Libra Monthly Horoscope December 2015

Libra, snowLibra (23 September – 23 October)

Your good intentions to enjoy a festive month of peace and harmony could go out of the window early on in December as Venus, your ruling planet, departs your sign of Libra on the 5th. This leaves action planet Mars in Libra which is a different story altogether.

Your planet Venus loves being in the sign of relationships as Venus understands that compromise and unity are worthy goals. Yet Mars is a direct and forceful energy and Mars gets impatient in Libra, having to listen to other people’s points of view and doesn’t want to keep quiet.

There will be times throughout December when you recognise that you have to push hard to make things happen or lead from the front. It won’t always be easy however when you realise that not everyone is willing to be led and some people don’t want to hear what you have to say.

The most challenging few days fall between the 6th and 11th December when Mars clashes with the Uranus/Pluto duo. This is old news in some respect and it could raise issues concerning an ex, family difficulties, an ongoing problem with your home or similar. This is because Uranus is in your opposite sign of Aries ruling your 1-to-1’s and Pluto is in Capricorn, down at the base of your chart and highlighting your home and family, your past and where you come from.

The best way to deal with this challenging planetary energy is to choose your battles wisely. If someone close to you is behaving badly and itching for a fight, try and avoid them until they’ve calmed down. If you hear from someone who makes you unhappy, don’t reply. Whatever issues arise during this time, and for each and everyone of you it might be someone or something different, look after you and put your own needs first.

With Mars in Libra, one thing you can do is stand your ground and not let other people upset your equilibrium. Same goes if you’re ready to close a door on the past and you want to move on from a toxic or difficult situation. Here’s your exit door so make the most of it.

What is important for you this month is to recognise that when you’re around people who make you feel happy, you’re at your best. In other words, gravitate towards people who inspire you, who are positive and uplifting about life, who want to have fun, who make you laugh.

This is a brilliant month for meeting new people and new faces and new places are where the excitement’s at. Whether you join in with your local community or you throw yourself into the Christmas party scene, it’s when you’re out and about making friends that the festive spirit grabs you.

Plus if you’re looking for love, this is a key month for introductions, first dates and letting someone know you’re keen. The 1st, 6th, 9th and 11th all look gorgeous for meeting someone new. On the 11th, there’s a New Moon in Sagittarius, a chance to start over but also to initiate an important conversation which can make all the difference to your life.

Yet as well as enjoying the social side of life, you benefit now by putting down roots and focusing on your security and well-being. Your ruler Venus is in Scorpio from the 5th – 30th and Scorpio is your personal money sector. This is a chance to tidy up your finances and to ensure that your own money feels safe and secure.

Only spend what you want on the run up to Christmas and don’t feel that you have to be overly generous with gifts. In fact, now Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is in your previous sign of Virgo, it’s not what you give materially that matters but you can find other ways to ‘gift’ the ones you love. Your time, care and attention and thoughtful gifts are perfect for Jupiter’s giving ways.

Plus, if you’re keen to help out vulnerable people over the Christmas break, your stars fit the bill. Yours is one of the most caring signs of the zodiac and you gain great fulfilment from helping others.

Home and family affairs take centre stage as December progresses. Communication planet Mercury enters Capricorn and your home and family sector on the 10th and is joined by the Sun in this same sector of your chart on the 22nd.

When it comes to Christmas, you want and need security and putting down roots is vital for your own safety and inner security. Being around family or people close to you will help you feel loved and secure and finalising any property matters before the end of the year would be beneficial too.

You don’t fare well when your living situation is unsettled or unsure. If you need to make a major decision about this area of your life then the Full Moon on Christmas Day is perfect. Spend time talking to your family, hearing their thoughts and if necessary ask for help and support.

What takes place over the festive period will be enlightening and the decisions you make on or around 25th December will carry you into the New Year. For some, this involves a big decision about work or your future vocation because the Full Moon takes place in Cancer and the career sector of your chart. In some way, however small, this is about doing the right thing and knowing that again more security is going to be really helpful to you at least in the short term.

Finally, relationships spring surprises on Boxing Day, 26th December, but not necessarily in the way you would like. The unpredictable planet Uranus changes direction on this date in your opposite sign of Aries and there’s nothing safe or secure about your love relationships. At its best this springs a surprise of a spontaneous and pleasant nature but you can’t rule out the fact that a partner’s behaviour is going to be unusually erratic.

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