Libra Horoscope June 2023

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Gemini Season

You may have your eyes on distant horizons this month. This is because the Sun is in your fellow air sign Gemini until the 21st, ruling your travel and study sector. Plus, communication planet Mercury is in Gemini from the 11th to the 27th.

You may be exploring higher education or be looking into an adult education course. This is because Gemini’s the star sign linked to communication, learning and study.

This is about travel too and stepping out of your comfort zone to go somewhere new or different. Or, perhaps you’re combining travel and learning on a holiday study course or teaching a workshop.

Both the Full Moon on the 4th and the New Moon on the 18th are key dates here, as they both link into the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac. The Full Moon in Sagittarius would be the ideal weekend for a city break. Or, to decide on your next holiday.

The New Moon in Gemini has a similar vibe as New Moons are linked to new beginnings and being proactive. It’s an excellent New Moon to accept a university place or take on a role that has foreign connections. Be a citizen of the world this month and explore your beliefs, your faith or philosophy.

There are two planets involved in this month’s Moon phases and both are in the star sign Pisces. Saturn’s here as well as Neptune. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and authority and Pisces is your work and health sector.

Saturn’s active during the Full Moon on the 4th and again from the 15th to the 17th. Notice what might stop you expanding your horizons, whether this is fear or doubt or someone else who halts your plans. Pay close attention to your stress and energy levels too.

This isn’t your cue to give up. Instead, explore other options and use the timing of your astrology to try again. Neptune is active in Pisces from the New Moon onwards, on the 18th, 19th, 25th and 30th.

If you’re an artist, a seeker, a mystic or dreamer, this is your opportunity to dive deep into the creative or spiritual realm. Neptune rules dreams and fantasy, vision boards and the imagination.

Admittedly, you could feel emotional if a job comes to an end or you’re moving on. Or, perhaps you lose someone who’s been working for you, in some capacity. Alternatively, you could be juggling different jobs and roles and find yourself super busy.

If you’re going around in circles and you’ve lost your way, be willing to adapt and change when things don’t work out the way you expect them to. Pisces is the star sign linked to surrender and trusting that life will guide you in the right direction.

Social Circle

As a Sun Libra, you’re a social person and this could be more evident for you throughout June. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, action planet Mars is moving through Leo and your friendship and group sector.

Secondly, your ruling planet Venus joins Mars in Leo on the 5th and these two planets will be side by side throughout the month. You may have more social events to attend. Or, perhaps you’re making new friends and catching up with old friends. It would be a great month for a school reunion or to arrange a get-together with friends at a festival or trip away.

Venus and Mars are the lovers of the heavens. Therefore, love and friendship could linked. This vibe will grow stronger as the month continues as Venus chases after Mars. This combination is passionate, although Venus never quite catches Mars up.

Venus will remain in Leo until early October, an unusually long time. Find your tribe over the next few months and prioritise your good friends. Venus in Leo is a reminder to play and have fun, to indulge yourself and learn the joy and happiness of relaxation as well as social events. The 17th & 21st could be unusually lively.

The only proviso is that your socialising could end up being a major cost over the next few months. It’s wise to budget well and know how much you want to spend before accepting every invitation that comes your way.

The 19th would be a good date to plan ahead. Whereas, you’re wise to be careful on the 26th and not over-spend or be financially impulsive.

Next Steps

Finally, you may have some exciting plans lined up for what next. This is because your ruling planet Venus begins the month in Cancer, the star sign at the peak of your horoscope. This turns your attention towards your career and vocation, your future path.

Venus may only be in Cancer until the 5th but the Sun moves here on the 21st, the day of the Solstice. Plus, talk planet Mercury is in Cancer from the 27th onwards. 

Therefore, you’re wise to balance the work/life axis and keep your eye on your future goals, at the same time as expanding your social life.

There may be an opportunity to land a job or sign a contract in the last two days of the month. Be sensible on the one hand and fun and frivolous on the other hand throughout June. Pay attention to both ends of the Libra scales spectrum.

Finally, power planet Pluto returns to Capricorn and the star sign at the base of your horoscope on the 11th. Pluto represents loss and endings, as well as power and transformation. You might be pulled back towards the past. Or, perhaps your grief is triggered for some reason.

Be wary of returning to a toxic situation, that may be linked to your home or family. At its best, Pluto in your home sector is great for decluttering and letting go. However, it could flag up a plumbing issue or something hidden. Put on your detective hat and don’t avoid any red flags.

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  1. I’m Libra rising and this advice is spot on. Especially, the issues concerning Pluto. Quite frankly, if I had been more keen on following the astrology 8 years ago, the advice would’ve definitely saved me from 8 years of trouble. Thank you. Well-received and duly noted.

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