Libra July 2021

Libra July 2021, butterfly

It’s a good idea to ensure you get the right people on your side throughout July. Friends and connections could play a powerful role in your life.

Friends & Connections

This is because the star sign Leo is where the action’s at. Your ruling planet Venus is in Leo up until the 22nd and ambitious Mars is in Leo up until the 29th. If you’re a typical Libra, you’ll have a wide social circle and friends and connections are part of this month’s astrological picture.

Admittedly, the first week of the month could prove tricky for a friendship or your involvement within a group. This is when both Venus and Mars run into the Saturn-Uranus aspect and this could be both frustrating and unpredictable.

Try not to take sides if you’re involved in a friendship dispute as this is a volatile time. Mars and Venus oppose Saturn on the 1st & 7th and clash with Uranus on the 4th & 8th.

As Mars is your partner planet, this could flag up a challenging time for a close relationship. You may not approve of your partner’s friends. Or, perhaps there’s a clash between love and friendship.

Love & Friendship

If there are any issues early on in July wait until later in the month when you can hopefully sort things out amicably. The turning point is the 13th when the lovers of the heavens, Venus and Mars, unite in Leo.

This union is quite rare and it’s a symbol of love and unity. A friendship could turn into something more. Or, perhaps you benefit through your association with a good friend.

Then, on the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo followed by talk planet Mercury on the 28th. Another stand-out date is the Full Moon on the 24th, a gorgeous weekend for friendship and group get-togethers.

Plus, love and friendship are back in flow. The end of July could bring a significant turning point in these key areas of your life.

Also, big planet Jupiter is on the move as it retreats back into your fellow air sign Aquarius on the 28th. Jupiter was here earlier this year and remains in Aquarius until the end of the year.

A romance could be revived under these stars. Or, perhaps you’re reunited with a child or lover. It’s good news too for your social life and celebration in general.

Next Steps

Up until the 22nd, the Sun is in Cancer, the star sign which rules your career and vocation, your future path and where you’re heading in life. It’s about your status and reputation. Talk planet Mercury is here too from the 12th to the 28th.

Therefore, it’s likely that you’re looking ahead and thinking what next this month. You might be at a crossroads in your career or be ready to embark on a new chapter in your life.

Keep your gaze firmly fixed on the future this month, especially around the New Moon in Cancer on the 10th. This is followed by some lovely astrology. A lucky connection between Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces on the 12th, great for making influential connections or finding work.

Plus, the Sun aligns with Neptune in Pisces on the 15th. Pisces rules your work and lifestyle, your health and routine. This is an indication to look after yourself and keep well in mind, body and spirit.

This could aid your place of work too. Perhaps, flexible working hours or enjoying what you do for a living. Work could be your escape, the place where you can be creative, compassionate and caring.

The key to any challenges this month is to tap into your feelings, your emotions. Both Cancer and Pisces are emotional water signs and kindness is a key theme of both archetypes.

As a Sun Libra, you have a caring heart. Seeing the best in other people is a good strategy to help you come to terms with other people’s behaviour or actions.

Also, you’re one of the cardinal signs so you’re a leader, initiator and motivator. This month, you could find yourself at the forefront of life, taking up a challenging role or responsibility.

You might do your bit for society or be involved with politics or a cause that’s dear to your heart. The astrology at the peak of your horoscope suggests this is a time in your life when you can’t sit and do nothing. Notice where you’re being called forth. 

Slowing Down

It’s only on the 22nd that things shift again. This is the date when your ruler Venus moves into Virgo and the most hidden sector of your horoscope, a hint to slow things down and make more time for you.

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