Libra Monthly Stars April 2013

Libra Rankin MissLibra (23 September-23 October)

There are four planets in your opposite sign of Aries as the month begins, including your ruling planet Venus. The emphasis is most definitely on love and other people in your life and when Venus and Mars meet on the 7th bringing love and desire together, for some this will be a high-five moment in the love stakes. It’s great for initiating a new beginning or making a fresh start or asking someone out on a date. The New Moon in Aries on the 10th suggests more of the same.

However, as some of you are already aware it’s a time of huge changes for your one-on-one relationships, whether personal or professional. This has a lot to do with the fact that Uranus, the planet that represents change, has been in Aries for a couple of years and if you have a September birthday you have already experienced the Uranus effect as it moved opposite your Libran Sun. Uranus rules spontaneity and it brings about endings and new beginnings. Things happen quickly when Uranus is around.

In addition, Uranus has been caught up in the ongoing Pluto square for the last couple of years and is currently midway through the cycle. Pluto is down at the base of your chart ruling your past, home and family and where you come from. This is a case of out with the old and in with the new, letting go of repeated patterns to create something new and different.

Uranus rules freedom and in some shape or other many of you will have been breaking ties with the past or leaving the past behind in order to create a new, exciting and dynamic future for yourself. This may have played out as leaving one relationship to start a new relationship, a divide between your old family and your new family or simply a refusal to do things the old way. These are exciting and liberating times for you although not without their challenges.

The onus is on other people in your life this month and they are the ones who hold the power or feel strong. Venus, your planet, isn’t happy or strong in the sign of Aries; you may give your power away and even though love can and will blossom that’s not to say you feel in control or in charge. So be aware of this and do whatever’s necessary to help you feel more confident in your relationship, personal or otherwise. Ensure it’s an equal relationship based on two individuals with shared responsibility and input.

On the 15th, Venus is on the move, in to the earth sign Taurus and Taurus is a sign of the zodiac that Venus likes. It’s stable, reliable and more predictable. You can build on a relationship and create a firm base to ensure your own needs and wants are met. Be persistent if necessary to feel safe and secure.

This is the time to discuss finances, living arrangements, any of the practicalities which help you and a partner live and work together. Get agreements in place and look at ways of creating a healthier and happier everyday lifestyle. Work together as a team and tackle your diet, your daily exercise and your general well-being. This applies whether you’re in or out of relationship. Get the basics right and you make your life a whole lot easier.

Money is also under the heavenly spotlight as the month comes to a close. Saturn has been in your money sector since October 2012 and this is where your lessons come thick and fast. Saturn is the taskmaster of the heavens and tends to slow things down. It puts obstacles and limitations in your path to see how and whether you will rise to the challenge. It’s not about overnight success but rather knuckling down and having a long-term vision for your future and your financial security. Saturn opposes your ruler Venus on the 22nd and the Sun on the 28th and this sandwiches a lunar eclipse cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis on the 25th.

Take note of what events come to light on or around this time as you may need to rethink money matters and put some new criteria in place which help you plan for the future. Often you find one door closes and another door opens when there’s an eclipse and you have to make some big decisions.

Think back to what take place on or around November 13th 2012 when there was an eclipse in Scorpio and your money sector. This may bring a similar scenario to light or you may find you’re following on from what took place back then. Eclipses aren’t without their success moments but you do need to face life head on and deal with whatever comes your way. Burying your head in the sand is not an option.

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