Libra Monthly Stars May 2014

Libra.15th centuryLibra (23 September-23 October)

May finds you back in charge after April’s clashing planetary energy and once Venus, your ruler, moves into Aries on the 3rd, you’re ready for passion and action.

Aries is the sign in your chart that rules relationships and all your significant 1-to-1’s. This makes it a hot and steamy month for love and you will either fall head over heels in love (take note of what happens on or around the 15th) or decide it’s time to spice up your sex life.

However, Venus in Aries takes no prisoners and if a relationship isn’t progressing the way you want it to, expect things to change in the middle of the month. On the 11th Venus in Aries opposes Mars in Libra and this suggests that you and someone close may come to a crossroads. If you’re in a relationship or married, you’ve been here before but this time around it’s different because you’re the one in charge.

Venus then works her way through the Grand Cross planets which dominated April’s stars especially over the Easter weekend. This was a powerful Grand Cross for you as it focused on the key areas of your life; your self, your relationships, your home/family and your work. In brief, four into one doesn’t go and when change affects one area of life, it invariably has a knock-on effect in all the other areas. Whether you’ve been dealing with job changes or issues at home or within the family, it will have taken all your inner strength and resolve to keep things calm within your relationship/s and to remain level-headed.

Between the 11th-18th there’s a flare up but it’s nothing you can’t deal with and it’s one more chance to sort things out the way you want to. You may feel frustrated if you have to step in for your other half or you feel that they haven’t been there for you the way you wanted. However, this month does bring a turning point partly due to what takes place the week beginning 11th May but also because Mars, your partner planet, picks up speed in your own sign of Libra on the 20th.

Mars has been on go slow since early March and whether your partner’s been absent more than usual or they’ve been dealing with their own personal issues, you now get a fresh shot of energy and anything that’s not been working out between you can finally be resolved.

This is good news for any personal goal or ambition that’s been on hold or put on the back burner over the last couple of months. Mars rules your own ambition and is the passion planet so add this to Venus in Aries and you’re firing on all cylinders again. It’s as if life shifts and you rediscover your passion.

If you’re looking for love this month, you either find it abroad and enjoy a holiday romance or you meet someone from a different country or culture. Venus is involved in a playful dance with planets in Gemini ruling foreign connections on the 15th and the 28th.

Mercury (communication) is in Gemini from the 7th-29th and is joined by the Sun (self) in Gemini on the 21st. This is brilliant for taking or booking a holiday and even doing so last minute. In fact, this would be a good month to try out new experiences, a trip away, an adventure, a study course or a personal development programme. Next month, Mercury turns retrograde and will reverse through Gemini from June 17th-July 1st. So grab your chances whilst you can and get busy improving your life and expanding your horizons whilst Mercury’s in good shape.

Finally this month, there is a turning point with regard to money and finances but not straightaway. When it comes to cash, it’s important to play by the rules and keep your gaze firmly fixed on the long-term future. This is nothing new for you as Saturn has been in your cash sector since late 2012. This month Saturn opposes Mercury in Taurus on the 3rd and the Sun in Taurus on the 10th. This slows things down and is the equivalent of putting on the brakes.

However, if you are playing by the book and doing things that you know you should do with regard to money, you are heading in the right direction. The turning point comes on the 14th when there’s a glorious Full Moon cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of your chart.

Full Moons often represent completion and they bring what’s hidden to light. You may experience a revelation on or around this date or feel more positive about your situation and you can see your way forward with clarity. The peak planetary energy however comes on the 24th when there’s a brilliant Jupiter/Saturn connection in the heavens and with Jupiter up at the top of your chart in your career sector, this spells success.

Think back to July 2013 when there was a Grand Water Trine as this may have been the start of a project or idea that culminates towards the end of May. Any seeds that were sown last summer can now bear fruit and flourish. Work and money progress is on the up.

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