Libra March 2019

Libra, water

Libra (23 September – 23 October)

It’s a lively start to the month for your star sign and the theme of change kicks in straightaway. As March begins, your ruling planet, Venus is in Capricorn and your home and family sector. On the 1st, Venus clashes with the volatile planet Uranus in Aries and your relationship sector.

Plus, five days later on the 6th, Uranus changes star sign and leaves Aries where it’s been for the last eight years. These two big events suggest that your current relationship situation may not remain the same this month and the first week is pivotal.

Take note of any significant comings and goings in the early part of March and know that this could be a lively time for you. The planetary activity suggests that things could move swiftly when it comes to love and relationships and there’s no set scenario. Anything goes and you might not be the only one making sudden and unexpected decisions.

Also, your ruler Venus is on the move and enters your fellow air sign Aquarius on the 1st where it remains until the 26th. Aquarius is your romance sector. When Venus is here, there’s a strong likelihood of finding new love. 

Put all of this together and you can see why you’re entering a new phase romantically. A lot depends on your current situation whether this is good news or brings an unexpected twist to your current relationship.

You then have to wait until the 20th, the day of the Equinox, before you know what’s what. On this date, the Sun moves into Aries and your relationship sector followed by a stunning Full Moon in your star sign, Libra, on the 21st.

This could again prove eventful, especially as your planet Venus clashes with your partner planet, Mars, on the same day as the Full Moon and Venus teams up with expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius and your new friends sector. 

It would be surprising if there wasn’t some level of intrigue in your close relationships this month. Plus, you may find that your emotions or affections are pulled and swayed more than usual. Perhaps, this is because you meet someone new or you’re dating more than one person. 

After the 5th, this isn’t a month to act fast or spring any surprises. This is because the planet of communication, Mercury, is retrograde, i.e. on go slow from the 5th to the 28th. This is traditionally not the time to make major decisions. Instead, go with the flow, take the pace slow and see where life leads you.

Mercury is in Pisces this month, the star sign which represents your work and routine, your lifestyle and health. It’s in these areas where nothing’s clear and you’re wise to proceed cautiously. You may be changing your mind about what you’re doing or feel more indecisive than usual.

Also, there’s a flood of planetary activity in Pisces this month, which may at times feel overwhelming. The New Moon in Pisces on the 6th pulls in Pisces’ co-ruler Neptune. On the 24th, Mercury and Neptune unite. In fact, these two planets remain close throughout the last week of March and the first week in April.

This whole combination can be creative, imaginative and dreamlike. At its best, it’s an inspiring period when you find yourself in touch with the artistic or compassionate side of your nature.

However, this whole combination feels disorienting and you might not know where you’re heading or why. There could be a disappointment around work or a sense that things are unravelling. 

Try not to panic if this is the case. Know that you’re currently in a period when anything goes and nothing is certain. Explore your options and don’t believe everything you read or hear. The truth will emerge at the end of March.

This month’s big event is Uranus’ move into Taurus on the 6th. Taurus rules joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope and is linked to the metaphysical realm and hidden or taboo issues.

Money may come your way unexpectedly this month or perhaps you receive an inheritance, a tax rebate or a major financial transaction takes place. Certainly, there’s the possibility of money coming in and fast. 

It’s an excellent time to have faith that you’ll be provided for. In some cases, this could spell a windfall. With Uranus, however, you can never tell whether it’s going to bring a win or a loss. This is the planet of unpredictability, after all. 

What you do know is that you’re entering an unstable period financially. You’re on a roller-coaster ride, trusting your luck at times, needing to rein things in at other times. Uranus remains in this sector of your horoscope until 2026.

Plus, action planet, Mars, is in Taurus for most of March, until the 31st. Wherever Mars is in your horoscope, this is where you find your drive and ambition. Put this together with Uranus’ epic move into Taurus and it’s a good month to pay close attention to your finances.

If you need to earn more or sort out current contracts or transactions, do your research. Be thorough and plan ahead. If you’re in a position to help others out, emotionally or financially, this would be an ideal time to do so. 

Plus, there’s a sense that what you give, you receive in return. Certainly, it’s important to create relationships in your life which are mutually supportive, whether a joint venture or another form of collaboration.

The time to take action is at the end of the month and not before. On the 26th, your ruler Venus moves into Pisces. Venus immediately connects with Uranus in Taurus, making a perfect link between the two planets highlighting work and money sectors of your horoscope. 

The moves you make on or around this date are the right moves. This is confirmed because Mercury turns direct the following day, on the 28th.

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