Libra November 2016

autumn, Libra November 2016

Libra (23 September – 23 October)

The Sun and communication planet Mercury are in Scorpio and your personal money sector as November begins. The Sun remains here until the 21st and Mercury until the 12th. So this is the time to focus on money management and ensure that your finances are safe and secure.

Money progress is linked to home, property or family in the month ahead and the start of November is an excellent time to nail agreements, make lasting ties and use your money to your advantage. Be savvy about money and cash matters and know your stuff. You can negotiate hard if you’ve done your sums and you have persuasive reasons why other people should join you or invest in you.

The Full Moon is also important in this respect as it cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac on the 14th. This lights up the financial sectors of your chart and the Moon is exalted in Taurus. This promises a positive time to make a big financial decision. The Moon in Taurus is a safe harbour so look to deals that last and do whatever’s necessary to secure your foundations.

Home and family matters remain prominent through November and this links back to your past and where you come from. Action planet Mars is in Capricorn and this same sector of your chart until the 9th offering you a chance to make progress and fast.

Yet the most important time for home and family affairs is after the 12th when your ruling planet Venus enters Capricorn. If Mars rules war, Venus rules peace so this is perfect for negotiations, using your charm and peace-loving nature to seek out cooperation and connection.

If anger and battles got you nowhere and an agreement has not been found, try the alternative, i.e. diplomacy and mediation.

Venus is also the planet of beauty so this is a lovely period for renovations in order to beautify your home and ensure your surroundings help to make you feel peaceful and balanced inside. It’s a positive period to catch up with family members, especially anyone you haven’t seen for some time. Plan who’s doing what over the Christmas break after the 12th but before the 24th.

The 24th flags up an important planetary aspect between Jupiter in your sign of Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter rules opportunity and growth and is the freedom planet. Pluto is darker and linked to power and transformation.

This combination could be challenging for you especially because your ruling planet Venus is in the mix from the 25th to the 29th. It’s hard to do what you want at this time without involving other people but inevitably this will lead to conflict.

Power games are likely with this planetary pattern, people vying for power. You might be caught up in a situation where family don’t approve of your partner or someone close to you falls out with someone you live with.

You are going to have to choose where your priorities lie and you will be forced to take sides. This won’t be easy but view this major aspect as a chance for a breakthrough in life, even if things have to break down first.

You might actively want to escape your past either literally or emotionally. Be wary if an ex reappears in your life during this period and don’t return to a relationship that didn’t work out first time around.

When it comes to love, the focus is on new relations or moving forward with your current partner. Certainly this is not a time to look back to the past unless you’re clear that you’ve learnt your lessons and you’re ready to do things differently.

Passion planet Mars enters Aquarius and your romance sector on the 9th where it remains until mid-December so this is a promising time for new love. If you want to be in a relationship, make the most of your social life, join a dating agency and ask your friends for introductions. It’s a peak period in the year to meet someone new.

There’s also strong focus on making new friends, whether for love or social reasons. As November begins, your ruler Venus is in Sagittarius until the 12th. Communication planet Mercury takes over the baton on the 12th and is joined by the Sun’s move into Sagittarius on the 21st.

This lights up your communication sector so it’s a brilliant time for networking, sharing ideas and making new connections. If you want to study or teach, explore your options. Passing on knowledge and learning more will bring you great fulfilment.

Sagittarius also rules your local community so you might not have to go far from home to meet someone new or find new friends. Team up with other people whether for fun or to support society in some way. Siblings and neighbours are part of the planetary picture so make time for them too, especially if one connection is currently shaky.

The 5th and 26th are brilliant dates for romancing and socialising so make the most of them. Lively Uranus is in top form on these dates and Uranus springs surprises in a good way. The more you put into your life, the more you get back from it so get ready for a busy but sociable month ahead.

There might be question marks around work or what you do for a living now but this isn’t the best month to sort things out. Instead, look to gain new qualifications, swap ideas and explore your options.

The New Moon on the 29th represents a key starting point, a chance to do things differently. A conversation you have on or around this date will be extremely helpful, especially if you’re seeking legal advice or you need an expert opinion.

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