Libra Horoscope January 2023

2023, Libra horoscope January 2023

Happy New Year

As 2023 begins, your ruling planet Venus is in pole position. Immediately the New year begins, there’s a powerful Venus-Pluto conjunction at the base of your horoscope. This suggests that something may be coming to an end in your life. You might be ready to close the door on the past and complete an important chapter.

This could be linked to your home and family, your legacy, your roots and where you come from. You might experience some regret as 2023 starts or be grieving a past loss. Whatever this means for you, be aware that your emotions are likely to be intense.

Full Moon/Mercury Direct

Moving forward to the 6th, there’s a powerful Full Moon taking place which cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac. This is an important axis in your horoscope as it represents the foundations of your life.

The Moon is in Cancer and your career and vocation sector, your future path. While the Sun is in Capricorn at the base of your horoscope, grounded and rooted. Sometimes, Full Moons bring clarity when the light of the Moon is at its brightest. You may find that your head and heart are in unison and you can trust your intuition.

Plus, there’s a lively edge to the first Full Moon of the year thanks to Uranus in Taurus and your joint finance sector. Things could happen quickly from the 5th to the 8th whether you’re on a trip down memory lane or your finances are changing because of what’s happening at home or within your family.

Uranus favours spontaneity and impulsive moves. However, be aware that the planet of communication Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn and your home and family sector until the 18th.

Mercury turned retrograde here on December 29, 2022 and events on or around this date could prove significant. Once Mercury’s back up to speed, this is the ideal time for a heart-to-heart and to speak your mind. Mercury retrograde can be a time of misunderstandings but new information helps you sort things out.

You may choose to get back in touch with someone in your life who’s been quiet or absent, perhaps a member of your family. Notice who contacts you mid-month and get ready to move things forward.

Mars Direct

Mid-January brings another turning point as action planet Mars turns direct on the 12th. Mars is one of the outer planets and moves slower than fleet-footed Mercury. In fact, Mars has been retrograde since October 30, 2022. This is a longer retrograde phase than Mercury, which is only three weeks. 

Yet, the fact that both these planets turn direct within six days of one another suggests some kind of reset or something in your life being switched back on.

Mars turns direct in Gemini, a fellow air sign. Gemini’s the star sign that rules travel and study in your horoscope. It’s about the bigger picture and looking ahead. You may have experienced some frustration or obstacles in your path in these key areas of your life.

Once Mars is back up to speed, you could feel more determined to make some long-term plans and fire arrows high into the sky to see where they land in 2023. Mars remains in Gemini until March 25th so you have a couple of months to get on the right course or plan a holiday or trip away.

Aquarius Themes

As 2023 begins, there’s an indication that you’re wise to embrace all that’s good in your life and to concentrate on the things in your life that are working out.

This may might start with adopting a positive attitude and closing a door firmly on the past. You have the stars on your side once your ruling planet Venus enters Aquarius on the 3rd where she remains until the 27th.

Aquarius rules all the good things in your life like romance, children & pregnancy, creativity, entertainment, self-expression and fun. When planets are in Aquarius, this is urging you to do more of what you love and prioritise play over work.

The Sun joins Venus in Aquarius on the 20th and almost immediately there’s a New Moon here on the 21st. A New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings and a chance to start over.

Plus, lucky Jupiter teams up with both Venus and the Sun on the 4th & 25th. Both dates could be sensational for love and relationships as Aquarius rules romance and Jupiter in Aries highlights partnership in your life.

Often when planets are moving through Aquarius, it can be a time to keep love light. However, with Jupiter involved and the planet Saturn conjunct your ruler Venus on the 22nd, this feels different. It favours commitment and showing where your heart lies.

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