Mars Enters Aquarius: Collective Goals

team, Mars Aquarius

Action planet, Mars, is on the move this week as it enters the sign of the collective, Aquarius on May 16, 2018. Mars, however, has no intention of whizzing through the star sign which represents community, friendship, comrades and wider society.

You might as well take your time deciding which team you want to join because, once you find your tribe, your group, your club, your society, you’re going to be hanging out together until mid-November 2018 at least.

This is because Mars turns retrograde in July and August 2018, i.e. it retreats through the zodiac. This is when you’re wise to slow things down, re-group and turn your attention inward. As always in astrology, timing is the key if you’re to be successful. Here’s the run of events:

  • Mars enters Aquarius – May 16 2018
  • Mars turns retrograde [9 Aquarius 13] – June 26 2018
  • Mars retreats into Capricorn – August 13 2018
  • Mars turns direct [28 Capricorn 37] – August 27 2018
  • Mars returns to Aquarius – September 11 to November 15 2018

Mars rules ambition and drive, speed and fury. In astrology, Mars is the warrior, and when Mars is powerful, this symbolises desire, passion, a fighting spirit, physical activity, courage, daring. Mars wants to get from A to B as swiftly as possible. Direct action is Mars’ domain, fierce and forceful.

Aquarius is the sign linked to the collective and social networks. Aquarius is both systematic and technological, wacky and original and Mars in Aquarius loves to pursue a worthy cause, whether humanitarian, egalitarian, political or social.

Aquarius is a fixed sign and Mars in Aquarius may dig its heels in, refusing to deviate from its beliefs or values. Try not to be inflexible, while at the same time you stand strong in your principles. This can be a tricky tightrope to walk.

Mars Square Uranus

Mars’ transit through Aquarius coincides with Uranus’ transit through Taurus and Uranus is co-ruler of Aquarius. This unlocks the rebel nature within society and the desire to fight for what you believe in. Yet, Mars and Uranus will clash three times this year and this is rarely an easy planetary aspect. Mars can be volatile and Uranus is the trigger for impulsive action.

Watch your step on the dates below and avoid explosive or foolhardy behaviour. Being overly speedy or hasty can cause accidents and impulsive actions lead to irreversible consequences. Take your time and veer away from anger, violence and any fragile situation that could blow up at any moment.

  • Mars Aquarius square Uranus Taurus (0 degrees 02) – May 16, 2018 (08:04 GMT +1)
  • Mars R Aquarius square Uranus Taurus (2 degrees 32) – August 2, 2018 (03:39 GMT +1)
  • Mars Aquarius square Uranus R Taurus (1 degree 52) – September 19, 2018 (00:01 GMT +1)

Instead, wait for the more volatile planetary activity to settle down and then work at your collective goals. Mars in Aquarius is the team player and Mars in Aquarius is at its best on a mission. Here are the key areas of your life triggered by Mars’ move into the systematic and quirky air sign, Aquarius.

Read your Sun Sign and your Ascendant for the complete picture:

  • Aries: friends, groups, social networks, hopes & wishes
  • Taurus: career, vocation, status & reputation
  • Gemini: travel, exploration, higher education, knowledge
  • Cancer: joint finances, shared resources, psyche, metaphysical realm
  • Leo: relationships, 1-to-1 interactions, contracts & joint ventures
  • Virgo: work, everyday lifestyle, health, routine
  • Libra: love affairs, children, creativity, entertainment, speculation
  • Scorpio: home, family, your past, where you come from
  • Sagittarius: communication, education, local community, siblings
  • Capricorn: personal money, possessions, values, resources
  • Aquarius: personal goals, physical body, image & appearance
  • Pisces: retreat, secrets, inner work, confidences



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