Libra Monthly Stars November 2014

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There are some areas of life that require careful consideration as November gets underway and even though eclipse season is behind you, you can’t avoid dealing with certain issues as they become more urgent.

The main area of life that requires your attention is money and your personal finances. Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, has been in Scorpio the sign that rules money in your chart since late 2012 and this month Saturn is upping the ante.

In other words, you have to confront your situation and not only deal with anything urgent but look ahead to the future and see what changes you can make that will free you up and make life easier.

It’s worth looking back to October and what took place then with regard to money, your personal possessions and the things you value in life. Mercury turned retrograde in Scorpio on October 4th and a few weeks later on October 23rd there was a Solar or New Moon eclipse in Scorpio.

Together this means that something hidden may have come to light, a secret or a home truth. Eclipses can do what they say on the tin, i.e. ‘eclipse’ what you have so there may have been extra expenses that you weren’t prepared for.

Either way, November is the month to deal with whatever happened for you personally and put new limits in place with regard to spending or sort things out so you know where you stand. The first clue to the progress you make is on the 6th when there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of your chart highlighting money matters.

The Moon in Taurus is seeking a safe harbour and this is a good date to agree a new financial transaction or shakes hands on a money deal. On the 8th, Mercury (communication) is back in Scorpio and two days later on the 10th, Mercury returns to the place it was in the heavens when it turned retrograde on October 4th.

This is known as the end of Mercury’s shadow period and with all the information or knowledge at your fingertips, it’s time to act. Pick up the phone, have that all-important conversation and think second or even third chances. Try again where you failed in the past but one way or another be pro-active with regard to cash whether this is about earning more or sorting out what you have or what you recently lost.

Saturn’s influence peaks as the month progresses and on the 13th, 18th and 26th, Saturn conjuncts first your ruling planet Venus (love/money), then the Sun (self) and finally Mercury (communication). This is bringing matters to a conclusion and it’s paving the way for Saturn’s exit from Scorpio and your money sector on December 23rd 2014. This is the beginning of the end so wherever you need to close a door, let go, move on, here’s your opportunity.

It has to be said that Saturn is more about lack than abundance so November isn’t the best month to rush out and splurge on Christmas presents. Saturn’s about being sensible with your cash and as it’s the planet of austerity, sometimes it’s seeing what you can do without or where you can cut costs.

However, Saturn is the planet that builds for the future so it’ a good time to set new agreements in place that help you feel more secure. Saturn represents rules and regulations and the authorities so keep on the straight and narrow in the month ahead and look to the future. If you’ve been through a lean period financially, the good news is that the tide is turning and you can start 2015 with some sound money intentions.

Mars is a powerful planet right now as Mars is strong in Capricorn down at the base of your chart ruling your home, family, your past and where you come from. You may need to be more pro-active with regard to home and family matters and stand up for your rights or be more assertive. You can drive things forward when you have Mars backing you and these areas of your life are all about progress and making things happen.

Mars does clash with the Uranus-Pluto square on the 10th and 13th respectively but this is old news, a recurring issue which you know all about. Uranus is in Aries and your opposite sign so it’s the live-wire in your life, the unpredictable element, the partner or person who surprises you constantly. You can’t rein them in so you have to go with them and try and understand why they act as they do.

The best part of your life right now seems to be your social life, your network, your tribe. Mercury is in your sign of Libra for the first week of November and here’s your chance to organise a social event, catch up with friends and enjoy yourself.

Plus, on the 16th Venus, your ruling planet, leaves behind Scorpio and enters the happy fire sign of Sagittarius. This is your cue to meet new friends, go new places and make the most of your life on a daily basis. Catch up with neighbours or siblings and look out for events that are happening in your local community.

If you’re looking for love, you won’t have to go far from home to find it. The 22nd when there’s a New Moon in Sagittarius and the 27th when Venus and Uranus connect are in the heavens are both brilliant dates for meeting someone new. A long-term relationship or marriage will also benefit from some fun and laughter and enjoying good times together.

4 thoughts on “Libra Monthly Stars November 2014”

    1. Hmm, depends what’s going on in your personal chart to be fair. Last month was a rocky one for Libra in particular with the eclipse and Uranus making everything a little crazy. Rein in spending this month would be wise advice with Saturn constricting finances and stay strong. Things will lighten soon (mid-November) once planets start moving into Sagittarius which is an easier energy for Libra. Networking, making connections, communication in general all pick up speed then. Hope that helps and good luck. best, Sally

    1. It’s been a tough time for a fair few Librans with the eclipses and Uranus in your relationship sector bringing bumps and surprises. When planets start moving into Sagittarius (happening from this w/e), life gets a little lighter. Perfect time to start being more social, networking, making friends. Take it one step at a time and enjoy life 🙂

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