Libra Monthly Stars October 2013

Libra KitschensyngkLibra (23 September-23 October)

Happy birthday, Libra, the Sun is in your sign until the 23rd giving you the perfect excuse to shine bright and be the centre of attention. However, as some of you are already aware there are some big challenges in your life right now that also require your time and your care.

The 2nd/3rd brings a possible repeat pattern when there’s a Cardinal T-square in the heavens including the Sun Libra opposite Uranus Aries square Pluto Capricorn. The Sun is in your own sign, Uranus is in your opposite sign of relationships and Pluto’s down at the base of your chart ruling home and family affairs and your link to the past.

The same or a similar scenario played out late August and mid-September suggesting that a problem or issue with a partner or family member is back again. Think back to these two key periods to see if this can help you find a way forward. You may be involved in an on-off relationship scenario (like double Librans Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas) or be dealing with a family member whose behaviour is difficult or find yourself between homes.

Libra, your sign, requires peace and harmony in life to function well yet at the same time you’re a key negotiator and brilliant at helping others find solutions to problems. You don’t enjoy conflict but with the Sun involved in this planetary dynamic, this suggests there’s nowhere to hide and that you need to deal with issues head on. That’s not to say you should allow someone to put up with bad behaviour but instead try and find a way for you to either all get on or at the very least agree to disagree.

It may take a careful balancing act but with a New Moon in Libra on the 5th, new beginnings are on the cards. A New Moon is a perfect symbol for initiating and taking action to help balance the scales of life.

Another helpful date for you is the 16th when your ruler Venus teams up with Uranus. Venus is in Sagittarius and your communication sector from the 7th and the 16th is a good date to initiate a conversation with a key person in your life in a way that keeps things light, easy and fun. If you’re looking for love, ask someone out on a date and in love, be spontaneous and do something different.

Making new friends, going new places and trying out new activities are well-starred with Venus in Sagittarius and it’s especially important to ring the changes if you are dealing with a difficult issue elsewhere in life.

Relationships are pivotal to you if you’re a typical Libran and the Full Moon on the 18th reminds you of this fact as it’s also a lunar eclipse. This is the first in a cycle of eclipses cutting across the Aries/Libra axis and focusing on you and your relationships, both personal and professional.

Eclipses are power points, significators of change and they quickly turn the wheel of fortune. You fall head over heels in love on eclipses or suddenly decide to part and go your separate ways. There’s drama involved and they are often key turning points in your life that begin a new chapter. You may find that someone wins and someone loses in love or in another key situation in life and there can also be a chance to take advantage when another person moves away.

The other key area under the cosmic microscope is money as Mercury the communication planet is in your cash sector now until early December. Mercury joins Saturn in this sector of your chart keeping you firmly on the treadmill when it comes to earning cash. Whatever your financial situation, whether you’re paying off debts or a loan or saving for something special, it’s likely to be an uphill struggle or at the very least feel relentless. However, you are moving in the right direction and need to keep your gaze firmly fixed on your long-term financial goals.

It’s also important to know that Mercury is retrograde from 21st October-10th November and this is not the best period to make a major purchase or a big decision with regard to cash. This is because new information often comes to light when Mercury turns direct which will happen next month.

Up until the 21st it’s a good idea to get expert financial advice if necessary, to chase up monies owed and be clear about what you’re being paid rather than leave things to chance. Be thorough in your financial dealings and aim to keep your cash safe and secure.

Even if money’s tight now, you still have Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in your career sector so you have luck on your side with regard to work and your vocation. Whether you think otherwise, you’re going to be party to 11th hour luck and finding yourself in the exact right place at the right time. Trust in life and circle the 1st and 25th for some good news regarding money or work.

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