Libra June 2019

Moon, Libra

Libra (23 September – 23 October)

Abundant Venus

Your planet, Venus, starts the month of June in contemplative mode in earth sign Taurus. Venus is here until the 9th and Venus in Taurus highlights your joint finances and shared resources. You may be actively engaged in making more money or perhaps you’re enjoying a time of abundance.

Either way, this is a gorgeous transit for improving your situation and/or investing your money wisely. Some of you may be considering a home move or be paying out money to enhance your current living space. As a Sun Libra, you benefit from harmonious surroundings, both in your work and home environment.

Expand Your World

There is another pull, however, that’s calling you to expand your world and broaden your horizons. This is connected to the Sun’s move through Gemini, a fellow air sign, where it remains until the 21st, the day of the Solstice.

Plus, on the 3rd, there’s a New Moon in Gemini, a symbol of new beginnings. This is an excellent date to book or set off on a trip, sign up to a course or learn more. Travel and study are the key themes highlighted when planets are moving through this sector of your horoscope.

A New Moon is gorgeous for setting your intentions, initiating projects and coming up with new ideas. This may coincide with a legal matter or a bid to get yourself published. Gemini rules religion, the Law, the media, as well as higher education, travel and holidays.

This vibe continues throughout June for you. This is because on the 9th, your ruling planet, Venus, also enters Gemini where it remains until July 3rd. This confirms you’re seeking inspiration in life throughout the month of June. Whether you’re searching for answers or meaning or you’re considering new opportunities and experiences, now’s not the time to choose the safe option in life.

Instead, this is a gorgeous month to take a risk and try out something new and different. Allow yourself to be inspired by other people and put yourself in the way of fascinating ideas, lines of thought and beliefs. You might do this by attending talks, reading books or mixing with an interesting crowd. The lines of communication are wide open, so see where they lead you.

Full Moon Vibes

It’s confirmed that this is a key theme of the month for two other planetary reasons. Firstly, the Full Moon on the 17th cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac. This highlights the education and knowledge sectors of your horoscope.

Full Moons are a time of completion or culmination. They bring matters to a head and offer clarity and insight. Use the light of the Moon at its fullest to trust your intuition and make key decisions in your life. This is about using your heart and your head, both of which are intricately entwined at the Full Moon.

Tests & Learning

Also, there’s another powerful influence concerning the big planet, Jupiter. Jupiter spends most of this year in Sagittarius, the sign linked to travel and study. In your horoscope, Jupiter lights up your personal study sector. This is about all forms of communication, including the written and spoken word.

You might be spending some of your time filling out application forms or be planning a presentation or talk. It works both ways, i.e. it’s a good time to be a student and to hone your teaching skills. Also, Jupiter is currently retrograde, i.e. in retreat. Therefore, this month could be when you’re taking exams or tests that will prepare you for the next stage in your life, later this year. 

Harness Your Dreams

Jupiter is in cahoots with another planet this month, romantic Neptune. Neptune is currently in Pisces and your work and health sector and Jupiter and Neptune unite on the 16th. This is the second time they’ve met this year. They came together on January 13, 2019 and they meet again on September 21, 2019.

This is a square aspect so it can be over-the-top and overwhelming. However, both planets are in their signs of rulership. Therefore, this is where in life you can take a leap of faith and dream big. 

For you, this is about these areas – communication, networking, your working life and lifestyle. It feels creative, whether you’re writing a novel or drawing up new ideas and plans to boost your own well-being or help other people.

It is important, however, that you take the necessary steps to turn a dream into reality. It’s not going to happen if you only live in your imagination. Make time at home to write things down, to journal or meditate. Create space in the day to work on your goals. 

The Jupiter-Neptune vibe is strong on the 9th/10th and 23rd/24th as well as around the Full Moon. There could be some uncertainty around work or perhaps this applies to someone in your family. 

Career Goals & Obstacles

Also, there’s another key planetary pattern pulled in to all of this which involves Mercury and Mars in Cancer and your career sector. Mercury joins Mars here from the 4th to the 27th and this is a peak period to aim high and act fast to make progress. Mercury and Mars together are a symbol to walk (Mars) your talk (Mercury).

This could be an exciting time for the next stage in your life, when things happen quickly. Keep up to speed with what’s going on and keep close tabs on what’s expected of you. It would be easy to miss something during the mid-month period, however, or find yourself unable to complete a deadline or commitment.

The trickiest time is from the 14th to the 20th when Mercury and Mars are opposed by the formidable duo, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This pits your professional life against your personal life, your home life. 

There might be real limitations why you can’t get ahead. You may need to take other people into account – your parents, children or a partner. One person in particular could be directly opposed to your plans. Or perhaps, your home situation isn’t ideal and a necessary move comes at a difficult time.

The turning point comes on the 21st, the day of the Solstice, when the Sun moves into Cancer. This brings insight and illumination. It helps you to find a way around any obstacles or limitations, to stay on your path. Do whatever’s needed to move your life in the direction that’s right for you.

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  1. Thank you Sally.

    Sally, would you give an insight to me?

    Pluto hovering my North Node 23 Capricorn. Trine Venus o Sunday. My ascendant 21Taurus too.

    Can I relaunch my online store? First time when I launched I didn’t have good aspect. Hope you see this.

    Website is still live. I am not sure how I relaunch. Offline, change design and online again? New logo? It is home decor business.

    27/9/1972 at 8.47 pm born

    Thank you for your response.

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