Libra May 2019

Libra, spring

Libra (23 September – 23 October)

Your ruling planet, Venus, remains in Aries and your relationship sector until the 15th. As you’ve experienced two Full Moons in Libra in March and April, this continues to be a powerful time for you and your close relationships.

Heart-felt Relationships

Issues could be magnified or you find that you’re being lead by your emotions, your heart. Jupiter is the big planet and on the 3rd, 5th and 9th, Jupiter’s in action. This is expansive and heart-felt, whether relationships are overwhelming or you’re in the throes of love. 

Also, Venus and Mars, the lovers of the heavens, unite on the 14th and this is special. These two planets don’t connect very often but when they do, it’s time to sit up and take notice. Venus is in Aries and your relationship sector and Mars is in Gemini and the sector that rules foreign connections, the bigger picture.

This could signal a holiday romance or choosing to go away with the one you love. If you want to spice up a close relationship, do something different and life-enhancing together. It would be a  wonderful time to go on a big adventure.

The one question mark is that Venus isn’t strong in Aries, so be careful not to lose yourself in love or allow other people to dominate. Work at boosting your self esteem, especially if relationship issues are heightened.

If you’re a typical Libra, relationships are important to you, whether you’re in one or out of one. You tend to gravitate towards 1-to-1 partnerships in all areas of your life. Many of you are happiest when you’re in love and in a healthy, working relationship.

Past Ties

Also, there may be some issues at home or opposition from your family early this month. Key planets in Aries and your relationship sector clash with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and your home and family sector. The dates to note are the 1st & 2nd, the 7th & 9th. 

It depends on your current situation what this means to you. Notice if you’re allowing the past to hold you back and consider where family are a pull or a tie. Saturn and Pluto are linked to authority and power, so themes of responsibility and duty may loom large. Perhaps, you need to care for a parent or someone else in your life is trying to lead you down a road that’s not of your choosing.

Notice too, where you’re stuck in the past and can’t move on. This might be linked to an ex, a past love situation or something personal to you. Be gentle with yourself if this is true for you. Aries energy is fast and furious but flaring up will only cause arguments and may push you further apart rather than bring you closer together.

Tests & Travel

This is also a month when travel or study calls you forth. In fact, this could be your chance of doing things independently and setting off on a new adventure. Action planet Mars is in Gemini and this sector of your horoscope until the 16th and the Sun and communication planet, Mercury, enter Gemini on the 21st.

The 21st could turn out to be a special date as there’s a super conjunction between the Sun and Mercury. This would be a great time to take an exam or test and flex your intellectual muscle. Being one of the air signs, you’re a clever cookie so make the most of your personal skill set. Focus on what you do well and you could be rewarded in return.

Money Wizard

Money, possessions, values and self-worth are also foreground during May. In fact, this is a dominant theme of the month. Your planet, Venus, moves into Taurus and one of your money sectors on the 15th and this is your time to act.

Also, notice what happens on or around the New Moon in Taurus on the 4th. A New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings, a chance to make a fresh start. Earth signs, like Taurus, favour financial and emotional security. 

You could receive a gift or bonus on or around this date. Alternatively, there might be a surprise around money, and perhaps not a welcome one. It is wise ensuring your money is safe and secure this month and you know what’s coming in and going out. Become a money wizard and get on top of your finances.

High Stakes

This is important because in March, the planet of change and the unexpected, Uranus, moved into Taurus. It takes up residence here for the next seven years. This is rarely a stable influence on your finances. You can make money fast but you see downswings as well as upswings.

Uranus is in action this month on the 8th & the 18th. The 18th is particularly significant for you. This is the date when your planet Venus meets Uranus and there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac.

This is big planetary energy, emotional, volatile and exciting. Taking a risk, playing big in life could reap rewards on or around this date. You might be able to take advantage of a changing financial market or find that money comes your way unexpectedly.

It is lively astrology, however, so be aware that a high risk strategy won’t always pay off. If you want to speculate, ensure you can afford to lose what you invest before leaping into action.

On the whole, however, the astrology feels promising. Also, during this period, action planet Mars enters Cancer and your career sector. Mars teams up with Uranus in a helpful planetary aspect on the 22nd. This combination suggests that being daring and bold could pay off for you big-time.

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