Libra Horoscope November 2022

Libra horoscope, fireworks

Ruling Planet

Your ruling planet is Venus linked to love & money, art & beauty. Venus represents women in astrology and is a sensual influence in your life, like a big hug and embrace. People count if you’re a typical Libra as yours is the star sign of relating.

Venus is interested in people and you often learn more about yourself through reflection and seeing who you are in the eyes of others. It’s sometimes said that as a Sun Libra you’re either in relationship, out of relationship or somewhere in-between.

Lunar Eclipse

As November begins, your planet Venus is in Scorpio alongside talk planet Mercury and the Sun. This sector of your horoscope rules money, assets, your values and sense of self-worth.

Money is one area of life that could prove contentious this month but sex, power and taboo issues are also under the cosmic spotlight. This has a lot to do with the fact that’s it’s eclipse season. This month, there’s a powerful Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse on the 8th, part of the eclipse cycle that lasts until October 2023.

The Lunar eclipse cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac and the financial axis of your horoscope. It’s about money, your money and the money you share with others. Something hidden may come to light during this eclipse that you weren’t aware of. 

Eclipses can symbolise things coming to an end so there may be a shock around money. Or, perhaps there’s someone in your life who’s not playing by the rules or sharing equally.

Eclipses often coincide with highs & lows and there are always winners & losers. The trick is to try and end up on the winning team. This won’t be easy, however, because it may mean taking advantage of another person’s downfall which doesn’t come naturally to you.

Your planet Venus is the ruler of the Taurus Lunar eclipse. Therefore, look out for a new opportunity that comes in, a situation where you can do well financially.

There is a shadowy feel to eclipses, however, so be wary of getting involved in anything underhand. Check out there are no strings attached to a financial transaction or gift and ensure there’s transparency in all your money dealings.

During the eclipse, the Moon sits next to Uranus in Taurus, the planet of change, in your joint finance sector. Uranus is an unpredictable planetary energy. You may recognise that this is a time when you’re wise to go it alone and not rely too heavily on other people. 

This could be the ideal time to cut ties and become financially independent. Or, perhaps an income stream comes to an abrupt end and you have to rethink your next steps and fast. Be wary of investing too much money online as Uranus rules technology. It’s not the time to take a huge financial risk when Uranus is behaving erratically.

Also, the eclipse could flag up where any limitations or restriction lie. This is because the Sun & Moon are squared by Saturn in Aquarius, the planet linked to fear and scarcity. There may be something that you can’t achieve now and there’s disappointment involved. Someone could let you down or you feel sad for someone close, perhaps a child or lover.

This eclipse is triggered by the Saturn-Uranus square, the major planetary aspect of 2021. Saturn represents the authorities, rules & regulations, whereas Uranus is the rebel, favouring freedom & liberation.

These two planets have been in square aspect once again since mid-2022 but during this eclipse they begin to part ways. The symbolism seems to suggest that something has to break down before you can break through. The trickiest dates for you are potentially the 5th & 7th.

Jupiter Joy

From mid-month onwards and after the topsy turvy eclipse, there’s a sense of flow. Venus, Mercury and the Sun all team up with the best planet Jupiter in Pisces and your work sector – top dates 15ht, 16th & 21st. This could spell good news for money and work matters, especially if you’re willing to use your connections, make friends and influence people.

Jupiter’s the planet of luck and opportunity. It has an expansive and boundless quality that can tap into your desire to escape everyday reality and experience more bliss in your life. 

Jupiter moved back into Pisces at the end of October and is completing its journey here in the next couple of months. This influences your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health. 

It could give you an extra boost and some much-needed get-up-and-go. You may find the ideal job that frees up your time or fall in love with volunteering. Or, perhaps you decide to take part in a new activity and develop a daily habit which boosts your health and well-being.

Take notice of the opportunities that come your way this month. Play your cards right and your work, health and routine could soon be zinging with life and vitality.

Sagittarius Season

Venus’s move into Sagittarius on the 16th could spell good news for you. Talk planet Mercury’s here from the 17th and the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd. Sagittarius is one of the fire signs.

This is about being out in the world and can feel easier for you to handle than planets in secretive dark Scorpio. Plus, Sagittarius rules your community and neighbourhood and it’s your communication sector.

On the 23rd, there’s a New Moon in Sagittarius, a symbol of new beginnings. Plus, on the same day big planet Jupiter turns direct, ruler of the Sagittarius New Moon. Put this together and it’s a lively vibe.

Get out and about, team up with people close to home, get the gossip or the advice and support you need. It’s a positive period to be more social, to find your tribe. Create good relations in your life and use your charm, diplomacy and mediating skills to your advantage.

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