Libra Monthly Stars November 2012

Libra Oil PaintingLibra (23 September-23 October)

Your ruling planet Venus is in Libra until the 22nd. This is excellent news for you in so much as the focus is on you, art & beauty, love & relating and enjoying the good things in life.

With Venus in your own sign, it’s high time to put your own spin on things, to socialise and do whatever you love. You often find you’re more “attractive” when Venus is in your sign, so people want to be around you and enjoy your company. Use this to your advantage whether you’re flirting, dating, schmoozing or improving.

However, the first few days of the month suggest a bumpy ride as Venus clashes with the Uranus/Pluto square. This spells conflict, not your favourite activity by a long shot and, with Uranus and Pluto focused on people close to you, this may be about not seeing eye-to-eye with your partner or someone in your family. It’s a volatile mix and sudden changes don’t bring the peace and harmony you require. Think of this as a reminder that sometimes you need to say No in order to create the results you want.

As the Uranus/Pluto square has been ongoing for some time, there may be a specific issue that reoccurs or a problem you already know about and need to deal with swiftly. Even though this is a testing combination, you are strong at this point with Venus powerful in Libra, so exercise your negotiating skills and your ability to compromise and see both sides of the equation. Make love not war.

The following week, Venus is in a gorgeous trine with Jupiter on the 9th and this spells freedom and a chance to spread your wings and enjoy life to the full. Jupiter is about growth and progress and in your fellow air sign of Gemini, this spotlights travel, study, philosophy and spirituality. It’s about the bigger picture and finding a deeper meaning above and beyond everyday issues or irritations.

Once Venus leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio on the 22nd, you’re pulled back into the mainstream astrology and the cosmic headlight switches on to money, possessions and all that you value in life. Saturn moved into this part of your chart last month and Saturn is not only the taskmaster of the heavens but also the ‘get real’ planet. So this is about making plans for your financial security and dealing with high importance money issues. Wherever there’s a lack, look at how you can best deal with it and build for the future. Wherever there’s a problem or issue, look to how you can find a solution. Saturn’s the opposite of excess and extravagance, it’s about making do and being sensible and erring on the side of caution.

The key date for you to deal with anything finance-related is the 27th when your planet Venus and Saturn combine in the heavens. This is the day to show you mean business and deal with your personal and current financial situation.

Before that, there may be changes or events that you hadn’t allowed for or you may find that you are in the dark. There are two reasons for this as firstly Mercury, planet of communication, is retrograde from the 6th until the 26th and for some of this time (14th onwards) Mercury is in Scorpio and your money sector. It’s never a good time to sign and seal a key deal but rather review and revise your plans and wait and see what emerges. Mercury can bring an about turn, a change of heart and it’s important to see what information comes to light towards the end of the month, which is your best time to act and deal with whatever’s on your plate.

This theme is intensified as there is also an eclipse in Scorpio on the 13th. Eclipses are again about shadow themes, something that’s hidden which comes to light. You may be able to take advantage when another person loses out or you may find that a turn around event points you in a new direction with regard to making money, sorting out finances and focusing on what brings you real value in life.

Mars, the action planet, and the planet that rules your partner is strong in Capricorn from the 17th so if you’re married or in a long term relationship this is about working things out together. For some, it will be deciding what you can or want to let go of in order to determine your future direction. This may be linked with your home or family. Either way, it is an intense energy and a pivotal month but the more practical you are and the more decisive you are as the month ends, the stronger you become. Pull together and you’re more powerful as a couple than you are on your own.

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