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For those of you wondering when Joanne Madeline Moore’s Venus and Mars / Love and Sex eBook will go on sale, the answer is – now!

And for 24 hours only, you are able to purchase the eBook at a special 20% off deal, so you can download the eBook for just £4.00 instead of its full price of £5.00.

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by Joanne Madeline Moore

Prepare for a special celestial connection!

In the early hours tonight, Venus [planet of love and romance] and Mars [planet of sexual desire] link up in the earthy sign of Virgo. So how can you utilize this powerful and positive conjunction to improve your love and sex life?

Couples – You’re ready to work hard on the relationship, as the two of you look at any problems you’re having in a reasonable and realistic way.  It’s also a terrific time to brush up on your bedroom technique as you study sex manuals or videos, and strive to get an A+ in sexual satisfaction [for you and your lover]. The best aphrodisiac during this time is relaxation, so get out the scented candles and massage oils as you help each other to wind down, relax, and slip into a steady lovemaking groove.

Looking for Love – If you’ve made some incredibly poor choices in the past, then this connection is fabulous news, as it will make you much more sensible and discerning than usual. Romance is balanced with realism, as you take off your rose-colored glasses and view prospective partners in a more pragmatic and precise way. You’re looking for much more than a steamy one-night stand as you put kindness, courtesy, communication, commitment and self-control at the top of your ‘Qualities to Look for in a Perfect Partner’ list.

Happily Single – This special Venus/Mars conjunction will improve your social life in leaps and bounds, as you feel the need to connect with like-minded souls and share common interests. And you’ll find you are much more tolerant of the peccadillos and flaws of your friends [that would usually annoy you]. It’s also an excellent aspect for financial matters, and the more proactive you are about boosting cash flow, the more abundant you’ll feel [and the more prosperous you’ll be].

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