Libra June 2017

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Libra (23 September – 23 October)

Events early in the month of June are important for you. This is because your ruling planet is Venus and Venus has been in your opposite sign of Aries for most of the past four months. This could indicate that there’s one specific relationship that’s taken up a lot of your time and energy and perhaps you’ve been giving more than you receive.

Potentially Venus in Aries promises passion and it may have been a fast-paced time for love and your close 1-to-1’s. Yet there can be something exhausting about this volatile scenario and you might be more than ready to slow the pace down or even move on from someone who you recognise isn’t right for you.

Yet if you want one last go at love or you keep going back to an ex, the 1st and the 3rd are pivotal dates when Venus runs into Saturn and then Uranus. Try as hard as you like, it’s going to be tricky to reach an agreement that sticks and in fact, events close to the 3rd could be the turning point that  helps you realise you want to do things differently.

Then on the 6th, Venus enters Taurus, one of the earth signs where it remains throughout the rest of the month. This is sensual, slow, leisurely and luxurious and Venus is far happier in a sign that represents nature and reliability than whizzing around endlessly in fiery Aries.

So give yourself a break from any situation that’s wearing you out and consciously choose a peaceful path. Venus and Mars come together on the 9th, a day when the lovers unite and in fact, Venus remains strong throughout June so there’s plenty of potential to get a relationship and life in general back on track.

Taurus rules money in your chart and as Venus is strong in Taurus, this could mean that you’re in the money. Certainly you’ll have a taste for the high life with this combination although security matters. Treat yourself and if any extra money comes your way, plan for the long-term. This feels a steady influence after a few months of volatile planetary activity.

Hand in hand with Venus’ move into Taurus is Mars’ move into Cancer and your career sector on the 4th. Mars remains here until mid to late July and this is the time to crank up your ambition.

If work’s been in the background rather than foreground in your life, here’s your opportunity to get ahead. You might simply find that you have more motivation for your work and career once Mars adds drive and determination to your professional toolbox.

Where you’re heading in life is also highlighted this month during the Solstice on the 21st. This is the midpoint of the year and it always coincides with the Sun’s move into Cancer and your career and vocation sector.

This indicates that you’re moving up in the world and there could be a change of status or a desire to improve your reputation. On the same day, communication planet Mercury enters Cancer and the Sun and Mercury unite on the 21st.

This is an excellent date to apply for a job or ask for promotion. One way or another make the most of this cosmic energy and negotiate your way up the career ladder. Plus three days later on the 24th, there’s a New Moon in Cancer, a symbol of new beginnings.

So the end of June is an excellent time to focus on your future goals and make the most of this dynamic work and career astrology.

Before this however, you might be wise to get away or take yourself off somewhere different. Even a quick trip could be just what you need, a breath of fresh air. It will also help you to gain new perspective on events over the last few months.

The 9th is a special date in this respect when there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac and the travel and study sectors of your chart. Plus, lucky Jupiter turns direct on the same day in your sign of Libra and this is gorgeous for you, especially if your birthday falls between October 5th-7th.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and good fortune and after four months retrograde or on go slow, it’s back on your side. So whatever you’ve been planning, it’s an excellent time to revisit your big goals in life and to use visualisation to good effect.

Jupiter will continue its journey through Libra over the next four months so embrace freedom, travel and new experiences.

Study too is part of the current cosmic picture and in fact, it’s a positive month for taking exams, especially when clever Mercury lights up your education sector from the 6th to the 21st.

The only potentially difficulty comes mid-month when Saturn opposes the Sun and Mercury in Gemini on the 15th and 18th respectively. This might mean that someone stops you in your tracks or fear or doubt kicks in.

If you find yourself stalling or you have writer’s block, turn to someone who knows you well for fresh advice and inspiration. You’re a people person at the end of the day and if you spend too much time on your own studying or researching, being around other people is what you need.

You can also benefit by expanding your network and hanging out with people who are unique or different. This is not a month to keep life ordinary and in fact, you’ll find that more opportunities come your way if you walk the path less travelled. The more you put into your life this month, the more you get back in return.

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