Libra Monthly Stars August 2012

Libra Zodiac StampThere are plenty of enjoyable moments this month, Libra, although it may be a case of grab them when you can but first let’s explore what’s going well. The Full Moon on the 2nd puts the spotlight on fun, pleasure, entertainment and hanging out with the kids or your friends.

Travel’s well-starred even if this entails daydreaming about a holiday or looking at travel brochures on- or offline. Yet with Jupiter in your travel sector until June 2013, you must surely be after the holiday of a lifetime or a travel experience with a difference. Jupiter says be bold and take risks to achieve your goals.

Friendships are the key to a happy social life this month and as yours is the sign of relating and you are one of the sociable air signs, it’s a rare Libran who’s happy on their own. Interesting conversations take place too, whether you’re gossiping about a friend’s love life or planning new dreams and schemes.

Mercury, the communication planet, turns direct on the 8th in your friendship sector and this is a good date to get back in touch with old friends. It may be a friend you’ve lost contact with or a chance to attend a school reunion or join a group, club or society that’s perfect for you. New opportunities come through networking and talking through your ideas with good friends. The 18th and 22nd look especially lively so plan some fun social events on or around these dates and keep the lines of communication open.

This is a big month for you, however, and the major planetary action takes place on the 15th and 16th. Firstly, Mars and Saturn meet in your sign of Libra on the 15th. These planets are the two heavies of the heavens. Mars is the male planet, ruling action and assertiveness and has been in Libra since early July, turning up the heat. With Mars in your sign, you benefit when you adopt a more aggressive approach to achieving your goals and Mars is passionate and ambitious too.

However, Mars in Libra does suggest more conflict than you prefer and it’s a feisty, tempestuous energy. Channel your energy constructively and in particular through physical exercise. Staying fit and healthy and full of bounce will help you deal with challenges that come your way.

Saturn has been in Libra since October 2009 and if life has been especially tough, this is the reason why. Saturn’s good on discipline and structure but it’s a weighty influence, at times dragging you down and you lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. Saturn in your sign can indicate poor health, lack rather than plenty and a tendency to see the glass half empty rather than half full. If you have managed to create strong foundations for yourself and a period of hard work has reaped you rewards, then well done you. That’s using Saturn to its advantage but it’s not always easy to do. I’m sure for many of you it will be welcome news that Saturn is on the move in early October when it leaves Libra for a good long time.

The Mars/Saturn aspect in your sign on the 15th signals that you have a challenge on your hands, whether you’re up against authority, at odds with your other half or your boss, or simply feel pent up and stressed. It’s a tricky balancing act to stand up for yourself and at the same time consider when enough is enough and decide to back down from a situation that you can’t win.

Add to the mix your planet Venus clashing with the Uranus/Pluto square on the 15th/16th and this suggests a volatile couple of days. It depends on your personal situation how this plays out but with Venus in your career sector, Uranus in your love sector, Pluto in your home and family sector and Mars and Saturn in your own sign, it’s the four major areas of life under the planetary spotlight.

In brief, this clash seems to be saying that if you put yourself first and follow your own career path, this may upset people close to you. Plus if changes are happening around you or to other people in your life, then you need to stand firm, be supportive and hold the fort. This whole combination advises taking action and making key decisions and you may already know that it’s high time to close a door or end a situation that no longer benefits you. Once you’ve done so, you can wipe the slate clean and with a New Moon in the heavens on the 17th, there’s a chance to start afresh and you’ll be glad to move on from any difficulties.

Finally, focus your attention on money matters once Mars enters Scorpio on the 23rd and create some quality “me-time” after the 22nd when the Sun enters Virgo and the sign before yours in your chart. Be creative with work ideas and turn to your friends when you need them and remember the saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

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