Libra June 2020

Libra, Eclipse

Venus Retrograde

Your ruler, Venus, remains retrograde throughout most of June, until the 25th. Often, this means you’re dealing with delays or you feel frustrated or undervalued in some way.

Think of this period as a time to meander through life rather than make key decisions. You might have to go backwards before you go forwards. Or, perhaps you’re waiting on other people to make key decisions.

Venus is in retreat in Gemini, a fellow air sign, so this is a good time for studying, learning, academic pursuits. Retrograde planets turn your attention inwards. Gemini fires up the sector of your horoscope that rules philosophy, education, spirituality, religion and the law.

You may be gathering information or doing research to help you over the next few weeks and months.

Gemini is also your travel sector and with countries beginning to open up their borders, you could be craving a trip abroad. Ideally, wait until the 25th before making any major decisions around these key areas.

Lunar Eclipse

Travel and study are going to remain important to you now and over the next eighteen months. These areas are ripe for change as a new set of eclipses highlights the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac.

The first eclipse is a Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse which falls on the 5th. You could receive important news about a course or trip on or around this date. Yet, eclipse symbolism hints that something needs to end or be given up before you can embrace a new chapter.

Plus, Mars is active during this eclipse in Pisces and your work and health sector. You might find it difficult to juggle different areas of your life during this period, especially if you’re waiting on news regarding a job or your next steps.

This is volatile planetary energy so try not to get annoyed or frustrated if things don’t work out the way you want them to. You could feel aggrieved for someone close if their situation is currently challenging. News of a job loss or health issue might be the trigger.

Neptune is active during the Lunar Eclipse too and in the middle of the month, especially the 13th. There’s a theme of make-believe or shifting boundaries. Things may not be as they seem. Trying to get to the heart of the matter or receive the news you require could prove frustrating.

The best advice this month is to go with the flow and dance through life, even if it means taking a step back before you can move forwards once again.

Solar Eclipse

The activity at the peak of your horoscope gets busier as the month progresses calling you out into the world. This is because the Sun joins Mercury in Cancer on the 20th.

Cancer rules your career and vocation, your future path and where you’re heading in life. It’s about your status and reputation.

The excitement increases on the 21st, the day of the Solstice, when there’s a Solar or New Moon Eclipse in Cancer. This is a great time to be looking ahead and thinking what next. You might be at a crossroads in your career or be ready to embark on a new and significant chapter in your life.

Solar Eclipses are like New Moons with extra oomph. They tend to be turbo-charged and can coincide with dramatic events. The wheel of fortune turns as you seed new opportunities or a new path opens up.

Mercury Retrograde

There is another important factor, however, that adds an extra dimension to this astrology. This is the fact that communication planet, Mercury, turns retrograde in Cancer on the 18th and remains on go slow until July 12th.

Therefore, even if new opportunities arise, it’s not a great time to make a major decision. If you can, wait until mid-July before accepting an offer or finalising a job or career opportunity.

Mercury retrograde is good for retracing your steps or going over old ground. This flags up a theme of reconnecting or reworking your contacts or network. 

Keep the lines of communication open, be patient and get the right people on your side. Friends and connections could play a powerful role in your success moving forwards.

Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on the 30th is significant for you as it falls at the base of your horoscope. This powerful duo comes together in Capricorn and your home and family sector.

You may be ready to make a significant move to do with your home or family on or around this date. This could be linked to wealth or debt, as the Jupiter/Pluto combination is extreme.

Also, this coincides with Mars’ move into Aries and your relationship sector on the 28th and could be linked to love and partnership too. It’s a punchy end to the month of June.

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