Libra Monthly Stars December 2012

Libra (23 September-23 October)

Your planet Venus starts the month in the sign of Scorpio ruling money and possessions. Venus isn’t especially happy in the sign of Scorpio as it’s a focused and intense energy, plus with Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, also in Scorpio since early October, money’s a serious business. The good news is this is your chance to sort things out financially, to be realistic about money and to look at ways you can make do with less. It’s not an abundant feel by any means but it does help you be sensible with cash and get on top of money-making decisions.

The first 10 days of the month are helpful financially as Mercury, planet of communication, is also in Scorpio. Any delays or misunderstandings regarding money matters can now be sorted out and you know where you stand. Draw up a budget for Christmas so you know how much you’re going to spend. Buying presents little and often also helps spread the cost of Christmas and ensures you don’t lose that festive spirit.

On the subject of finances, the end of the month is also a key time to create a strategy or plan for the year ahead. Saturn and Pluto combine in the heavens and give you an added inner strength and sense of purpose to sort out home or family related and money issues. This is not the time to bury your head in the sand but to deal with financial matters head on. If you’re in a relationship or working partnership, ensure the two of you are involved in the decision-making process. Your partner planet Mars is in Capricorn for most of the month where it’s strong and feels solid and secure. It looks as if you’re able to rely on your partner to hold the fort or be dependable.

December is of course the Christmas month and being one of the sociable air signs, you tend to love this time of year, at least if you’re a typical Libran. Your planet Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 16th where it joins the Sun and Mercury and this feels lively and exciting. This is about meeting new people, throwing yourself into the festive spirit, enjoying parties, get-togethers and catching up with friends and family.

There’s a real buzz in the air with so many planets in Sagittarius and the week beginning the 10th is especially lively. If you have your eye on work goals, it’s a wonderful time to network and brainstorm new ideas. The New Moon on the 13th falls in the sign of Sagittarius and is a great day to launch a new project or arrange a social get-together.

There’s also a sense that you’re excited about what life has to offer. The big planet Jupiter, planet of opportunity, is in your fellow air sign of Gemini and this month is in full flow. The more you open your life up to new experiences, the more fulfilled you become. Whether you want more travel, knowledge, adventure, a spiritual path or a sense of purpose to your life, it’s a month full of new opportunities and all you need to do is to say Yes to whatever comes your way. Be curious about life and try out new experiences. The bigger your world, the more you benefit.

It’s also an excellent month if you’re single and looking for love. Meeting new people is easier than usual and with the planet of spontaneity, Uranus, in your opposite sign, there’s a real buzz in the air. Uranus turns direct on the 13th, the day of the New Moon, and this brings someone new into your life in a completely unexpected way. Be open to a person who’s different to your usual type and take notice of someone who seems eccentric at first, one-of-a-kind. Other great dates to meet someone new are the 14th and the 19th when Uranus is in action. Falling in love can happen quickly and will feel impulsive and spontaneous.

If you’re in a relationship or married, ensure that you have a strong level of trust between the two of you as the Uranus energy is very flirtatious and you’ll enjoy meeting new people, laughing and having fun. Uranus can spring surprises on even the most established couple but it also helps you to spice up your love life and do something different together that keeps the love alive.

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a sociable Christmas and New Year this month so throw yourself into the festive spirit and look forward to a prosperous and successful 2013.

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