Libra Monthly Horoscope September 2015

rubber ball, LibraLibra (23 September – 23 October)

Things start to click into place as soon as September begins and the key date for you this month is the 6th when your ruling planet Venus turns direct in the heavens. Venus has been on go slow for six weeks in the sector of your chart that rules friends, groups and your wider social circle. Venus rules love and money, art and beauty and when Venus is on go slow, it’s hard to make progress.

Venus retrograde turns your attention inward and the most important learning takes place on the inside. It can be a time when you feel lonely, unloved, hesitant or powerless in some shape or form. Venus is back up to speed from the 6th and it’s time for you to put yourself first, to be around people you love and who love you and to celebrate life to the full.

Plus, there’s a glorious planetary aspect which takes place on the 1st as the lovers of the heavens, Venus and Mars, conjoin in the sign of Leo. This is promising for a relationship, for falling in love, for agreements and signals a celebration of a union or partnership. This can indicate a key connection on a personal or professional level; it promises equality and a harmonious balance of feminine and masculine energies. All in all, it’s hopeful, helpful and you have your mojo back.

Both Mars and Venus make key aspects to the planet of change, Uranus, in your opposite sign of Aries on the 8th and 23rd respectively. For some, September promises to be a revolutionary month for love and relationships whether you meet someone new, accept a proposal or share loving times with someone close. Be spontaneous and encourage your other half to ring the changes and do things differently.

Most importantly, this is the time to assert yourself and be true to who you are. If Venus retrograde was a time of review when you were reassessing what you want in your life, perhaps with regard to your close relationships, then now is the time for action.

This is confirmed by the fact that Mercury, the planet of communication, is in your sign of Libra throughout September. You have the gift of the gab with Mercury in your sign and it’s a perfect opportunity to speak up. This adds eloquence and skill to your communication abilities so make the most of them.

However, things do change somewhat in the middle of the month as Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th and remains on go slow in your sign of Libra until October 9th. If there’s anything important you want to say, sign or agree to, do so before the 17th.

After this date, things could get complex when it comes to communication as Mercury retrograde is notorious for misunderstandings. You’re wise to double check important meetings, interviews or dates and follow up key correspondence. Don’t leave anything to chance and be thorough.

When Mercury’s retrograde in your own sign, you’re able to reconsider your personal goals and aims and it’s the perfect time to explore what you want in life. This is about you rather than you in a relationship or as part of a couple.

For some, September’s a month when you might be cutting ties from someone close or recognise that it’s time to move on. The key date in this respect is the 28th when there’s a lunar eclipse which cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of your chart. This highlights you v. the other; it’s about your close 1-to-1’s and even though September promises new beginnings, it’s vital that you split off from the past and deal with any emotional baggage.

This eclipse is part of an eclipse cycle which began in October 2013 and completes in March 2016. If you’re in a relationship or married, this might have been a testing time for you when dramatic events had a knock-on effect within your relationship or you’ve been on a huge personal learning curve.

Eclipses bring what’s hidden to light so don’t be surprised if you hear something about an ex or a current partner. However, don’t jump to conclusions and with Mercury on go slow you’re wise to wait until mid-October before making any major relationship decisions.

There is now a strong emphasis on the sign of Virgo, your previous sign. This often indicates a time of preparation, changing on an inner level, wanting more solitude in your life, seeking out a spiritual path. The solar eclipse which takes place on the 13th falls in Virgo and the hidden or secret sector of your chart. It’s a sign you need to prioritise your own well-being even if there are people in your life who you care for.

The theme of compassion is strong mid-month as there’s a powerful planetary aspect between Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Together these two planets represent compassion and they’re in parts of your chart that link to service, a desire to help others. Being a Libra, you’re one of the kind and caring signs of the zodiac and you could heed a calling to help others mid-month.

Your priorities are beginning to shift and change and depending what happens with regard to close relationships in your life, you might find that you’re ready to lead a different life, to follow a new path.

Money too could help you start over in some way as the taskmaster of the heavens, Saturn, finally leaves Scorpio and your personal money sector on the 18th where it’s been since mid-June 2015. Before then, Saturn was in Scorpio from October 2012-December 2014. Saturn in your money sector can indicate hardship, debt or a desire to save.

It’s not usually an easy transit but once Saturn moves on, you might audibly breathe a sigh of relief as money issues begin to resolve. For now, this is about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and don’t forget that with Mercury on go slow and powerful eclipses this month you’re in process rather than reaching a new landing stage in your life.

The signs are there however that by cutting ties and moving away from any toxic situation in your life you can find peace and inner confidence. Other people are important to you as a Libra but ensure you take good self care and look after you first, others second.

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