Libra Monthly Stars September 2012

Libra Ukraine StampSeptember drags at the start of the month but as the month progresses, life becomes easier and lighter. The reason why it may seem heavy-going at first is because Venus, your ruling planet, is squared by task-master Saturn on the 3rd.

Venus starts the month up at the top of your chart, ruling your career and vocation and Saturn is currently in your own sign of Libra. You may have a tough workload as the month begins or for one reason or another you’re not firing on all cylinders. Saturn can be a gloomy planet too so some of you may doubt your abilities or be fearful for the future.

What’s important to note here is that Saturn is nearing the end of its journey through your sign of Libra which began in 2009. So there’s a sense that you need to let things go and end whatever doesn’t work for you. It’s about creating closure in your life. If you’re aware you’re acting out of duty or continuing with a responsibility because you feel it’s up to you, consider whether it’s time to move on. How can you make your own life easier and lighter, especially where work and career’s concerned?

Venus is on the move on the 6th when it enters Leo and this is much more fun. Leo rules your friendships and group activities, so the perfect antidote to a challenging time at work is to catch up with your friends and socialise. Yours is the relating sign and being one of the air signs, a healthy social life is like a breath of fresh air to you. Turn to your friends for advice and support but also arrange get-togethers, a party or entertainment.

If you’re looking for love, ask a friend for an introduction and the 13th and 21st when Venus teams up first with Uranus and then with Jupiter are great dates for romance or fun with your friends. Friendship and love are linked with Venus in Leo.

Things get even better from mid-month onwards when Mercury enters Libra on the 16th and is joined by the Sun on the 22nd. This gives you a confidence boost and hopefully increases your energy as well especially if you’ve been feeling low or unwell. It’s the perfect time to consider going on holiday or at least organising a trip away. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, is currently in your fellow air sign of Gemini, ruling travel, new experiences and adventure.

Jupiter remains here until June 2013 and the more you expand your experience of life, the better. In fact, this is where your opportunities lie so travel or study and broaden your horizons anyway you can. If you’re involved in publishing, teaching or legal affairs, all these areas of life get the green light and your enthusiasm brings rewards.

Money is a major motivator now and with Mars, the action planet, in Scorpio and your cash sector, it’s a good month to focus on money-making activities and to get your finances in order. Mars wants you to take action today so get busy. Mars is your partner planet and this suggests a successful time for your other half or a business partner. Mars is powerful in Scorpio, it’s the male planet in the sign of focus and determination, so there’s a possibility that one of you will become obsessed with money, which can be both good and bad. Keep an eye on any megalomaniac tendencies and remember that being a Libran, you require balance and moderation in life to feel healthy and whole.

The last 10 days of the month suggest change and not always of the easy kind. It’s a volatile period for everyone as the second Uranus/Pluto square takes place on the 19th. This major clash in the heavens has already played out in the world around us marking out ‘the protester’ as the key individual of 2011. For you, Uranus is in your opposite sign of Aries and Pluto is down at the base of your chart in Capricorn. So this looks deeply personally.

There are different ways this could play out, chasing out the demons from your past, finding a partner who your family doesn’t approve of, moving in with a loved one, etc. Think change and new beginnings that move you away from where you were before. Other people could come into your life suddenly or just as quickly move away. On a deeper level, this may be about breaking old patterns and habits and through seeking out new inspiration, you create a new and different future for yourself.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 30th is a pivotal moment when you realise how far you’ve come and what needs to change for you to be happy in life and in particular in love.

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