Lust, Love, Loss And Longing: Astrology Workshops

heart, astrology workshopToday the Sun enters Libra, the sign of relating. It’s the day of the autumn equinox and we currently have communication planet Mercury retreating through Libra.

What better day to let you know about a weekend workshop on astrology & relationships coming up soon in London. It’s run by my dear friends, Joanna Watters & Ingrid Hoffman and I can highly recommend their collaboration. Here are all the details:

Relationship Astrology workshops London

Lust, Love, Loss and Longing
Saturday 31 October & Sunday 1 November
Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place W1U 8EA
£85.00 per day, or £150.00 for both
(13 of 25 places available on either or both days)

Join Joanna Watters & Ingrid Hoffman for an exciting weekend of relationship astrology in London, designed to be suitable for all levels. The two days are completely different but are designed to complement one another, so you can choose to do either day, or both.

Joanna is joining forces with Ingrid Hoffman – astrologer and Imago Practitioner, founder of Trueheartwork, for this magical weekend. You can read more about Ingrid, and her beautifully crafted and insightful blogs, on

Ingrid will be leading the therapeutic Saturday workshop, designed to explore Venus and Mars through the signs, and to show you how to:

Understand the wondrous duality of male and female, within yourself and in your relationships.

Revisit and connect with the powerful attractive energy of Venus in your psyche.

Step into the assertive Mars energy that is being sapped by stress or financial worry.

Bring attraction and assertion into balance so you can begin to manifest the love you desire.

Learn new ways of connecting and communicating with your partner or partner-to-be.

Joanna will be leading the Sunday workshop, in which she’ll be teaching how traditional horoscopy lies at the heart of assessing and understanding the synastry between two individuals:

What kind of partner do you attract and why?

How can astrology tell you when an attraction is mutual and beneficial, and whether or not you are compatible?

What is a “cosmic marriage” and how do you know if you’re with a true soul mate?

Why can you live easily with one person but not another?

How to compare the all important Moon signs in terms of emotional natures and needs.

How to use astrology to answer all types of love questions, including how to handle conflict
, how to use the timing measures of transits and New/Full Moons to predict dates for meetings, marriages and significant milestones within a relationship.

You’ll be working on your own horoscope on both days so please have your data to hand when booking – your date, place and time of birth. Your own chart will be drawn up by Joanna in advance but you can also bring along one other horoscope of your choice, either a partner or a key person in your life, if you wish. Joanna’s website is

For a speedy answer for all enquiries and bookings email Joanna on

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