Mars Retrograde In Gemini: More Haste, Less Speed

Mars retrograde

Mars Turns Retrograde [25 Gemini 37]

– October 30, 2022 (13:26 GMT)

Action planet Mars has been in Gemini since August 20th. This was always going to be an important transit of Mars as it stays in airy Gemini, the star sign linked to communication until March 25, 2023.

A whole seven months of Mars in one sector of the zodiac. Mars in Gemini symbolises a weapon (Mars) of words (Gemini). This is motor mouth, the fast talker, full of ideas and thoughts, witty & sharp.

Mutable star signs like Gemini aren’t rigid or fixed. Instead, they’re open-minded at best, liars at worst. Anything is possible, they like to find solutions to problems and multi-tasking is their forte.

When a planet’s in a mutable star sign, it helps to show willingness, to be flexible & adaptable and to be open to whatever comes along.

Yet, this week Mars switches star sign and turns retrograde at 25° Gemini on October 30th. The speed freak of the zodiac will be on go slow until January 12, 2023 when it turns direct at 8° Gemini.

Retrograde Mars

Usually, when Mars is retrograde, the planet is said to be weakened, its energy not strong. Traditionally, it’s a time to retreat, rework your strategy, gather your troops or support ready to go on the attack once again when Mars powers forward. 

Mars retrograde tends to impact Aries & Scorpio the most, Mars’ two signs of rulership, also if you have Mars strong in your horoscope. Themes are often around feeling powerless or lacking control or strength.

Mars retrograde is a time when you can’t get ahead as fast as you would like, you have to learn patience, sometimes the hard way, and it’s wise to take good care of your physical health. Gemini rules the hands & arms, Mars is linked to the head.

Gemini’s a quick star sign and Mars retrograde here could be a different experience. More likely than not, Mars retrograde in Gemini is going to feel busy and active, even if it means changing tactics or doing things differently. This could be a positive retrograde phase for turning inwards, getting creative and writing your masterpiece.

It’s a time when words count. Yet, be wary of what you say or write as your words could be used against you in the future. Ensure you copyright your ideas and don’t blab about your plans. Keep things to yourself ready to launch into action once Mars turns direct on January 12, 2023.

Mars in Gemini can signify a war of words, an ongoing battle with the neighbours, for example. It’s an argumentative combination. It’s a trickster combination too. Who’s telling porky-pies, who in your life says one thing but means another?

It might be helpful to look back to what’s happened in the past when Mars was retrograde, which happens approximately once every two years. Here are the previous dates:

  • September 9 to November 13 2020 – Mars retrograde & direct in Aries
  • June 26 to August 27 2018 – Mars retrograde in Aquarius/direct in Capricorn
  • April 17 to June 29 2016 – Mars retrograde in Sagittarius/direct in Scorpio

Also and quite worryingly, the last two times Mars was retrograde in Gemini were 2008 & 1990 – both years of recession. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet linked to trade, the merchant of the zodiac. This could be a time when many of us are ducking & diving, trading & selling, trying to make ends meet.

Mars Square Neptune

There are other factors to pay attention to as well, primarily that Mars turns retrograde at 25° Gemini in a square aspect to Neptune at 22° Pisces. The square aspect was exact on October 12th and will perfect again while Mars is retrograde on November 19th. Plus, there’ll be a third and final Mars-Neptune square aspect on March 14, 2023 once Mars is direct.

When Mars aligns with Neptune, this can be dreamy & meandering, also potentially confusing & misleading. The Mars-Neptune combination could be helpful for creative projects and using your imagination but not so great for getting things done.

It’s potentially a time when you can be scammed or deceived. With Mars in Gemini, the sign of communication, ensure you read between the lines and don’t believe everything you hear. The truth may be blurred or elusive.

Therefore, if you’re involved in anything that smacks of this Mars-Neptune influence, be aware that this may take a while to play out. If you’re working on a writing or creative project, think of this as a potential time-line. The last two months of 2022 could be a good time to take your foot off the accelerator of life and try a different gear.

Here’s a quick reminder of where Mars falls in your horoscope – read both your Sun sign & Ascendant sign.

  • Gemini: Physical body, personal goals
  • Cancer: Inner work, retreat, anxieties
  • Leo: Friends & groups, society, politics
  • Virgo: Career & vocation, parents, authority
  • Libra: Education; travel & new experiences
  • Scorpio: Joint finances, sex & the esoteric
  • Sagittarius: Relationships, contracts, enemies
  • Capricorn: Work & health, being of service
  • Aquarius: Creativity, children, love affairs
  • Pisces: Home & property, your family & the past
  • Aries: Communication, siblings & neighbours, life close to home
  • Taurus: Personal money, your values & self-worth

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3 thoughts on “Mars Retrograde In Gemini: More Haste, Less Speed”

  1. HI, thank you for the information this article. Would people with natal Mars in Gemini experience the retrograde any differently than those with Mars in a different sign?

    And does Mars retrograde mean it’s wise to refrain from launching a new venture until it turns direct? I was all set to try pitching freelance writng projects (I need the money!), but seems like I may be better waiting? I’m Leo sun, rising Cancer.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It may feel more personal as you have Mars in Gemini – you’re likely to know better how it works. I wouldn’t stop pitching for freelance writing projects – not at all! It feels like a wonderful time to do so. You may be able to learn a lot from what works out and what doesn’t. Keep reworking your strategy and good luck 🙂

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