Libra Monthly Stars September 2013

Libra Oil PaintingLibra (23 September-23 October)

The personal planets are playing tag in your sign of Libra throughout September so the focus is on you. Venus, your ruler, is here until the 11th, Mercury (communication) is in Libra from the 9th-29th and the Sun joins the party on the 22nd when your birthday month begins.

When planets are in your own sign it’s time to focus on your personal goals and what you want out of life. Begin something new and engage in activities that make you happy. With Venus in Libra other people will be attracted to you which can be positive for many reasons: love, popularity and self-esteem.

It’s effectively a time when if you feel good, you look good and vice versa. A beautiful smile and oodles of charm can get you a long way in life so use this powerful Libran energy to win people over and to help others too.

If life is more sociable than usual, ensure that you also use your quiet time effectively. The Sun is hidden away in your chart until the 22nd in your previous sign of Virgo so it’s important that you take time out to relax and listen to your inner voice. Learn to say ‘no’ to avoid burn out and enjoy quiet time pampering yourself and doing the things that you love: a long soak in the bath, candlelight, a glass of wine, soothing music, a feel good movie, etc.

The most challenging week of the month is from the 14th-20th when Mercury in your sign clashes with the outer planets in the other three cardinal signs. This means there’s a cardinal Grand Cross in the heavens with your sign Libra one of the four axes. Every time a personal planet moves through Libra it’s triggering the Grand Cross. This took place last month when Venus your ruler clashed with the outer planets over the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK (24th-27th August). Next month, the Sun in Libra clashes with Uranus and Pluto on the 2nd/3rd October and this month, it’s Mercury’s turn.

Mercury in Libra is the peacemaker, the diplomat and you may need to use your skills of negotiation to see your way through challenges that could come thick and fast. The cardinal signs represent the big four in life in your chart – you, love, work, family – so when change or problems occur in one area, it inevitably has a knock on effect in all the other areas of your life. There may be one ongoing issue that reappears again. The good news is that you have another chance to try and sort things out, the bad news is that it’s bound to be disruptive and a potentially difficult time. Most Librans don’t like conflict but it looks as if you will be drawn into a discussion, debate or argument.

There is one planet that’s helping and that’s Mars in Leo and your friendship sector. So friends are a definite boost to you at this time and can help you see your way forward. Interestingly, Mars is also your partner planet so even though Uranus in your relationship sector since 2009 has no doubt brought big changes to your love life, this month your partner has the potential to help you out. Their confidence, enthusiasm or energy can make a difference but if this doesn’t sound like your other half, then look elsewhere for someone who can play the role of hero and save the day.

Venus moves into Scorpio on the 11th and the spotlight’s on money and your personal finances. This is virtually a repeat of last November’s stars as Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, moved into your money sector last October and in November met Venus in Scorpio for the first time. Saturn represents lack rather than plenty and usually wherever you find Saturn you have to work hard to reap your rewards. It’s a relentless energy that doesn’t always come with lucky breaks attached although thankfully you now have Jupiter, planet of opportunity, in your career sector so that’s got to start improving your position.

For now however, Saturn’s wearing his jack boots and is strutting about the place. Saturn meets Venus again on the 18th and there’s a Saturn-Pluto sextile, a potentially helpful aspect, on the 21st. In addition, the karmic north node is now at the same place in the heavens as Saturn and this suggests this could be a real turning point with regard to money. When talk of karma enters the equation you have to remember that there’s good karma and bad karma so what takes place now and over the next few months may depend on what’s happened before and what you’ve been working towards.

Home and family and possibly your past are connected with your cash fortune, whether you’re due an inheritance or there’s a significant swing in your finances due to where you live and the property market. The 20th is a turning point but remember when Saturn’s in the mix, this is not the time to be taking huge risks or gambles with your money. In fact, you’re wise to do the opposite and be more conservative with your cash and save rather than spend. You’re planning for the future when Saturn’s strong and sometimes you have to do that the hard way rejecting short-term pleasure for long-term gain.

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