shown his incredible strength and determination and with a little luck and gentlemanly behaviour from one opponent thrown in, he’s reached the quarter finals. He’s still not my favourite to lift the trophy though because of his conflicting astrology but time will tell. best, Sally

  16. The power of an exact transit. Transiting Pluto was within one MINUTE of arc of the exact opposition to Roger’s Mars. He faced a powerful opponent who just wouldn’t quit.

    Of course Roger isn’t winning so much as he did earlier in his career, but I hope he can play a few more years. He brings all the nobility, creativity, and charisma of the great Lion to the world of tennis!

    1. I love Roger too – it was amazing to see the transit play out to the day. Boo hoo for Roger and all his fans (myself included). best, Sally

  17. So glad that Sally decided to give the astrology of the players, I know making a prediction is quite difficult. I am sad that Federer lost but I hope that he can find some way to win his 18th slam. He has been through so much during the past couple of years, he deserves something for his efforts, but I am beginning to believe that he won’t. It just a race against time with him now as with all athletes, but I never giving hope that he will have that breakthrough. Anyway, I hope he does well at the French Open at least but I think Wimbledon and US Open are his best chances to make a deep run.

    1. hi Lisa, yes, it will be interesting to see what the astrology brings for Federer. He couldn’t overcome that harsh transit of Pluto but he has some sweet astrology too. I shall be watching with interest. best, Sally

    1. He seems to be getting stronger though since the earlier threats? Berdych next – won’t be easy but he’s holding so far. best, Sally

  18. Hi Sally,

    Congratulations that you have seen Rogers Pluto-Mars-Opposition on 23rd January. I think for everyone, who is sceptical towards astrology, this is a strong proof how exact the transits are working. And Neptun like during US Open again exactly squared Rogers MC. That was too much. And Seppi has Jupiter Opposition Mercury and he will have, probably during quarter final, Jupiter square Mars (one of the best constellations from my experience), Venus conjunctions Sun and trine Pluto in Semi finals and Uranus trine Uranus + Moon Trine Sun during final. The next big surprise at Grand Slam??? As German I also feel connected to him as “Italian” from South Tyrol.

    I thought because of the transits during semi final and final Roger could overcome Pluto Opposition Mars and made a big fail. Concerning Monfils, you can say that it was dumb to go with him as he has Pluto conjunction Mars and Saturn conjunction Saturn what normally is no good aspect.

    I regret to make a prediction. You did it right Sally. There are so many constellations this time which are difficult to “read” as an Astrologer. Best example is Jupiter-MC of Rafael Nadal. How exact is his birthtime? Last october he could not take part due to injury in Shanghai when Jupiter was on 17° Leo. During final Venus is exactly in square to Nadals Saturn. Wawrinka has outstanding constellations (Sun/Mercury conjunction Jupiter) during his semi final, but I can’t find big final constellations during final. What about Pluto-AC of Djokovic if he is born a few minutes earlier (23:20), what I think and Moon-DC and Mercury Square Pluto during final? This Aussie Open are not really predictable.

    Btw: I can imagine Cibulkova to reach the women’s final. She has winnr odds 1:200 in Sportingbet and 1:100 fr semi finals.

    But it is so difficult to explain that to non-astrologers who think that this is just a shabby excuse.

    Keep going on, Sally

    Greetings, Jannis

    1. Jannis, it’s always brave to make a sports prediction using astrology so good for you for doing so. I think the difficult astrology also showed for Monfils, the same as for Roger. Seppi, I don’t know, I don’t have his chart. Must check him out. Rafael Nadal’s time is quoted on his birth certificate so says astrodatabank and they are the most accurate data collectors around so I’m happy with it. Same for Djokovic, the time has been confirmed. If Djokovic wins his 4th round match which is currently live, it will be the top 8 seeds in the quarter finals, minus Federer who’s effectively been replaced by Kyrgios, the young Australian. Jupiter conjunct his Mars is giving him a great run. Can Kyrgios go further? He’s up against Murray next. His Mars is at 19 Leo 02 and Jupiter is slap bang on it today. Maybe his game with Murray will be the turning point. Not sure what time/date they play. Thanks for all your input. best, Sally

    1. Sorry, late to the pass with my replies. Tomic is out. I didn’t check his astrology – I stuck to the top 10 seeds only plus wild card Kyrgios. best, Sally

  19. A question for Sally, Jannis, anyone who wants to weigh in on it.

    Roger has his secondary progressed Midheaven approaching the square to his Jupiter, strengthening during the summer, exact almost precisely during the USO. I’ve read that this tends to bring a difficult time in one’s career. But I’m wondering, since Jupiter is involved, is there a chance for a positive expression?

    1. hi, I use solar arc progressions for the Ascendant/Midheaven and do take them into account. They are slightly different from secondary progressions but only a bit. Well, the Midheaven progressed is square his Jupiter but it puts his Ascendant progressed conjunct his Jupiter as you say in September 2015.That feels lucky but Jupiter is in his 2nd house and rules his IC (4th house) so this benefits in particular money, home and family. It’s not so much about his tennis, I don’t think but perhaps other factors in his life. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  20. Hi AstroTennis,

    sorry, I have no experience in secondary progressions. End of this year with Saturn on IC he will have a look if it is time to go. But I think, he will have one last good year 2016 with Jupiter in Virgo. Conjunction to Venus is exactly end of Wimbledon. But end of 2016 Jupiter is in conjunction to Jupiter/Saturn of Roger. This may be the time for Roger to go. He said that Rio is his aim and I think he will play till then. I really hope that he finds the right time to go. But at the moment he is still able to beat every player but I think he is not constant enough to do it in every game. See Seppi now or Cilic US Open.

    Greetings, Jannis

    1. Thanks, Jannis!

      I hope Roger does have an excellent year in 2016, but I hope he can also have more. I don’t like to think of him retiring, but of course it will come sooner or later.

  21. So, I am not sure about this tournament, but I would like to revise my prediction to the following result:

    I am ot sure if Wawrinka or Djokovic will go to the final.

    I think, Anderson has a good chance to win against Nadal this night. Nadal has Sun square Pluto exact. Pluto could stop the next favourite…

    Semi finals:


    Winner: Andreas Seppi (not sure)

  22. Hi Sally,

    Not the overall astrology but can you compare Nadal with his remaining probable opponents? He will now play Berdych in the quarters. Rafa will beat him for sure. Can you check n compare Rafa against Murray, Djokovic n wawrinka?

    1. In a nutshell, ‘no’. Sorry, but as I’m sure you can tell by my astrology I look for the most obvious astrological factors to see if they influence who will win/do well in a Grand Slam tournament. Astrology isn’t a machine that you plug in and results tumble out. Astrology needs to be placed in context and the astrologer’s interpretation/intuition also plays a part in the predictions. My article gives you all the information you need on who I think has got the best chance out of the 4 you mentioned. We’ll soon know the outcome 🙂 best, Sally

    1. Kyrgios has the best astrology with Jupiter conjunct his natal Mars (although no time of birth for Kyrgios). However, does he have the experience/stamina, etc? Astrology must always be taken in context to a person’s life. I’m not looking at the charts for each individual match but that’s another way to find out where the emphasis may lie. Looking forward to this one 🙂

  23. Hola!

    Esta noche juegan Murray vs Kyrgios por los CF.

    Veo la carta eventual 27/01 – 19:10hs:
    Luna exaltada y conjunta al MC. Para mi significa al local = Kyrgios. Que viste de amarillo/blanco = Luna en Tauro.

    Además Kyrgios tiene una muy buena Revolución Solar con Sol conjunto Venus y el dispositor del Sol -Venus- en domicilio. Además, Jupiter está transitando en conjunción a su Marte.

    Creo que puede dar la sorpresa y Kyrgios eliminar a Murray hoy.


  24. Hola Juan

    What is your view of who is going to win AO? Please tell me what u think?

    Do u think Djokovic going to win?

    Thank u.

    1. Hola.

      Mi mayor candidato al titulo es Djokovic. Segundo Wawrinka. Pero no es facil de predecir este AO2015, no esta claro. Pero me arriesgo por el serbio por lo que señale antes.


      1. Doing a quick Google Translate for those of you who are reading the comments. Juan’s prediction is 1. Djokovic 2. Wawrinka although he says it’s not easy to predict for this tournament.

  25. Nadal out.

    Como era de esperar, el español no ganó en Australia. Llegó “lejos” por la muy buena carta debut en este AO2015.

    Pero hoy empezó una RL con Marte cuadratura Sol.

    Sally, yo me manejo con la carta natal de Rafael Nadal con MC 1º Virgo.


    1. hi Juan, interesting that you’re using a chart for Nadal with a Midheaven of 1 Virgo. What time of birth is that? best, Sally

        1. hi Juan, thanks for sending through the details of the chart for Nadal. The time I use for Nadal is different, almost 1 hour earlier, so yes, it will change his Ascendant/Midheaven considerably. Do the website you use confirm the birth time? Astrodatabank are the company I trust most when it comes to birth times and it says that 6:20pm is confirmed from his birth certificate. Here’s the link for you to check:,_Rafael best, Sally

          1. Hola Sally.

            Si, pero no confio tanto en Astro DataBank. Prefiero la carta con MC 1º Virgo. Me parece mas confiable.

            Fijate que las 2 veces Jupiter pasó por ese MC (17º Leo) Nadal no ganó nada. En Septiembre-Octubre 2014 y ahora.
            Sabemos que cuando Jupiter pasa por el MC de los tenistas suelen ganar algo grande: Roger en Wimbledon 2012, Murray JJ.OO 2012, etc. O al menos debería estar en algunas finales. Pero ni eso.


          2. That’s really interesting, Juan. You’re right about Nadal not winning when Jupiter went across his ‘Leo’ Midheaven but then he has still had Saturn to deal with in his 1st house and it’s been a tough transit for him with injury. I will keep a copy of the ‘other’ chart to see how it plays out. Thank you. Sally

  26. I have found that Chiron factors are sometimes seen in tennis losses. Chiron, the planetoid “wounded healer,” in experiences of “wounding.”

    Nadal’s secondary progressed chart in effect during this AO showed the Midheaven making the exact, within a few minutes of arc, square to his Chiron. That’s the Midheaven career factor making a difficult angle to Chiron, planetoid of “wounding.”

    In addition, during this match, transiting Chiron was within three minutes of arc of the exact square to his natal Chiron.

    The power of exact factors in astrology. Leaves me in awe.

    1. I don’t use Chiron a lot in my astrology and certainly haven’t used it in my tennis predictions so interesting to read. Thanks, Astrotennis. best, Sally

  27. Hi sally. As u said Rafa had a tough time and out of AO. I am highly disappointed . Any chance of grandslam title for Rafa this year?

    1. I don’t tend to look ahead but Nadal has got a Leo Midheaven so there will still be times this year when he can be super successful. I will look at the astrology for the Grand Slams as they come around. best, Sally

  28. oh, yeah.
    censorship, i forgot… sorry.
    the more you ban comments the more you will convince yourself you’re good?
    are you sure?

    1. hi Gino, well, here’s your 3rd comment if that makes you happy. No, I haven’t been posting your comments as you have nothing constructive to say but simply want to be sarcastic and you’re not interested in looking at astrological predictions in tennis. I’m fine with that and everyone can have their opinion, no problem, but I don’t see it adds anything to the many readers of the website. I’m surprised you keep coming back, to be honest. Sending best wishes your way, Sally

  29. Hi Sally, So far so good with your summary of potential contenders for the title. You always do so well with picking the right people to watch.

    1. Thanks Shelley. Yes, there has definitely been some accurate astrology so far, especially Federer crashing out when Pluto was opposite his Mars and Nick Kyrgios doing so well with Jupiter conjunct his Mars. Looking forward to the semis. best, Sally

  30. Hi Sally, thanks a lot for your prediction.
    I’m from Japan so obviously I was rooting for Kei Nishikori.
    He’s out now but I wonder if he’ll do better later this year.
    Is there any chance he’ll win a Grand Slam?

    1. hi Noel, thanks for your comment. I don’t have a birth time for Nishikori so if you do find one in Japan, please let me know. He has no planets in Leo or Virgo which is what you’re looking for as Jupiter, the success planet, is in those signs throughout 2015. The information regarding the angles of his chart which are also important for prediction is missing without a birth time. He’s a tough cookie with 6 planets in Capricorn – phew! He won’t give up that’s for sure. That’s all I can say for now but each Grand Slam is different because you’re also considering the astrology of the moment and who links in to that so do keep checking in throughout the year. best, Sally

  31. While I understand that all fans are inquisitive to know how their heroes will do during and after the tournament, please also respect Sally’s time.

    I see a lot of adhoc requests for her to read into and comment on the astrology of various players for the rest of the year. Sally has been kind to give out so much info for free. So I guess if you want to know more, fix an appointment for a reading of your respective tennis heroes. 🙂

    Oh…btw…I’m just a tennis fan and not a part of Sally’s team 😀

    Sally, So far all your predictions have been spot on! Great job like always!

    1. Thanks tennisbuf, always lovely to hear positive feedback. On the whole, I am happy to reply to comments so no worries on that front. I only do what I want to do and can answer honestly. best, Sally

  32. Hi Sally,
    Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I didn’t expect to receive your feedback so soon.
    I found that Kei’s birth time is between 5 to 6 am Japan time.
    I’m sorry for taking up your time.
    But if you happen to have any findings, please share with us.
    Thank you, Noel

  33. Hiya Sally

    You do great work on here to give us insight on Astrology. There are some people who do not believe in it and like to spoilt it fotlr others. Please continue doing the predictions and I always love coming on here.

    Well done for getting some of the predictions right.

  34. Hi Sally,
    I’m wondering whether Berdych can do a Marin Cilic in this Aus Open. He seems to be peaking at the right time. I believe he can take down Andy but not sure about Novak unless Stan reaches the final. How’s his astrology?

    1. I don’t have a time of birth for Tomas Berdych. He has four planets in Leo/Virgo so he’s going to be a contender this year. He’s born in 1985 so he will be 30 this year. Last chance perhaps to win a Grand Slam? With no birth time, the astrology suggests later this year. We shall soon find out. best, Sally

  35. Kannan C - Nadal Fan

    Novak is in prime form. Without dropping a set he has reached SF. Hope he can win AO. But i want murry to win after Nadal out. Is thr any chance for Murray. He has been a finalist for many times here.. This time he is should make it.

  36. Hi,

    in my blog I had predicted Madison Keys for the semi finals before the tournament. I have published an article obout her and her constellations during this tournament:

    Before tournament I already had written that Wawrinka has outstanding constellation during his semi final: Sun and Mercury conjunction Jupiter! I am not completely sure about his birthtime. Could be 10 to 15 minutes later. He is my favourite for the title.

    Murray against Berdych could be a long match. Around 4 hours after start (19.40) moon is trine Berdychs Jupiter. This will probably be during 5th set and Berdych will be very enthusiastic then. But I see Murray stronger with Moon conjunction MC. But due to Saturn opposition Mercury which is exact shortly after Aus Open, I think Murray will be runner-up and lose final against Wawrinka.


    1. Es lo mismo que yo escribi en Me copiaste?

      En la SF I la Luna -Berdych de claro- está dejando la C10 y está en cuadratura a Neptuno, cerrada. Y el regente de la C10 -Venus- está en la cuspide de la C8 en cuadratura a Saturno, cerrada. Todos aspectos de decepción y desilución. Además Saturno -Murray de negro- está angular en su C4. Pero viste donde cae la antiscia de la Luna?! Eso inclina la balanza?

      Saturno en transito a los 3º de Sagitario está hiriendo a 2 planetas de c/u. Al Mercurio de Murray -que le rige su Asc y MC- y al Marte de Berdych. Pero para estos días ya es partil la oposición de Saturno al Mercurio del britanico mientras que a Berdych Saturno está a más de 1º 40′.

      Para mi gana Berdych.


      La SF II, de entrada hay un aspecto que habla mucho en esta carta: Luna sextil partil Jupiter. Para mi eso significa que gana el favorito. Pero quién es? el Nº1 o el suizo campeon defensor que ya le ganó el último partido? Creo que Djokovic. Pero si seguimos mirando vemos que la Luna rige la I y Venus, que rige la C10, está en cuadratura partil a Saturno. Y Saturno -regente VII- está en la C4 conjunto a la PF.

      No se bien como interpretarlo. Pero ese aspecto de Luna-Jupiter me da la espina de que gana Djokovic.

      Mantengo lo dicho, de los 4 el que mejor está es Djokovic y el que le sigue Wawrinka.

      Voy a una final Djokovic vs Berdych y el serbio levantando la copa.

      1. Juan, thanks for all the astrology some of which I agree with and some of which I don’t use/understand. You’re going for a Djokovic-Berdych final with Djokovic to win. Thank you. best, Sally

    2. hi Jannis, thanks for the astrology. You’re going for the opposite of Juan Cruz. A Murray-Wawrinka final with Wawrinka the winner. I’m going to have one more look at the astrology later today and check my prediction. best, Sally

  37. Good Morning Sally

    Hope you are keeping well.

    Looking back at some of the post on Roger. Could you please explain what Pluto opposite to Roger Mars but it will be retrograde during Summer.

    You also said that Roger will have sweet astology too. What do u mean by that?

    Thank u

    1. Pluto opposite Mars isn’t easy. Pluto is referred to as the ‘wipe out’ planet and an opposition is a tough aspect. I was worried about Federer’s stamina/athleticism with Pluto opposing his Mars and so it came to pass. It may affect him throughout the year to be fair but you can work with difficult aspects to overcome them. The sweet astrology is Jupiter in Leo connecting with his Sun/Mercury Leo. best, Sally

  38. Hola Juan

    If you got time, Could you please give us any insight Astrology on Roger Federer? Do u think he will win more GS and Masters?

    Thank u

  39. Well, Berdych lost. So the possibility of Jannis’ prediction is still alive for the Murray-Wawrinka final with Wawrinka the winner.

  40. I thought Murray played very well today against Berdych. Berdych needs some confidence in these big matches. He is a Sun sign Virgo and might get some help with Jupiter when it goes into Virgo. He is far too talented to not have a grandslam title. Anyway, although Murray is hitting the ball well I’m not convinced he will be holding the title on Sunday. Mercury is retrograde, ruler of his midheaven, and Neptune is transiting the midheaven. I’m sure these two planets will cause some problems for him on Sunday. Also, Sally pointed out the issue with Uranus and when you least expect it Uranus can strike. Murray’s battles with Berdych hiring his confidante/coach/hitting partner and all of the negativity around him hiring Mauresmo is definitely the result of transiting Neptune square his midheaven. It is a very hard transit to get through and it comes with alot of back biting, dark nights of the soul, feeling lost and the ego being wiped out. Murray certainly has his hands full so to have played so well today was a great achievement for him.

    1. hi Shelley, thanks for your interesting thoughts re. Berdych and Murray. On to the Djokovic-Murray final. Yes, Mercury is retrograde and that is likely to affect Murray more with his Virgo Ascendant/Gemini Midheaven (both Mercury-ruled signs) than it is Djokovic with his Capricorn Ascendant/Scorpio Midheaven. However, I consider the Neptune square to Murray’s Midheaven too wide for the moment. I tend to work with a 1 degree orb for the outer planets. Neptune will be exactly square Murray’s Midheaven mid-March.

      Will Murray pull a shock and beat the favourite with his Moon progression conjunct Uranus which was exact on January 21st and still active now? Possibly. However, as I mentioned in the original blog article, both Djokovic and Murray have some strong astrology during the tournament because they are only born one week apart and share a lot of the same planet placements. The difference is that Pluto is in sextile (helpful) aspect to Murray’s Ascendant and Djokovic’ Midheaven and you want to see connections to the Midheaven for success in your career. So I am still leaning towards a Djokovic win. It will be interesting to watch especially as my heart will be with Murray and my head (because of my prediction) will be with Djokovic!

      Just a quick comment on Berdych and being a Sun Virgo. Yes, it will be interesting to see whether Jupiter in Virgo later this year boosts his confidence/play and he’s got to crack on and win a Grand Slam soon if he’s ever going to win with the big 3-0 looming (30th birthday). I know it’s not a grand old age but in tennis it’s often seen as a significant turning point. best, Sally

  41. I have published my closer analysis for the semi final between Wawrinka and Djokovic and possible final against Murray: Wawrinka: Sun/Mercury exactly in conjunction to Jupiter!!! Murray gets Saturn close to an opposition to Mercury and have a look on his prpgressions: Progressive Moon exactly in oppsoition to Mars. I don’t think so, he will win on Sunday. Very interesting: During Murrays bad last year progressive Sun was in opposition to Saturn! I thin Murray will get on top again with Jupiter on his side from autumn. Maybe it’s a bit catty, but Berdych performs as typical Virgo: standing in the second row all the time. There is something that is missing why Berdych can’t win the big matches. I also see a problem with his nerves. In the most deciding moments he is not cool enough. Maybe he can overcome this one day.

  42. I’ve been tracking the comments here for a while now. I’m sorry Jannis but you seem to be very fickle about your predictions. It’s gone on something like this:

    1. Federer definitely makes the final
    2. Seppi makes the final (after knocking out Federer)
    3. Troicki beats Berdych
    4. Nadal will lose to Anderson
    5. Tomic to reach semis
    6. Wawrinka is your favourite
    7. Wawrinka-Murray final with Wawrinka winning it…

    That aside, I don’t know much about astrology but I like to read just to see what destiny sometimes might have in store for people. I felt Murray was going to win after watching him since his Dimitrov win and I’m not changing it though Djokovic is the favourite going into the Final. May the more deserving player win.

    So my prediction: Murray to win in 4 tight sets!

    1. Thanks RJ. I think Jannis is just keen to update his predictions once someone goes out and I do enjoy his astrology. I look forward to seeing whether your prediction is correct. The astrology is really interesting for the two finalists as they are only born one week apart so they have some really similar planetary placings. Astrologically Djokovic’ edges it for me but I won’t be upset if Murray pulls it out of the bag and wins his 3rd Grand Slam. best, Sally

    1. It will be active all year. As Pluto is a slow-moving planet, it hovers round a planet before moving on. The times when the planet is in exact aspect are often the most potent as we’ve seen with Federer in this Grand Slam tournament. Pluto is exactly opposite his Mars on the following dates: January 23rd, July 19th & November 27th. It’s starting to move away again now and will be at its weakest mid-April. best, Sally

  43. I don’t mind Jannis’ predictions. Prediction takes practice. And you have to give it a try first to get better. It’s like being a detective. Lots of astrologers make wrong predictions but it doesn’t mean the astrology is wrong. Murray is definitely in with a chance to win. He has a point to prove regarding Mauresmo so he’ll be fired up. I think Djokovic is missing his wife and baby which is why he didn’t look happy on the court in his semi final. I’m routing for Djokovic thogh. I’m a Brit and I should be loyal to Murray but I’ve never been a fan of Mauresmo. I like Murray’s courage to hire a female coach but I don’t care for his choice. I think overall Djokovic has the edge. He’s been very successful at the Australian open and Murray hasn’t. So maybe a bit of location Astrology gets thrown into the mix too.

  44. hello sally transit saturn in the 8th from natal moon and aspecting his natal sun proved more powerful than jupiter transiting his mc for nadal and hence he got defeated.i wonder what would have happened if jupiter had been direct instead of retrograde.

    1. Jupiter is stronger direct rather than retrograde for sure. We’ve seen that before in the tennis Grand Slams, I think it was Andy Murray and Jupiter retrograde close to his Midheaven which didn’t symbolise a win? Yes, Saturn is giving Nadal a tough time of things but he does have a Sun-Saturn opposition in his own chart so I expect Saturn transits are going to be strong because of that. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        One example of Jupiter direct vs. retrograde. Roger won Wimbledon 2012 with Jupiter direct close to his Midheaven. Jupiter was retrograde close to his Midheaven during AO 2013, and he didn’t win it. I remember your mentioning at the time that Jupiter wouldn’t be so strong for him at the AO because of the retrograde, and you were right on!

        As to Nadal’s Saturn. Since he has the natal Sun-Saturn opposition, do you think his Saturn return may be difficult? It will be exact in November.

        1. Thanks for the example, AstroTennis. I knew I’d mentioned Jupiter before and how different it can be when it’s direct and retrograde. Yes, I do think Nadal’s Saturn Return will be decisive during his Saturn Return and potentially tough for him with his natal Sun-Saturn opposition. Saturn has been so obviously about injury for Nadal. Will be looking at his astrology with interest in the rest of the year. best, Sally

    1. Thanks Federer fan. Yes, so it transpired. Djokovic dominated and won the match mentally, psychologically & physically. I saw the first two sets but then had to go out so missed the last two sets and that’s when it seemed to get really interesting… Brilliant first two sets though by both players. best, Sally

  45. Excellent prediction Sally. Djokovic won and Murray faded away in the end. I think Murray will definitely win a Grandslam this year he’s back to his best he just needs to cut out the negativity. But well done to you for another great analysis.

    1. Thanks Shelley. Yes, Murray seemed to let Djokovic’ ‘injury’ get to him, fake or otherwise, and you can’t do that at the top level. I’m really pleased with the astrology for this year’s Aus Open Grand Slam. Just about to update the page. Makes me more confident to keep the predictions going. Thanks for your support. best, Sally

  46. Congratulations Sally. A huge pat on your back for all the `spot on’ predictions for Australian Open 2015. Wonderful !

  47. Djokovic campeon.

    Estoy contento porque Djokovic fue mi principal candidato al titulo en mi predicción. Y el 2do fue Wawrinka, que estuvo muy cerca de ganarle a Novak.

    Lo predije en base a su carta natal con Asc Leo (Luna 28º Piscis), su muy buena Revolución Solar vigente, su excelente Revolución Lunar para estas fechas y por su muy buena carta debut en AO2015.

    Sally, estuviste muy bien. Es un gusto compartir astrologia con vos. Espero que nos volvamos a encontrar pronto.


    Juan Cruz.

  48. Wonderful prediction Sally.

    Spot on. There will obviously be aberrations (like US OPEN 2013)…..but you got it right for the most part last year and you have started well this year.

    How are stars looking for top 4 during french open time period? I know i’m greedy!

    1. Thank you, Mannar. Yes, too greedy…. will look at the French Open but nearer the time. You’re right about the US Open 2013. That was one of the reasons why I felt it was time to stop predicting the mens’ tennis. If the astrology isn’t accurate, then it makes no sense. Really pleased with 2014’s predictions on the whole and 2015 has started extremely well. 🙂 best, Sally

  49. hello sally congratulations on your correct prediction of djokovic winning ao 2015.your success percentage is very high.keep it up.

  50. Dear Sally,

    Please continue doing predictions on your blog. I love it, your astrology is very very good and interesting.

    I am learning all time, and also your information has help others how to understand what these transits means for certain people.

    As a Federer fan, I wish this year will be a good year for Roger. We all all hoping that Roger will win more Grand Slams. I would love him to get his 18th as it will match to his birthday date 8th August 1981. That would be a blessing.

    Thank you Sally, keep up the good work.

  51. Sally, volvi a mirar la carta apertura del AO2015. Fijate que la Luna antes de aplicar a Pluton (13º Capricornio), aplica al antiscio de Jupiter (10º Tauro). Luna>Jupiter>Favorito>Nº1.


  52. well, djokovic is the best player in the world and was the big favorite for everybody…
    i don’t think astrology suggested it…
    you’re still behind the bookies in your prediction record.
    be sure nobody notice it! 😉

  53. i apologize, i think you’re even with the bookies, you just went against them for federer on the us open.

    keep mirroring it and it’ll be good for your “reputation”, but pay attention to the french open, it’s tricky as with the biological passport nadal is now in big problems!

    i guess you can’t make prediction on women tennis as it is always so unpredictable despite serena always being the big favorite.
    i’ll check your next moves.
    be careful with your king.

    1. My intention isn’t to beat the bookies, ginolatino. The predictions are for people who are interested in astrology to see whether the premise ‘as above, so below’ holds true and as long as the astrology is insightful & useful (super useful for Aus Open 2015), then I will keep writing them. If you don’t like astrology, there’s not much point in you reading them. best, Sally

    2. Ginolatino,

      Why are you on here if you don’t believe in Astrology? People on here are learning and interacting with each other. Please don’t spoilt for others if you don’t believe in it.

      I agree with Sally. Sally please continue doing these blogs as we are learning all the time about different transits. Keep up the good work.

      Ginolatino – please don’t be rude to Sally and others who enjoy this blog.

      Bookies are not always right. Serena always have weak draws. Why are you going by the Bookies – they are rubbish.

  54. Thanks for posting my posts…
    I’m here because i have some interest and some limited knowledge in astrology obviously, don’t care about “anti-” crusades.
    Bookies predictions are just the standard against which you have to measure the power of predictability of “tennis astrology”, it’s as simple as that. Everybody had Djokovic as a favorite, you can’t measure astrology validity with that prediction.

    Anyway, I think it’s impossibile for astrology to beat the odds in tennis.
    Tennis is the worst sport you can pick to make predictions based on astrology, it’s 100% a game of skill, were there is almost no luck/statistical randomness in the single game.
    I don’t know if you’re familiar with statistics math, anyway:
    when thousands of shots are hit during a game, and hundrets of points scored, in a single game, between two players, without any external interference, the statistical “noise” is non-existent, and the best players will almost always win.

    I think there would be a little more space to prove the validity of predictions in women tennis, because women phisically cover the court less than men, and thus there is a lot more space for irregular patters (see many breaks), and thus the psychological element becomes more relevant.
    I’d be curious.
    You won’t have so good results though.

    A good way you could measure the power of your astrology tennis predictions is making a predictions on “overperformance”, or “underperformance” for certain players.
    That would a lot more interesting.

    Anyway, good predictions…
    I personally won’t see astrology more as an art than as a science. (I’m a writer, nothing against arts) 😉

    1. hi Gino, thank you for your comment. I do not view astrology as a science which is why I’m not interested in measuring validity of predictions. It’s always been more aligned to art and magic in my personal view. What interests me is whether you can use astrology to show what will happen for individual players/the tournament as a whole. It’s about bringing the astrology to life and when it works well it’s amazing. My mens tennis predictions have produced some interesting & accurate astrology so I continue to write them. I never gelled with the womens tennis at all which is why I stopped doing predictions. Some years ago I did football predictions which were incredibly accurate. It was a time when I was very into my football. The astrology works best when the astrologer has a genuine interest in the topic. So astrology prediction is a mix: it’s based on the astrology, plus the astrologer’s intuition plus the 3rd party, the astrologer’s intervention. More of an art than a science. best, Sally.

  55. Hi Sally,

    You said Feb 22 is a key date for Federer and now Federer has won Dubai. How do you see his performance in Indian wells , Wimbledon and US Open this year?


    1. hi Deepak, yes, Jupiter in Leo was boosting the Fed’s performance once again. The other key dates for Jupiter are mentioned in the article above, Australian Open 2015. best, Sally

  56. Deepak Maliakal


    According to your dates:

    “Jupiter remains in Leo until August 11th 2015 and the key dates for Federer this year are February 22nd, March 16th, May 2nd & May 24th when Jupiter highlights his natal Sun/Mercury conjunction. The period from March 16th to May 2nd is especially strong as Jupiter turns direct at 12 Leo 35 on April 8th and remains within orb of his dexterous Mercury throughout that time.”

    I am trying to break this down:
    Feb 22: in conjunction with Dubai tournament
    Mar 16: in conjunction with Indian Wells
    May 2: Istanbul and Madrid
    May 24: French Open
    Mar 16 – May 2 : Indian Wells and upcoming clay season
    Jupiter remains in Leo until August 11th 2015 :
    This means he may perform well Until Cincinnati Open and thereafter his performances may not be that great.

    So, in essence, Federer has a good shot at various tournaments until Cincinnati, especially during Indian Wells – Madrid time frame.

    1. hi Deepak, the dates I’ve noted are when Jupiter’s especially strong for Roger so yes, any competition that is close to those dates he has luck on his side (to complement his talent & natural brilliance of course). He won Dubai, for example. Looking forward to the rest of the tennis season. best wishes, Sally

      1. hi sally saturn turning retrograde on 14.03.2015 and jupiter turning direct on 08.04.2015 will it be good or bad for nadal.

  57. Dear James and Sally,

    For Nadal he got Saturn Solar return at the beginning of May. Solar return in Saturn is stronger than Jupiter.

    May will not be a good month for Nadal. He got Saturn in his chart all year.

    Sally said that Jupiter direct is stronger than retrograde but it depends where in Nadal chart.

    Roger got it stronger than Nadal with Solar Eclipses on March 20th

    Federer fan

    1. hi Federer fan, not entirely sure what you mean by your comment. Nadal’s Saturn return is imminent but as of Saturday, Saturn is now retrograde and retreating from his natal Saturn so not as strong. Yes, there’s a solar eclipse on Friday in Pisces but not conjunct either Nadal or Federer’s planets/angles. I haven’t had a close look at the astrology for Indian Wells but I do know that Jupiter is currently conjunct Roger’s Mercury Leo, his career planet which has to help. best, Sally

  58. Hola!

    Vi las “cartas debut” de los favoritos en Indian Wells 2015.

    Y Rafael Nadal(15/3 – 19.12hs) y Roger Federer(15/3 – 16.45hs)tienen las mejores cartas debuts. Porque la Luna aplica al Sol. Pero la carta debut de Federer es brillante. Porque Sol es ‘regente Casa I’. Y PF aplica sextil partil Venus -regente Casa X-.

    Y viendo las Revoluciones Lunares, Federer tiene una excelente RL. El MC RL está encima del Mercurio-Sol de Roger. Y Jupiter está conjunto a Mercurio-Sol. Y , como dijo Sally, Jupiter en transito está yendo sobre su Mercurio.

    Para mi Federer gana Indian Wells 2015.

    1. Roger has Jupiter almost exactly conjunct Mercury, ruler of his Midheaven (career point) today. That’s got to spell good news for Indian Wells. Hope so 🙂

  59. Sally,

    I see that you don’t have a separate page for Tennis. Apart from Federer, how does Djokovic and Murray’s chances look for Indian Wells?

  60. Hola Juan

    Who is going to Win Indian Wells? You said Roger but now you are not sure. Who got the best Astrology?

    Fed Fan

  61. So far Federer has played well. It is a blockbuster final. According to the planets, Fed should win. Let keep our fingers crossed.

    Sally/Juan, any idea about Djokovic’s chances?

    1. Djokovic seems to be an unstoppable force at the moment. I do get the feeling that even though Roger is still playing exceptionally well, he’s going to find it harder this year to win titles. Time will tell. best, Sally

  62. Well I guess this good spell for Roger doesn’t necessarily mean that he win the tournament but he gave Novak a great fight.

    1. hi Lisa, it seems that way, doesn’t it? Djokovic seems an unstoppable force and he has his ruling planet Saturn in his career (10th) house until November 2015. I think he’s always going to be the one to beat. best, Sally

  63. The only thing is will Djokovic win the French Open this year? I still think that Nadal will the French Open again this year.

  64. Finalmente Djokovic fue el campeón de Indian Wells 2015. La final se jugó con la conjunción Venus-Luna 6º Tauro. Donde Djokovic tiene a su Venus natal!! (presente en su MC según la Carta Natal que manejo de él).

    A partir de Junio veremos otro Djokovic. Y creo que durante 1 año (Junio 2015 – Junio 2016) NO ganará Grand Slams. Porque comienza una RS (Revolución Solar) con Saturno en oposición al Sol. (Mismo aspecto que tiene Federer en su RS Agosto 2015 – Agosto 2016).

    1. hi Juan, I presume Revolucion Solar translates as ‘Solar Return’ in English. If so, I’m not entirely convinced with your prediction for Djokovic. Saturn is his ruling planet (Capricorn Ascendant) and I think he plays like a machine when Saturn’s active. He won the Australian Open 2015 when Saturn was opposing his natal Sun Gemini. best, Sally

      1. Hola Sally!

        Durante el AO 2015, Saturno transitaba los 3º de Sagitario. Se separaba de su Sol natal a los 0º de Geminis. Además de que era separativo, era un transito. Considero que ese aspecto en la “solar return” es mucho más duro que un transito.

        Estoy ansioso por ver como acciona su RS 2015. Para mi, con un Djokovic menos ganador.


        1. Thanks Juan. Yes, it will be interesting to see whether Saturn in Djokovic’ Solar Return does halt him in his tracks. Looking forward to the tennis. best, Sally

  65. Hi Sally,

    Hope Roger wins Monte Carlo. You have mentioned in your prediction that March 16th to May 2nd is quite a favorable period for the Maestro. Monte Carlo is from Apr 11th to 19th and Jupiter turns direct on April 8th just before the tournamnent.

    It would be amazing if he wins that elusive title.

    Fingers crossed!

  66. i do not know the language in which juan cruz is commenting so i am unable to follow what he says. will someone translate it for me please.

    1. Spanish. I just copy and paste into google translate – you don’t need to identify what language it is as it will translate automatically. It’s not the best english but you get a good idea of what’s being said. Here’s Juan’s last comment. He’s saying that Djokovic has Saturn opposite the Sun in his Solar Return, an astrological technique which he uses for prediction. This means he’s unlikely to win a Grand Slam whilst this is active (from his birthday, May 22 2015 for one year). I’m not as convinced as Saturn is Djokovic’ ruler.:

      Google Translate:
      “Hi Sally!

      During the AO 2015, Saturn transiting the 3rd of Sagittarius. He was separated from his natal Sun in Gemini 0º. Plus it was separative, was a transit. I consider this aspect in the “solar return” is much harder than a transit.

      I’m anxious to see how drives its RS 2015. For me, with a less winner Djokovic.


      Hope that helps. best, Sally

      1. thanks sally for the translation.nadal is going through the worst patch of his career.will he regain his old form and win many more titles or is this the end of his career?

  67. @james green

    Look what Greenstone Lobo predicted

    Rafael Nadal will struggle to win majors

    Saturday, 11 October 2014 – 7:05am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna
    Greenstone Lobo

    Rafael Nadal’s horoscope is second only to that of Roger Federer. The Spaniard has Planet ‘Z’ in deep exaltation in his third house that rules arms. But there is a minor blemish, though. Sun, the planet that rules the body and vitality, is in his eighth house of distress. That’s why Nadal has suffered so many injuries.

    Since 2011, Saturn has stayed in the first house of personality for Nadal. While this phase was inimical for most other players, it was extremely beneficial for Nadal. Saturn helped him overcome his injuries and make a huge comeback. However, this phase will end soon. In other words, Nadal would find it more and more difficult to win Grand Slams. Also the advent of Planet ‘X’ into his eighth house in January next year would mean his best days are numbered.

    In short, the advent of younger, newer players and frequent injuries would prevent Nadal from becoming the greatest tennis player of all time.

  68. Hiya Sally

    What do u think of Roger Astrology this year? Will Roger have a good year and hold on his number 2 ranking? I know Roger wants to get the number 1 back and win Wimbledon again. I hope Astrology will allow Roger to acheive his goal

    Thank you Fed Fan

  69. @Sally
    I do not know the astrological perspective, but Novak seems to get stronger. His performance so far is solid. I hope it is going to get better and he wins a slam or two this year.

  70. Novak is playing incredible right now but I still Nadal can win the French Open until he is actually beaten at Roland Garros.

  71. Greenstone Lobo is a fed fan and his predictions failed big time with his favorite player.
    See his last two predictions about the swiss: UO 2014 and AO= 2015, big failure.
    And add champions league 2014 and world cup 2014. lobo, i cant take seripis this guy anymore.
    I hope Rafa Nadal can win a couple more majors until his retirement, even his awful performances in the last year, I hope he can win Roland Garros for the last time. vamos!

    1. I can’t comment on the accuracy of Greenstone Lobo’s predictions. I don’t know what percentage he gets right. Astrology is never 100% correct in sports predictions but you’re hoping for a higher than average percentage. I shall hopefully check out the French Open astrology nearer the time. best, Sally

  72. Hi Sally,

    Can you please have a look at Nadal’s chart before the French Open draw is announced. What can we expect from him this year, looking at this time he is not feeling confident on clay, which is strange. I really want Nadal to win this Roland Garros, but astrologically are there any chances of that?

  73. I can’t wait to see the predictions for the French Open. As for Lobo, He has been accurate a couple times, he said in 2010 that Nadal would have a great year and come back strong. So I read his predictions as all predictions as an insight in what might happen. And no one is perfect.

  74. Hi Sally,

    I hope you are keeping well. I can’t wait for your predictions for the French Open. I love comparing predictions to see who is right or wrong. It is lovely to get all of us together sharing what we think or feel.

    Fed fan (you know me from twitter)

  75. Hi Sally,
    waiting for your Aussie open 2016 predictions….All i am interested is if Djoker has some bad astrolgy :-p

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