Lockdown Update: Watch What Jupiter Does

Lockdown update, watch what Jupiter does

Last year, astrology was an incredibly accurate and helpful guide for working with the planetary symbolism and timing of the global pandemic.

If you want to read about more about the 2020 astrology and its correlation to the virus/lockdown situation, you can do so here: Coronavirus: The Astrology.

For many astrologers, myself included, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius on the day of the Solstice, December 21, 2020, was a beacon of hope.

When Saturn first entered Aquarius from March 22 to July 1, 2020, many countries went into lockdown and social (Aquarius) distancing (Saturn) became reality.

There was hope that Jupiter’s conjunction with Saturn at the end of 2020 would bring freedom from Saturn’s restrictions. Yet, this didn’t occur and from an astrological perspective, it seems likely that this is because Saturn in Aquarius is in its sign of rulership and a stronger force than Jupiter.

What did occur was a rapid scientific breakthrough with various vaccines ready for use. Also, a rapid surge of variants and cases of the virus. Jupiter’s symbolism is not only about freedom and hope but also growth. Jupiter expands whatever it touches.

Looking ahead to 2021, it seems that Jupiter will have to escape from Saturn before bringing more expansion and freedom in our world.

Watch What Jupiter Does

So when does Jupiter move away from Saturn? When I started writing this article back in February 2021, Jupiter was almost 8 degrees away from Saturn, the maximum orb of a conjunction.

In fact, on February 26, 2021, Jupiter was at 16 Aquarius and Saturn at 8 Aquarius. Jupiter is racing this year, desperately trying to escape Saturn’s clutches?

What occurred during the last week in February in England was our ‘timeline to freedom’ and key dates leading us out of the lockdown situation. There were 4 steps or stages and if you look at the astrology, they coincided with Jupiter’s movements this year.

So, if you want to know about the timing of the virus/restrictions, watch what Jupiter does. Here are the dates of the 4 steps with a few examples:

Step 1 – March 8, 2021 – Schools return (Jupiter rules education). Jupiter is now more than 8 degrees separating away from Saturn

Step 2 – April 12, 2021 – Hospitality venues can open outdoors (Jupiter’s the jovial planet, a symbol of bonhomie).

This is the date of the New Moon at 22 Aries, a symbol of new beginnings and Jupiter is sextile this New Moon at 26 Aquarius.

Step 3 – May 17, 2021 – Most social contact rules are being lifted, entertainment is reinstated, although with restrictions.

This is a significant shift because on May 14, 2021, Jupiter enters Pisces and its own sign of rulership. This was always going to be a green light for the Arts and Jupiter remains in Pisces until July 28, 2021.

Step 4 – June 21, 2021 – Travel opens up – the day of the Solstice, an auspicious date in astrology when the Sun is at its brightest in the northern hemisphere. Jupiter rules travel and Jupiter’s transit through Pisces and its sign of rulership always looked like a window of opportunity for travel.

Update: Jupiter switched direction the day before the ‘freedom date’ in England. Jupiter turned to retrograde motion on June 20, 2021, and we learned a week or so previously that there would be no ‘freedom’. Jupiter, the big planet is often linked to liberty and freedom.

We have had a more open and expansive summer here in England. The live Arts – theatre & music – have been glorious, museums and art galleries have re-opened, there have been bottomless brunches and Euro 2020, the football tournament, bringing passion and emotion to the mix.

But, Jupiter’s change of direction is once again limiting our freedom. Writing this today, just before Jupiter turns retrograde, it looks as if our freedom date is being pushed back a month at least. And, Jupiter returns to Saturn’s sign of rulership on July 28, 2021.

Looking Ahead

Jupiter moves back into Aquarius from July 28 to December 29, 2021, and it’s highly like that we are going to see more restrictions later this year, when Jupiter is back in Saturn’s sign of rulership.

However, Jupiter never returns to within an 8 degree orb of Saturn. And, at the end of 2021, Jupiter swims into Pisces once again, its sign of rulership, hopefully bestowing us with more of its good fortune.

This is the timeline for England. What’s happening in your country? Is it helpful to watch what Jupiter does?

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8 thoughts on “Lockdown Update: Watch What Jupiter Does”

  1. Hi Sally,

    Thank you for the positive outlook above,
    Could I ask; what are your thoughts about the schools opening on the 8th, will it work out well?
    Best Wishes

    1. Interesting question. Two factors are key astrologically – the fact that Jupiter has now managed to move away from Saturn – good news – and Mars’ move into Gemini on March 4th – Gemini rules schools. So things are speeding up & it’s likely that cases will rise but the astrology doesn’t look disastrous. I think a key date to see how things are moving is March 22nd when Mars aligns with Saturn in Aquarius – that should be the test, but again it’s a positive aspect on the whole. From an astrological perspective, I think it’s the right call – I do think that teachers need to be offered the vaccination at the same time, for those who want it. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Sally,
    Looking at your post now. I’m starting to wonder if Jupiter in Pisces has done more harm than good in England. This period has seen an uptick in cases and new variants. It’s pretty worrying. It’s certainly opened up travel and eased restrictions as well. I know very little about astrology. But I remember reading that Pisces also is related to diseases and hospitalizations. And Jupiter can go overboard and make things worse. So in a pandemic time do you think jupiter in Pisces can be truly healing? In 2022 there’s a Jupiter- Neptune conjunction happening in Pisces. What do you suggest may possibly happen with regard to the pandemic?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for your comment and it’s absolutely relevant. All the big planets do have different influences, some more positive, some more negative. Even the planet of opportunity & good fortune Jupiter can go over the top and expands what it touches. So, I think you’re right. We’ve had both experiences: more live Arts – big yeah from me!; more travel/freedom for some; also bottomless brunches (i.e. alcoholic drinks too) and the footie – Euros – will only add to the drinking scene! Yet, as you say there has been a rise in cases/variants (which was always going to happen if you look into how viruses work). In most countries, nothing like the previous number of cases. The summer is traditionally an easier time for viruses too as we’re outdoors and doors/windows are open. I would think Jupiter’s move back into Aquarius late July will bring another turning point as Saturn dominates until the end of 2021 – I can’t see us getting by without more lockdowns/restrictions. We’ll see where we’re at as temperatures drop in the northern hemisphere and we head into winter. There are always more flus/colds/viruses then. Personally, I think Jupiter in Pisces is a positive influence and we’ll struggle more when its out of its sign of rulership. Then, as you say, it meets Neptune next year which is a different experience. We’ll look more at that nearer the time – it will be about the media on the one hand, which is in need of a massive overhaul so it’s less about lies/propaganda and more about truth, but we need to see where we’re at early 2022 before we can say with more certainty what next.

  3. Hi Sally,

    Do you think that Covid is likely to become less of a problem when Saturn goes into Pisces in March 2023? It’s then out of the signs of restriction on people, but could work to limit the spread of the virus (represented by Pisces?)

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I think that’s a good call. I don’t like Jupiter moving back into Aquarius for the last five months of 2021, Saturn’s domain. Also, in the northern hemisphere we’re moving back into winter when flu numbers rise anyway. Then, it will be interesting to see what happens during the Jupiter/Neptune Pisces conjunction in April 2022. I’m hoping that shakes up the media and exposes the propaganda machine that’s being wheeled out. Rather than it spreading the virus – but we may have to wait and see. The Saturn-Uranus square only starts to separate at the end of 2022 – it’s not exact next year but the two planets are in square aspect and that’s been about the government control v. the fight for freedom.

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