Libra Monthly Stars April 2014

Libra MandalaLibra (23 September-23 October)

This is a big month in the heavens and you need to negotiate your way carefully through life as a lot of the big areas are interlinked. This means that what happens in one area of your life has a knock-on effect in another and it helps to keep tabs on the bigger picture and look at what’s most important to you and to know where your priorities lie.

Mars is currently retrograde or on go slow in your sign of Libra so you may not be clear about what you want right now. Mars is the planet of action and energy and it’s held back at the moment suggesting that you have to be more patient than usual and take your time especially with regard to your personal goals.

It’s a month when life can get in the way and try as you might to move directly from A to B you find that stopped in your tracks at times and you have to take a few diversions. This is due to a powerful Cardinal Grand Cross dominating the heavens and it peaks over the Easter weekend.

In brief, a Grand Cross is when four or more planets are squaring up to one another indicating that different people have different agendas and you can’t do A unless you do B first and C agrees. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the leaders of the zodiac and you’re firmly in the midst of the pack.

This is key for you as Libra rules you and your personal goals, Aries rules your relationships, both personal and professional, Cancer rules your career and vocation and Capricorn rules your home and family life. So what takes place in one area affects all the others and it will be hard to get to the end of April without having to make one big decision in your life at least.

The Easter weekend is most important and brings in sweeping changes personal to you and your current situation. A new job may mean a new location, a family member leaves home or you reach a crossroads in a key relationship. You will what this is about for you in the first week of April and the Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse on the 15th is the time when emotions peak. This Lunar Eclipse falls at 25 Libra, the same degree as the Lunar Eclipse on October 18th 2013 so look back to this date to see if it can help give you clues as to what’s happening now.

Eclipses are often turnaround events, a date with destiny when you initiate a new relationship or partnership or say goodbye to an old one. The eclipse on the 15th cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of your horoscope and this is going to be about you and your relationship to others.

What’s important to note right now is that your partner planet Mars is currently weak but your planet Venus is exalted and strong as it moves into Pisces, a sign it loves on the 5th. This suggests that you’re the one in the driving seat, the one holding the reins and the one who’s doing well. Venus in Pisces rules your work, your routine and your lifestyle and your health and Venus makes only easy aspects this month.

Plus you currently have Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in Cancer and the part of your horoscope that rules your career and your vocation. So this is a go-for-it period for you with regard to work and career but not everyone will agree. Whether you have to take family into account, whether there’s an imbalance in your current relationship with regard to work and earning, the Grand Cross indicates a certain amount of conflict and opposition to your plans.

It may teach you about the need to stand up for yourself and your own rights in a way that’s constructive and assertive. If other people think they can walk all over you, they need to think again. This month can teach you a huge amount about yourself and your 1-to1’s and to ensure that you’re around people who are supportive and a positive force rather than being around people who drag you down. The whole energy of this month’s Grand Cross is about sweeping out the old so you can allow in the new and ditching anything (or anyone?) that’s bad for you.

You may also be faced with a dilemma where you have to choose between two alternatives and you can have one thing in your life but not the other. Deciding what’s most important and where your heart lies isn’t easy and it may only be the last week of April once you feel settled and grounded enough to make your choice. Until then, you could find that you keep changing your mind.

This is a volatile and lively energy that requires careful handling but most important is to get clear about what you want and need and then ensure that those needs are met. Grab on to the roller-coaster ride and enjoy an adrenalin rush but also create the time and space for some peaceful activities. If it’s all go, go, go, you’ll wear yourself out.


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