Mars Square Saturn: What’s Slowing You Down?

Downloading future, please wait...Mars is the planet of action and it’s currently moving into a square aspect with the planet that slams on the brakes, Saturn.

Mars in Pisces wants to dream, be creative, live a fantasy life whilst Saturn says ‘hang on a minute, mate, but is that realistic?.

Saturn can be the party pooper of the heavens, the big guy who halts your plans in their tracks.

I’ve been on a creative roll whilst Mars has been in Pisces since the beginning of the week but I can feel the brakes clamping down, slowing me, pointing out the pitfalls, the limitations, where I need to be (ugh) sensible. That’s Saturn in action and it’s not easy to push on through.

These are Saturn’s lessons; face facts, work out your budget before you splurge on A, B or C, create a realistic plan, start from the bottom and work your way up, build one brick at a time.

If you have Mars and Saturn in hard aspect (square, opposition or conjunction) in your own chart, this will already be familiar to you. The two big daddies of the heavens add grit and determination to your personal tool box but boy, they make you do everything the hard way. They can be mean too if they’re feeling especially malefic (evil).

I’m riding this one out, noting what I have to do and when but otherwise I’m just going to take it nice and slow and not let Saturn bring me down. Mars in Pisces can try and wheedle his way round Saturn or use devious means but Saturn’s not in a playing mood.

So conserve that energy, get an early night (if you’re in a similar time zone) and if you and yours feel grumpy, let it be. Tomorrow’s another day and it’s helpful to realise that things may just take a little longer than you hoped.

Life always looks brighter when you’re on the other side of a Mars-Saturn roadblock and back cruising at normal speed.

Mars is at 2 Pisces square to Saturn at 2 Sagittarius – the square aspect is exact at 6:10 am on Thursday 15th January. 


3 thoughts on “Mars Square Saturn: What’s Slowing You Down?”

  1. It feels like I have my mars and Saturn in opposite direction. I always have lots of ideas but I find faults with these ideas and put them off. I m Capri born on 27/12/75. Is there a way to overcome this somehow?

    1. Thanks for your comment. An understanding of your natal chart would help you but often this is linked to self-esteem. The more you believe in yourself, the less likely you are to talk yourself out of your good ideas. Other tips, find someone to support you who you are accountable to; choose one task and commit to doing it before you come up with more ideas. That will help you focus. Hope that helps. best, Sally

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