Libra Monthly Stars June 2015

flyers, LibraLibra (23 September – 23 October)

This is an interesting month for your work and career and the direction in life in which you’re heading. As the month begins, your ruling planet Venus is in Cancer, the sign at the top of your chart highlighting these areas.

Yet Venus only remains in the sector of your chart for five days before changing signs. This suggests that other areas of your life take over or grab your attention.

Plus, Neptune, the planet of confusion and imagination, is in Pisces and another work sector of your chart. Neptune turns retrograde on the 12th and you might find you’re questioning your lifestyle, your everyday routine and what you do for a living. There are more questions than answers when Neptune’s powerful. 

This questioning won’t last however because on the 21st and 24th of the month, two key planets move into Cancer, lighting up your work and career sector. The first is the Sun (identity) on the 21st and the second is Mars (action) on the 24th.

Together this is a powerhouse combination, strong and confident. Whatever you’re exploring or fearing earlier in the month, the fog lifts to reveal a clear direction ahead. Get ready to work hard or put in some extra hours to show you mean business.

Yet work isn’t foreground for the majority of the month. This is because Venus, your ruling planet, enters the fire sign Leo on the 5th where she remains until early October, except for two weeks in late July when she’s in Virgo. This is unusual as Venus normally spends approximately 1 month in each sign of the zodiac.

This means that there’s a powerful focus on your friends, group activities, community, wider society. In true Venusian style, you’re less interested in going it alone and more interested in teaming up with others. This suits your sign of Libra because your sign is about relating and partnership.

There is another reason why this area of your chart is being called forth. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, is also in Leo and has been in this sector of your chart since July 2014. Where you find Jupiter in your chart is where you find luck, grace, protection and a chance to expand your world.

Having supportive friends around you can make a huge difference to your life now. Seek out people of like minds and join in with other people to find what you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter whether this is related to your vocation or whether it’s for social reasons or adventure, or you’re seeking love, here’s where your opportunities lie.

Everything peaks in this area of your chart on or around the 22nd when Jupiter in Leo makes a stunning trine aspect to Uranus in your opposite side of Aries. This is the third time these two mighty planets meet in the heavens. They first connected in September 2014, then they came together again in March earlier this year and this is their third and final connection.

This is the most powerful of these three aspects but be guided by what took place in September of last year. Together these two planets represent inspiration, they mark a breakthrough or the chance to break free. People coming into your life bring excitement. It’s a peak time of year to meet someone new, whether this is related to new love or someone who will play a new role in your life.

Look out for people who inspire you, who open up your world, who invite you to explore a new way of thinking. If you are in a relationship or marriage, this can be a key time for you as a couple. Maybe you feel that life is short and you want to follow a dream. Maybe you know that your relationship will benefit from doing something new and different. Maybe you recognise that it’s time to break free and let the other person go.

There are signs and nudges along the way from the universe throughout June. On the 5th and 9th, Mars (action) connects with the Jupiter-Uranus trine, on the 8th and 10th, It’s the Sun’s turn and most importantly for you on the 29th, your ruler Venus connects with Uranus. This flags up a lot of excitement so look out for a chance to take risks, to do things differently and live life on the edge.

This month there are key planets in your fellow air sign of Gemini and this is where the action’s that. It’s a similar theme, in so far as Gemini rules travel, study, adventure and new experiences in your chart. This is a pivotal month to broaden your horizons, to open up your world and to set yourself free.

The key dates to embrace life to the full are the 11th when Mercury, the planet of communication, turns direct in the heavens in Gemini and the 16th, when there’s a New Moon in the same sector of your chart.

Mercury’s turnaround is the planetary equivalent of a green light, the switch flicks from off to on and the New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings, the chance to start over. So make sure your travel bag is ready to go, you find the course that speaks to you directly and you say yes to a trip away, a holiday, a fresh start.

The only question mark that might hold you back is money as Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, moves back into Scorpio and your money sector on the 15th. Saturn remains in this sector of your chart until September 18th, for a total of three months.

This isn’t easy symbolism as Saturn represents lack rather than plenty. However this might indicate that you’re tying up loose ends or closing a deal that belongs to the past. Saturn was in Scorpio and your money sector from October 2012 until December 2014. This is a chance to bring closure, to sort things out once and for all, to relegate a debt or a money hardship to the past.

Factor this information into the mix as you decide what you want to do this month and how to make the most of the planetary excitement. There is a sense that life’s short and you’re more than ready to grasp new experiences.

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